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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Featuring: Nick Pitera AKA goonieman86

I know I promised to post a few more dance videos, so Thursday's post will be an all dance post. I'll also throw in a dance video in todays Best Of The Rest. Today however I'm featuring a You Tuber who's been pretty popular for awhile now. The voice ain't bad when he attempts to sing like a dude, but I laugh my butt off whenever he hits from the other side of the plate. Anyways I picked 4 of my favorite videos from his channel for today...why in the world would a dude want to sound like a chick?

A Whole New World

One Sweet Day

I Will Always Love You

Over The Rainbow

Best Of The Rest:

1. You might have seen the video "I Google Myself" by Eirk Wiener, but You Tuber okaplan did her take on that theme with her new video. CLICK HERE FOR 'Kara Googles Herself'

2. Nicholas Barron did a cool & simple video for his song Honey Lemon Tea. CLICK HERE FOR Honey Lemon Tea

3. Speaking of honey & lemons I just accidentally ran across the Honey Lemon Band. How in the heck these chicks haven't became an internet sensation yet is beyond me. Oh, and I promised at least 1 dance video for today, this is it. Remember you'll be getting 7 dance videos Thursday. LOL NOW THEY'RE SINGING TOM JONES!!! This video just got 100x better.... CLICK HERE FOR Honey Lemon Band

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