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Friday, October 31, 2008


Walt from 'Your Weekly Music Lesson with Walt!' on You Tube & Revision3 BETA has agreed to be in the 'Internet Dance 2' video I'm making. I'm still trying to get more people to agree to participate, but I've already got Jeff Cannata (Totally Rad Show), Gabe Bondoc (You Tube), the Elevator Show (You Tube), and more willing to be in the video. I just hope a lot of the people I'm asking don't think I'm doing this for money or anything like that. I've never had extra ads or anything on any of my sites, and I plan on keeping it that way. This blog is something I think is fun, and making this current video is sort of a tribute to the people I enjoy watching online while at the same time making it relevant to this blog. So for those already going to be in the video, thank you, and if I wasn't a fan of your work I wouldn't have asked you to be in the video.

Addams Family Theme
I'm a sucker for classic TV theme songs, so I had to post this.

Mr. Really Really Really Bad Dancer
This is an old Bud Light commercial, but it's my favorite of the "Real Men Of Genius" ad campaign.

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London
Not the greatest music video or song, but very appropriate for today.

Cubase SX3
paradigma AKA Nathan Wills gives us a look at what he uses to create music.

Best Of The Rest:

I haven't seen much the past couple days that I felt were post worthy on this blog. I don't post something just to have something to post. It has to be something I find interesting or funny involving music or dance. Since I only had a couple videos for the BOTR today I'm going to save them for Saturday. For today I'll post a few more of my favorite musical #'s from classic movies & television...with a Beetlejuice theme. Happy Halloween everyone, and I hope you get more treats then tricks.

1. This is by far my favorite scene of the movie. CLICK HERE FOR Banana Boat

2. You'll have to forgive the dialog, but I loved the ending to this movie. I dance a little everytime I watch this movie. CLICK HERE FOR Shake Shake Shake Senora

3. I didn't watch the Beetlejuice cartoon much when I was younger, but I do remember watching it a few Saturday mornings. CLICK HERE FOR Cartoon Theme

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