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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nur Ein 6: Round 1 Review

I apparently screwed up in my round 0 review. Tom pointed out to me that Pop Machine did in fact post lyrics, and that I had just missed them somehow. This means that I owe a round 0 review still...so here it is.

Pop Machine - I know I passed on giving you a review, but it wasn't because I disliked the song. I thought the sound was pretty cool, and I can only assume it's educational...cause I sure as hell didn't understand it. I don't really see how it incorporated the title, so I assume that's a fail. In the next round...please talk down to me.

Now...onto Round 1...

The title of this round was "Colourblind", and the challenge was to write a song without a chorus. There has been some debate in the Song Fight forums about the difference between a chorus & refrain. Normally I take into consideration if the challenge was met or not, but with others more qualified than me arguing about the differences...I decided to only focus on the title & the song. Once again I will not be sharing my personal rankings of the songs. I explained why in the Round 0 Review. BTW, you can download all these songs for free by visiting the Nur Ein website.

DJ Ranger Den - After a departure from her norm, she's back to something more in her wheelhouse. Denise, you know what I'm going to say already, but here it is. Pretty piano, sexy voice, moody & lyrics I don't usually get. The performance was really good though.

Rabid Garfunkel - This song kinda jars you at the start if you ain't ready for it. Lyrically I liked the first verse, but lost interest after that. Don't really know about the music, I think I liked it...after it startled me that is.

Merisan - You're still exceeding expectations. 2nd song in a row I couldn't find anything bad to say about if you paid me to do so. (feel free to test that theory)

Manhattan Glutton - RAWK! Reading along in the lyrics forum I expected this to be longer. Not complaining, but why post lyrics you didn't use? I liked this from the start with the crack about the spelling of the title. Wish I had something constructive to say...but well...I normally don't so why break a trend?

Luke Henley - Listening to this I was reminded of English class back in middle school. Remember getting those long run on sentences in which you had to figure out where to put punctuation? The level of excitement I got from those problems are about equal to the level of excitement I got from this song. This time you made a wise decision to not stretch yourself vocally. I think the abrupt ending needs changed.

The Worldly Self Assurance - Really enjoyed the direction & feel of this song. Thought the vocals were 100% better than round 0, and lyrically I enjoyed it as well. There was only 1 part that I really didn't care for.

"i read the letters from, i read the letters to i never sent
i photocopied, written in my earnest sloppy hand"
Those lines just didn't flow right to me, and I actually stopped the song to go back to make sure I heard it right. VERY solid entry though...well done.

Jon Eric - Normally you've got more hook than my golf swing. I thought this was a really good entry, and I thought the line "You don't even have no working cones" was smart...just not catchy enough to be the hook. Nice work though.

Paco del Stinko - I really liked this a lot. Not having any music in the 3rd verse really made it more intimate. Thought everything you decided to do worked...

Glen Raphael - Thought the bridge needed work, but overall this flowed nicely. Thought the performance was there, and never missed the fact there wasn't a chorus.

Bram Tant - Much better than round 0. Was a little too short for me, but the music rocked. The vocals had the best performance value I've heard from you...but why does only 1 ear get that privilege?

Billy's Little Trip - Was disappointed around the halfway mark because I thought colorblind was going to be more of an afterthought in the song. By the end of course I saw it wasn't, and I had no problems with the direction you took. Normally not the type of storyline I dig, but overall the song worked. Solid entry.

Pop Machine - Musically it didn't hold my attention, and lyrically just to strange for me. I did laugh in a few places...but the humor didn't usually land.

The Boffo Yux Dudes - You took 1 joke, and tried to make it a song. Unfortunately the joke just couldn't stretch far enough. Again, I laughed a couple times to start, but after 35 seconds I was ready for something else. The blues style isn't really something I'm a huge fan of. That's not your fault, but it doesn't help you either.

Frankie Big Face - As close to perfection as anyone came in round 1. Lyrically I thought it was golden, and there's nothing to complain about in any other areas either.

Ross Durand - I like the idea you had, and the execution was great. You're still one of my favorite story tellers. I don't know what it was, but whatever you used in that first instrumental bit was different from what I'm used to from you musically. Not complaining, I liked it.

WreckdoM - No lyrics, no review.

Abbott And Hines - I liked the idea a lot. The music was nice, but again too darn slow for my personal liking. The music & pacing of the song was trying to put me to sleep while the lyrics trying to make me laugh...there's a problem there. I didn't care for the vocal performance, but I don't know if that's just because of issues I already mentioned or a new issue. Nice idea, didn't like the execution.

John Kloberdanz - Music wasn't bad, just repetitive. I liked the lyrics, but they didn't fit with the music in my opinion.

Embers Of Autumn - I expected better from you this round, and you gave it...but that couldn't have been difficult after round 0. Not a fan of the lyrics or vocals in this. Last time I remarked you packed 5 minutes of boredom into a 2 minute song. I wish this was a 2 minute song. It was better, but 5+ minutes was way too long for me.

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