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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Synchronized Screen Juggling

Friday, June 14, 2019

Nur Ein 14 Round 6 Reviews

This round, I ranked people by how much I enjoyed listening to the song.  I’m letting the judges a little more qualified handle the challenge aspect of this round.

Agony Sauce
Last time I mentioned you may have reached a point where your self imposed challenge of doing ALL previous challenges may have negatively affected your song for ME.  This time I think you just did too much with the current challenge.  Your song feels more like a medley of songs than a stand alone.  I’m not a huge medley fan normally.  (with the exception of Weird Al Polka medley’s & just about anything Dean Martin did live)  I start to get interested, and then it feels like a different song.

Max Bombast
I like the story, but unfortunately I don’t think our current leadership is going to hand over the keys to anyone.  The next generation is going to have to take it from them.  I kinda wish the song was from the POV of that generation.  The verses are much more catchy & enjoyable than the chorus is.  I think it’s a solid song overall, but not having a catchy hook hurts a bit.

Rachael Layne
Fake ending?  Really didn’t care for that at all.  Felt awkward.  Overall I enjoyed the music.  Sounds like something you would hear in a movie montage showing lots of happy sweet memories.  The vocals are lovely, but the story is pretty simple & uninteresting to me.  Because I wasn’t interested in what you were singing, honestly I’d prefer an instrumental despite how pretty your vocals were.

Rain Watt
Generally if I want a sweet sappy sounding song, I want it from someone who can make your knees go weak with their vocals.  Yours ain’t cutting it for me, not in this style at least.  I was also a bit bored with lyrics.  The guitar work was the best part of the track for me.

Vowl Sounds
Your little ouija universe has been very hit or miss with me.  I liked your first installment a lot, but at times wished you would drop it & do something that was a stand alone song.  Last round you got me interested again though, and you just really nailed this one.  Very spooky throughout, interesting music, great vocals all around, and the lyrics didn’t feel like they were written in 5 minutes like a couple this round.  This was the 1 song this round that sounded like a round 6 song.  Well done.

Thursday, June 13, 2019