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Saturday, April 30, 2011

YouTube Treasure Hunt #23

If you don't know how these hunts work, you can find the RULES <-- here. In short, this is the one time of the month I REALLY go out of my way to find unknown talent on YouTube. I sift through the crap, to bring you folks with potential. Sometimes I end up subscribing the people I find & they get featured on the "Songs Of The Day" page on a regular basis.

This is the 2nd month in a row where I've waited until the last minute to post the YouTube Treasure Hunt. Sorry about that. Doing all these have pros & cons. The main con being that I watch about 10 shitty videos to every decent one in the process of finding these. The main pro being that I have subbed a lot of the people I've found over the past couple years & still enjoy their music. It's just hard to motivate myself to get these done early. But...it's done, and if you like any of the videos please check out their channels & subscribe. To see past hunts, there's a link in the sidebar that will take you to a complete list of them.

PS: I'll be featuring some of the videos that just missed the cut on the "Songs Of The Day" page of the blog over then next week. Expect 1 YTTH Leftover every day for the next week.

I Can Wait by Tony Pfiffner (16 subs)

codyjr73 & @codyjr73

I Don't Need A Vacation by James Smith (10 subs)


Want Me Back by MacKenzie Scott (35 subs)


Oh! Pandorica! by Christine Shawgo (44 subs)


Infatuation by Robert Borden (3,310 subs)
Ok...ok...he has more subs than most people I feature in these hunts. Cut me some slack, everyone else in this months hunt has less than 50 subs.


One Step Ahead by Arne & Daniel from The Candlelight Killers (11 subs)


Broken Wings by Sophie Zucker (27 subs)
I'm not a huge fan of these low budget music videos, and usually stick to videos of people just sitting in front of their camera & performing. However...the girl has talent, and so instead of sifting through more crap, I figured I'd include her. The treasure hunt is mostly about finding new talent, and she is an unknown talent.


Friday, April 29, 2011


For those who don't fully understand copyright...join the club.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spintown's April U-Stream...In May

As I said yesterday, I normally try to do them on the last Monday of each month, but last Monday wasn't good for me. I plan to play songs from Nur Ein 6, Song Fight, Edric's Songwriting Cycle, YouTube & more. Basically all the stuff I enjoyed in April. The show will probably last 2-3 hours, and the details are below:

Monday, May 2nd, 2011
Pre-Show starts @ 7:00PM EST
Show starts @ 7:30PM EST

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nur Ein 6: Round 1 Review

I apparently screwed up in my round 0 review. Tom pointed out to me that Pop Machine did in fact post lyrics, and that I had just missed them somehow. This means that I owe a round 0 review still...so here it is.

Pop Machine - I know I passed on giving you a review, but it wasn't because I disliked the song. I thought the sound was pretty cool, and I can only assume it's educational...cause I sure as hell didn't understand it. I don't really see how it incorporated the title, so I assume that's a fail. In the next round...please talk down to me.

Now...onto Round 1...

The title of this round was "Colourblind", and the challenge was to write a song without a chorus. There has been some debate in the Song Fight forums about the difference between a chorus & refrain. Normally I take into consideration if the challenge was met or not, but with others more qualified than me arguing about the differences...I decided to only focus on the title & the song. Once again I will not be sharing my personal rankings of the songs. I explained why in the Round 0 Review. BTW, you can download all these songs for free by visiting the Nur Ein website.

DJ Ranger Den - After a departure from her norm, she's back to something more in her wheelhouse. Denise, you know what I'm going to say already, but here it is. Pretty piano, sexy voice, moody & lyrics I don't usually get. The performance was really good though.

Rabid Garfunkel - This song kinda jars you at the start if you ain't ready for it. Lyrically I liked the first verse, but lost interest after that. Don't really know about the music, I think I liked it...after it startled me that is.

Merisan - You're still exceeding expectations. 2nd song in a row I couldn't find anything bad to say about if you paid me to do so. (feel free to test that theory)

Manhattan Glutton - RAWK! Reading along in the lyrics forum I expected this to be longer. Not complaining, but why post lyrics you didn't use? I liked this from the start with the crack about the spelling of the title. Wish I had something constructive to say...but well...I normally don't so why break a trend?

Luke Henley - Listening to this I was reminded of English class back in middle school. Remember getting those long run on sentences in which you had to figure out where to put punctuation? The level of excitement I got from those problems are about equal to the level of excitement I got from this song. This time you made a wise decision to not stretch yourself vocally. I think the abrupt ending needs changed.

The Worldly Self Assurance - Really enjoyed the direction & feel of this song. Thought the vocals were 100% better than round 0, and lyrically I enjoyed it as well. There was only 1 part that I really didn't care for.

"i read the letters from, i read the letters to i never sent
i photocopied, written in my earnest sloppy hand"
Those lines just didn't flow right to me, and I actually stopped the song to go back to make sure I heard it right. VERY solid entry though...well done.

Jon Eric - Normally you've got more hook than my golf swing. I thought this was a really good entry, and I thought the line "You don't even have no working cones" was smart...just not catchy enough to be the hook. Nice work though.

Paco del Stinko - I really liked this a lot. Not having any music in the 3rd verse really made it more intimate. Thought everything you decided to do worked...

Glen Raphael - Thought the bridge needed work, but overall this flowed nicely. Thought the performance was there, and never missed the fact there wasn't a chorus.

Bram Tant - Much better than round 0. Was a little too short for me, but the music rocked. The vocals had the best performance value I've heard from you...but why does only 1 ear get that privilege?

Billy's Little Trip - Was disappointed around the halfway mark because I thought colorblind was going to be more of an afterthought in the song. By the end of course I saw it wasn't, and I had no problems with the direction you took. Normally not the type of storyline I dig, but overall the song worked. Solid entry.

Pop Machine - Musically it didn't hold my attention, and lyrically just to strange for me. I did laugh in a few places...but the humor didn't usually land.

The Boffo Yux Dudes - You took 1 joke, and tried to make it a song. Unfortunately the joke just couldn't stretch far enough. Again, I laughed a couple times to start, but after 35 seconds I was ready for something else. The blues style isn't really something I'm a huge fan of. That's not your fault, but it doesn't help you either.

Frankie Big Face - As close to perfection as anyone came in round 1. Lyrically I thought it was golden, and there's nothing to complain about in any other areas either.

Ross Durand - I like the idea you had, and the execution was great. You're still one of my favorite story tellers. I don't know what it was, but whatever you used in that first instrumental bit was different from what I'm used to from you musically. Not complaining, I liked it.

WreckdoM - No lyrics, no review.

Abbott And Hines - I liked the idea a lot. The music was nice, but again too darn slow for my personal liking. The music & pacing of the song was trying to put me to sleep while the lyrics trying to make me laugh...there's a problem there. I didn't care for the vocal performance, but I don't know if that's just because of issues I already mentioned or a new issue. Nice idea, didn't like the execution.

John Kloberdanz - Music wasn't bad, just repetitive. I liked the lyrics, but they didn't fit with the music in my opinion.

Embers Of Autumn - I expected better from you this round, and you gave it...but that couldn't have been difficult after round 0. Not a fan of the lyrics or vocals in this. Last time I remarked you packed 5 minutes of boredom into a 2 minute song. I wish this was a 2 minute song. It was better, but 5+ minutes was way too long for me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Song Fight Review: Cloud-Cuckoo-Land

The last challenge over at Song Fight was titled "Beaten Man", and I thought it was a pretty weak fight. I thought Caravan Ray should have got the win, but EggNogAdam ended up with the victory. A new batch of songs can be found over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round. My picks are listed below:

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

King Arthur - Well told story, cool music & a good performance. The only thing I was going to point out was you screwing up the word "reparations"...but then I read your disclaimer over your lyrics...so now I got nothing.

Graham Parry - Felt 80's...ish. Enjoyed the performance a lot, and the overall sound worked well.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

lalabrookie - This felt long, and it wasn't. It's not because it's bad, it just needs filled out more. The guitar & vocals sound fine, just needs more to go with it. Lyrically I didn't like much this fight. I blame the stupid ass title, but I still didn't like yours no matter who I blame.

Big Clucker - This seemed like a rock band covering random bits of music from very old sitcoms & throwing them into a medley. I don't vote for instrumentals...but it was...interesting.

Berkeley Social Scene - This probably would have got a vote had I been able to hear the vocals better, and had they sounded better. The music for the most part was catchy, and I really like the instrumental bits. I couldn't pick up on what you tried laying in just before the 3 minute mark.

Side Notes:
- Stupid title.
- More entries than I expected with Nur Ein going on...keep it up.
- Use the fecking lyrics forum.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nur Ein 6: Round 0 Review

In the past I have usually ranked the songs I liked from favorite to least favorite. If I didn't do that I would usually just point to some of my favorite songs. Because I am the alternate judge on Nur Ein VI, I will be doing things a little differently. Niveous normally posts the judges scores & the totals over on the Song Fight forums without disclosing who gave what rankings to who. It was up to the judges to then post reviews if they wanted. I already sent my rankings to Niveous, but in the spirit of Nur Ein I will not be disclosing the exact rankings as I normally do. I still reviewed all the songs, so you should be able to get an idea of where you stood with me though.

I will also not be linking to my favorite songs, as I normally would. You will just have to read to figure out which I liked most, and then go download them from the Nur Ein website.

Round 0 songs have been uploaded and are available for free download. Let's review the challenge then get to my reviews:

Title: "First Blood"
Non-optional Challenge: Must Be Educational
Rabid Garfunkel - 1950's educational film meets carnival barker. Granted, being educational is part of the challenge, but it wasn't a good combo for me. Mostly because a carnival barker or announcer would have a lot more energy than this.

Embers Of Autumn - Congrats! All the boredom of a 5 minute song condensed into 2 minutes. I read your explanation though, and expect better from you in round 1. Bring it.

Jon Eric - K'inich Yax K'uk Mo'....Siyaj Chan K'awill II...Uaxaclajuun Ub'aah K'awiil...I can't read this shit, and have no idea if you're saying it right. So on top of a good song that fully meets the challenge, I have to give you bonus points just for trying to sing this...and doing a good job of it as well.

Billy's Little Trip - Dug the music, but didn't really feel it was all that educational. You're not the only one this round I felt that way about, and I didn't really take it into consideration much since nobody was getting eliminated this round. However...in future rounds where there will be eliminations...this sort of thing would have hurt you greatly. Oh, and I KNOW your vocals could have been better.

Frankie Big Face - This is the first song I listened to that really created a problem for me. I personally have a weak stomach for blood. Some people can't look at it...well I can't even talk & think about it without getting sick sometimes. I won't be explaining all this for each song that causes my stomach to churn...yours was just the first I happened to listen to (lucky you) & I felt I should explain it at least once. The music was a little slow for me personally, but it was good. The lyrics...well they turned my stomach. I'm not saying they're bad, but that's just my reaction to the topic. I'm trying not to hold that against you, and with time my rankings usually change a little. Allowing a song to sit, and coming back to it is generally a good thing. Nur Ein doesn't give the judges that opportunity though.

Merisan - I felt like using my pillowcase as a cape, and dancing with my broom. Fun & smart lyrics performed wonderfully by the vocalist. I expected vampire songs, but this exceeded expectations.

Adam Adamant - Nothing about this worked for me. You said it was rushed, and it really sounds like it. Lucky for you, everyone goes to round 1. Hopefully you're less rushed next round. Good luck.

Popmachine - As an alternate judge, I don't feel the need to follow the beaten path. I'm making my own rules... Rule #1 have lyrics. Rule #2 post lyrics in forum. Breaker of rules gets no reviews other than ranking.

Wreckdom - Mixed feelings here. It made me laugh, and I was hoping someone would do Rambo. But, until the end when the spoken parts came in it wasn't educational. I'm not saying you didn't meet the challenge, I'm just saying I didn't like how you decided to go about it. I think I'm harping on everyone who ended up using this approach.

Bram Tant - 3rd person I know of this round using the, "I found out late..." or "I didn't have time..." excuse. These excuses may all be valid, but I hope everyone knows the same excuse doesn't hold water in round 1. Like most people who were rushed...this didn't do much but depress me. Sorry Bram....now get started on round 1. Now, not in 5 minutes...right now. EVERYONE!

Ross Durand - During the first 2 verses I was starting to think that you're not such a nice guy. Then the 3rd verse started & I realized I'm a sick individual. I laughed, and this song is better than every Twilight movie that will ever be made. How do I know that? The same way I know Twilight sucks, but I haven't seen any of the movies.

Worldly Self Assurance - Read the Popmachine review up above.

DJ Ranger Den - Was reminded of computernerd01 parodies because a few lines were just so random. Overall I thought it was great that you tried something different, and it made me laugh.

John Kloberdanz - I enjoyed the harmonica. The music is a little more cheery than one might expect with this dark history lesson, but I still liked it a lot.

Boffo Yux Dudes - At first I didn't really get the first blood connection, but then read your comment on the board, and looked at the lyrics again. You clearly did have a connection, and it's a good thing because I liked the song. Have to admit I didn't care for the bridge or the ending, but this made me laugh while still being catchy.

Paco del Stinko - "To Virginia went" Aside from channeling Yoda in that line, this is another history lesson I found entertaining. This could have been a great song for a past SpinTunes challenge as well. (Secondary Historical Figures)

Glen Raphael - Really dug the music...felt funky. The hook was catchy, but in the end the spoken parts didn't do it for me.

Abbott & Hines - I like piano... More? Well...ok... The idea is alright, but it might not be a good topic for a contest like this. Let's face it, a lot of people could say it's fiction & not educational. I didn't really care for the vocal performances, and really had a tough time getting into this. I struggle to pay attention to my choir in church...but they probably would have held my attention more than this.

Manhattan Glutton - Forgive me for not knowing the difference between various types of drums, but the deeper sounding one I enjoyed while the other just annoyed me. I think you did an alright job in writing about something deeper while sticking to the educational bit.

Luke Henley - I got bored with the music, and looked to see how long was left around the 2 minute mark. I was shocked to see this had more than another 2 minutes to go. I wasn't a fan of the performance for the most part, especially when you sang "First comes blood"...but there were plenty of moments where I thought you needed some vocal help.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Songwriting Cycle 2

This is a project started by Edric Haleen. Basically everyone involved gets to create a songwriting challenge for someone else, while taking on a challenge from someone else as well. I don't think I reviewed every song in the first edition, but I did this time. You can click the picture below to see the entire album on BandCamp.

Inner Thoughts by Edric Haleen
The Challenge: Write a song about any internal organ below the neck except the heart! The organ must be the main focus and topic of the song.
My Thoughts: At first I thought it was just going to be a fun drinking song. But then he starts singing from the POV of the liver. The performance is hilarious, and it's well polished (it really does sound like he's in a bar). I thought it was a perfect style for Edric to take on, not just because of the piano, but because he has to drink a lot to cope with living in Michigan.

Little Bird by Ross Durand
The Challenge: Write a song that retells a fairy tale. Well-known or obscure? Doesn’t matter! Think ‘Into The Woods’ (Stephen Sondheim) or ‘Li’l Red Riding Hood’ (Sam the Sham).
My Thoughts: Ross based his song on "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde...not something I'm familiar with. Since this isn't a contest, and I'm not a judge, I don't feel the need to seek out this story & compare it to the song. I'll just say it's a moving song, and Ross gives a touching performance. I may not look up the story, but the song is a keeper.

Upside Down by The Boffo Yux Dudes
Challenge: Upside-down...this was left vague so that they could interpret the challenge in their own way.
My Thoughts: I thought the lyrics were really smart, and afterwards I couldn't believe it was a 5 minute song. The music was slow & relaxing, but it only felt like a 3-4 minute song. I had mixed feelings about the spoken bridge. It added to the feeling of disorientation, but I could have done without it. This had the best line of all the songs: "Toenail doorknob semen who’s a pretty bird?". I think I'd have like it better delivered straight, and not so corny, but it was still a great line.

The Ballad Of John And Jesus by Charlie McCarron
Challenge: Write an entirely new song that mashes up the titles of two other well-known songs! (For example: “Strawberry Fields Forever And Ever, Amen,” “Detroit Rock City Of Angels,” or “Pride [In The Name Of Love The One You’re With].”)
My Thoughts: I enjoyed the story, it was fun to sing, and was probably my favorite song of the contest. Performance...music...lyrics...I have nothing bad to say about this.

Ascend (Pan's Labyrinth) by Graham Porter
Challenge: Write a new song for the credits of one of your favorite movies.
My Thoughts: I haven't seen the film, so I can really say how well it would fit as the closing song during the credits. As for what I thought of the song just as a song...I thought it was alright. Graham has come a long way with his production. Everything sounds cleaner than I'm used to from him. I thought his vocals were as good as I've heard from him as well. The type of song is not really up my alley. It's just too slow for me, and it's long as well. Of course it might be perfect for the closing song of the film...I just can't say.

Blood Moon by Dr. Lindyke
Challenge: Write a song about something or someone being haunted.
My Thoughts: I thought the music & performance were great. Put me in a spooky place, even if the lyrics didn't do it for me the first go around. Each time I've listened, they've grown on me a little more. So this review gets even better with time...in theory.

The Life For Me by Caleb Hines
Challenge: Write a song (in the first-person) about an imagined adventure in a place you long to visit.
My Thoughts: From the start I thought of "Gilligan's Island". The song doesn't sound like it, but just the setting, and then the "tropical luxury" line put me in that place. It didn't last long, but it did take me there for a moment. The music set the appropriate setting, but I just couldn't get into the story. Felt like asking "Are we there yet?" a number of times as I listened.

Letter Of Fire (Frying Pan) by Duality
Challenge: Write a song that is, in fact, a letter from the future.
My Thoughts: I know there were technical problems for Duality this go around that didn't really allow Joe to provide vocals. (hope I'm right about this) I found the music itself interesting, and honestly would have liked it better if there were no vocals...at all. Both Denise & Joe have pipes, but this song just didn't work for me. Take out the vocals & it might have. That's right...I'm saying I would have liked an instrumental. Hey, it's not SpinTunes, I'm allowed to say that. Of course they wouldn't have met the challenge if they had done it my way...so I guess it's good they did...I guess.

Come Have A Sip Of My Wine by JoAnn Abbott
Challenge: Write a song in the tradition of a drinking song.
My Thoughts: Edric totally pwned you. This lacks the polish & performance of Edric's...and I know it's not a contest, but when you have 2 songs of the same type it's hard not to compare them. 4:36 is a long time to listen to just a recorder & vocals.

Dave Gorbe & Bryce Jensen: Life happens, and there are more important things than songwriting challenges. I understand if things get in the way of deadlines. I hope all is well with the both of you, and I don't think Edric would mind you finishing your songs late... I certainly don't have an issue with uploading them whenever you can get them in. I know you can make 2 people very happy who didn't get their challenges met. So when it's possible...do it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cartoon Medley

I didn't get to any reviews today (insert excuses), but I thought yall would enjoy this medley. I'm always a sucker for cartoon theme songs.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Doo-Wop Central

I really enjoyed this episode of Rocketboom.

Friday, April 8, 2011

So What?

Jonathan Mann details the project he's trying to fund via Kickstarter.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Song Fight Review: Beaten Man

The last challenge over at Song Fight was titled "Vest Factory", and there was a tie for first. DJ Ranger Den & The Panna Cotta Army get to share the victory, while Darkroom (who I voted for) finished in a 3 way tie for 6th. A new batch of songs can be found over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round. My picks are listed below:

(PS: My reviews are normally pretty lazy, in that I don't write much, but this time even more so. I was short on time, and even though I listened to everything, I wasn't motivated to put much effort into this.)

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Caravan Ray - I would like to hear more of the story. It felt like more should have been included, but I like what's there.

Tibor - Really enjoyed this music a lot. So much so that I was able to just chill, and not pay attention to the lyrics. Which is good, cause I hated the lyrics.

(Head over to Song Fight to listen to these songs.)

Metaluna with BBABM - Liked the music, didn't care for the lyrics. Not really into that type of vocal performance.

bgm - I think I would have enjoyed this fight more if it was required that everything was instrumentals. I know I say it a lot, but I enjoyed the music...lyrics not so much.

EggNogAdam - Enjoyed the performance, but got bored before the song ended...and it was a short song.

Hate Mail - You have a great death metal voice...I hate death metal.

Berkeley Social Scene

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Honolulu (1939)

Honolulu (1939) is probably my favorite Eleanor Powell film. The story & acting isn't all that spectacular, but the dancing is. The story is about a famous actor who switches places with his double so he can get a vacation. Robert Young does a decent job with both those roles. While pretending to be his double the actor falls in love with Eleanor Powell who is travelling with Gracie Allen. With the story being on the weak side, it's a good thing they had Gracie to throw in her odd ball 1 liners from time to time. Her husband (irl) George Burns plays Robert Young's manager, and for the most part fell flat.

There are 2 dance routines in this film that will really stick with you. The first is a sexy hula/tap number & the second is a blackface medley done in the style of Bill Robinson. Unfortunately I couldn't find a video of the blackface routine on YouTube, but I did find 2 others to share. Here's a link to the movie Trailer if you're interested, but I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys musicals. When The Queen Of Taps starts dancing, you won't be able to take your eyes off her.

The La Conga Tap This number was cut from the final film, but later used in the film The Great Morgan (1946). This clip from Honolulu (1939) is probably the best thing about the Frank Morgan film. I also found a talk Eleanor did in 1981 at the Variety Arts Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. I found it very interesting if you want to give it a listen. Be warned, the video & audio quality suck. (LINK)

Not her most difficult routine, but it's fun, and Gracie's line at the end of the clip is funny.

Hola E Pae
The entire "Hola E Pae" number of the Hawaiian Medley was inserted into the movie I Dood It (1943).

"A tap dancer is really a frustrated drummer." - Eleanor Powell
Fun Facts: (Source)
- One of Eleanor Powell's first New York jobs was working with the legendary Bill Robinson in private shows (1927).
- This was the last film in which George Burns & Gracie Allen appeared together.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nur Ein VI Is About To Start!

It's that time of the year again. The time when the toughest annual online songwriting contest kicks off for another run. I followed Nur Ein for the first time last year, and it was a blast. I reviewed each round & tried picking the winners. You can find links to all those reviews --> HERE <--.

Niveous (the man behind Nur Ein) started a thread in the Song Fight forums (Song Fight Thread) to announce the start of the contest. If you want more details about the contest I suggest you go there.

I plan on reviewing each round here on the blog once again, and will attempt to pick the winners each round. I told Niveous I would help out in judging if he needed someone, but don't know if he needs my help yet. Probably not, but since he was nice enough to judge SpinTunes #1, I wanted to lend a hand if needed.

Now that Nur Ein has started, I'll be able to announce sign up dates for SpinTunes #3 in the near future. I will not start SpinTunes until Nur Ein is completely over, and if you like SpinTunes you should really give Nur Ein a shot. Nur Ein (& Masters Of Song Fu) was a huge influence on how SpinTunes was set up.

Monday, April 4, 2011

MICHAEL: The Making Of The Album

Sucks Michael never got to see this through to completion like he would have wanted. Do you consider this a 'real' MJ album?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Song A Day: The Album

I see more & more people using Kickstarter to fund their projects. Once in awhile I see one that I'm willing to promote, and I think you should take a look at Jonathan Mann's project. He's a talented guy, and you can get some neat stuff by funding him.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ice Cream Changes

Before you get to today's videos, in case you missed it I posted the March YouTube Treasure Hunt yesterday with only about 30 minutes left in March. I kinda cut it close, but I got it done.

Hank Green on the I vi IV V chord progression.

Re: The Ice Cream Chords
Mike Lombardo's response to Hank.