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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kitten War

Never turn your back on a kitten...anything that cute has to be evil.

Excessive Celebration Fail
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....is that a good enough description?

Lil Kid On Drugs
Someone call the Department of Family and Children Services, mommy left her crack pipe out where the kids could find it again.

Flying Without Wings
A great lyrical duet by a couple 13 year olds.

Best Of The Rest:

1. A great mash up of Snow White. CLICK HERE FOR Dwarfed Punk

2. It's time for another music lesson with Walt Ribeiro. CLICK HERE FOR Parts To The Guitar

3. YouTuber 'jun626' gives us another great Led Zeppelin cover. CLICK HERE FOR The Ocean

4. What's that? You want another Dean Martin clip? Well even if you don't, you're getting one. You must learn to love Dino if you want to visit Spintown. I will admit I don't like this particular song much...I'll do better next time. CLICK HERE FOR Tips Of My Fingers

5. I normally post my favorite songs from each round of Song Fu all at once. I'm going out on a limb, and saying this won't make my top picks this round. I still love you Molly, but this just didn't cut it for me this round. CLICK HERE FOR Peep Fight My top picks for Song Fu 3 R2 will be coming as soon as the entries are all posted.

6. I've posted a video of Lauren Fairweather singing this original song before, but this is from her own channel. The other video wasn't, and the quality is better in this one. CLICK HERE FOR The Snog Song

7. I can't let you go with just a so so song from Dino, so here's a song I like a lot better. CLICK HERE FOR Hominy Grits

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wonder Girls (dance cover)

Spintown News:
Anyone have any good suggestions for getting a song copyrighted? Looking for cheap & easy...much like the girls willing to go out with me.

Nobody - Wonder Girls
YouTuber 'kyaaakya' made a nice little dance video to a song I've been hooked on.

Come Back Over
YouTuber 'ReinaDelCid' is getting pretty popular, but I don't know anything about her. I recently subscribed, and plan on checking out her channel. Based on this original song I think it'll be worth my while.

Electric Feel Pole Dance
I haven't posted a stripper pole video in awhile that hasn't been someone falling down or some stupid guy. Here's how a stripper pole is supposed to be used.

Steeler Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
As a Bengals fan I can't say I like the Steelers, but I will admit to respecting them.

Best Of The Rest:

1. For those of you who think the only type of dance I enjoy includes breakers, pole dances or hot chicks in front of a web cam you're terribly mistaken. Here's a cool lyrical routine I ran across just the other day. CLICK HERE FOR Hayden Stark

2. If you liked that lyrical routine, then check this one out. CLICK HERE FOR Heather Kelly

3. It's time for some Dino. I plan on converting the entire internet into Dean Martin fans eventually. CLICK HERE FOR What's Yesterday

4. They claim this is the best wedding toast ever, but I like the one I posted a couple weeks ago better. CLICK HERE FOR Amy's Song

5. Some people may be impressed with this, but after 7 years of piano lessons I think the money was wasted. CLICK HERE FOR Paws Playing Piano

6. You know 99% of the people who have watched this instantly had flash backs from watching The Price Is Right. CLICK HERE FOR Grandma Stair Yodel

7. These kids can really rock. CLICK HERE FOR Gauchos

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Alternate Routes (live)

It would be pretty cool if POPTUB did this sort of thing more often.

This is the most entertaining cover of this song I've ever heard.

This latest Tiffany Alvord original is probably my favorite song from her yet.

Brett Domino Trio
Another very entertaining cover, this time of the Michael Jackson song 'Beat It'.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Children Of The Unicorn is a great band name, this video ain't bad either. CLICK HERE FOR Night Shark

2. Poledancefan uploaded another video, and he's still just as funny. Does he know almost everyone who sees this is laughing at him? Does he care? So many questions... CLICK HERE FOR Cross Knee Release

3. Jake E. Lee plays with heart if not talent. CLICK HERE FOR Shreddin'

4. Here's the latest from The Chemical Wartet. CLICK HERE FOR Love Machine

5. This is the 2nd best Tetris song parody on the web. CLICK HERE FOR The Real Tetris Song

6. Here's the latest from mattrach. CLICK HERE FOR Ta gueul*

7. The Hotcakes wrote a song that the Cincinnati Reds are now using as their theme song. The recorded version isn't bad at all, but they sound terrible in this live clip. CLICK HERE FOR Paint The Town Red

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

James Jones

Spintown News:
There will be another Spintown related video coming out soon that I haven't mentioned. I'm not going to mention what the topic is about yet, but I will tell you that I won the 2nd brentalfloss E-Bay auction yesterday. So Brent Black will be providing music for a video I've been waiting on for a long time now.

Another Goodbye
This is from YouTuber 'JeimusuJones', and if you like this original song don't miss the next video.

YouTrax 10
This time they feature David Sides, who I used to subscribe to. They also feature James Jones who I now subscribe to after listening to his stuff.

The 5 Minute Music Challenge
Someone challenged Nathan Wills to see what he could create in just 5 minutes. He's a good guy, you should check his music out.

The Robo-Cop Dance
'Dance A Day' is a funny little series from YouTube channel 'atomicwedgietv'. There's older videos from this series in the BOTR today.

Best Of The Rest:

1. David Choi recently sang at Kollaboration 9. What's even cooler is that he used his computer to record the experience. CLICK HERE FOR YouTube (A Love Song)

2. Here's a 2nd 'Dance A Day' video. CLICK HERE FOR Cabbage Patch Dance

3. Here's a 3rd 'Dance A Day' video. CLICK HERE FOR New Kids Dance

4. Here's a 4th 'Dance A Day' video. CLICK HERE FOR The Clown Walk

5. Here's a great mash up of a classic kids program with gangsta rap. CLICK HERE FOR Gangsta Barney

6. This was on some sort of Pokemon DVD I think. CLICK HERE FOR Pokemon Combat Rap

7. This kid has a future on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Dont Stop Believin'

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I Were A Girl

Spintown News:
In the BOTR I featured all Dean Martin videos. If you like Dino thank me later. If you don't like Dino, what the hell is wrong with you?

If I Were A Girl (Beyonce Parody)
Dave Days did a great job with his most recent parody.

Cat Yawning
I would love to have any of the songs ParryGripp has on his channel as my ring tone.

Human (The Killers)
This is a really good violin/piano cover of the song.

Elvis vs Dean Martin
This guy does a good impersonation of 2 of my favorite singers.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Your Cheatin' Heart

2. Sometimes I'm Happy (with Jerry Lewis)

3. Marshmallow World

4. When The Red, Red Robin

5. Turn The World Around

6. For The Good Times/Make The World Go Away

7. Just In Time (with Judy Holliday)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ice Cream, Cake & Stripper Poles

Dance! Don't Think....!
Yesterday I argued that a video labeled as a 'pole dance fail' wasn't really a fail. Because it still had a hot chick in it, and it was funny. Today however I found a pole dance fail, that really is a fail. No hot chicks & no injuries....meet YouTuber 'Poledancefan'.

String Dance Off
Conan vs Colbert battle to see who is the best string dancer.

PG PORN: Squeal Happy Whores
This guy is more interested in singing then being in a porn video.

Ice Cream & Cake
It's time to revisit another internet classic, this time we remember the Buckwheat Boyz. I'll link to some YouTubers dancing to the song in the BOTR below.

Best Of The Rest:

1. If you thought the first video was bad, wait until you see this. CLICK HERE FOR Poledancefan #2

2. Even if you are a guy that likes to pole dance...why on earth would you broadcast it on YouTube? CLICK HERE FOR Poledancefan #3

3. I just don't think I could ever understand this. CLICK HERE FOR Poledancefan #4

4. 2 girls dancing to the Buckwheat Boyz. CLICK HERE FOR Ice Cream & Cake Dance #1

5. 2 more girls dancing to the Buckwheat Boyz. CLICK HERE FOR Ice Cream & Cake Dance #2

6. Kalee & Brandi dancing to the Buckwheat Boyz. CLICK HERE FOR Ice Cream & Cake Dance #3

7. Here's the Chipmunk version of Ice Cream & Cake. CLICK HERE FOR Chipmunks

Sunday, February 22, 2009

le Café

Spintown News:

I've got a few news related items to mention for today's blog. First off the long awaited Jonathan Coulton DVD is getting closer to release. For more information about that, CLICK HERE. I've of course been waiting for this not only because I'm a JoCo fan, but because I'm supposed to be in the dance montage included on the DVD.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The next item that needs mentioning is the YouTube Symphony. Finalists have been selected, and now you have the opportunity to choose who goes to Carnegie Hall! The video entries will be combined into the first ever collaborative virtual performance, and the world will select the best to perform at New York City's Carnegie Hall in April 2009. I'm a little late posting this, so if you plan on voting you need to do it now.
February, 14 - 22 - Vote on your favourite entries
March, 2nd - Winners announced
April, 15th - Event at Carnegie Hall
To vote or for more information CLICK HERE.

The last bit of news is about a couple video projects I'm working on. The next video in the 'Pain For Laughs' series already has an original track created by reh dogg, but I should have a theme song for the intro & outro really soon as well. Then I'll get to work on editing the final product. I also have someone who might be writing a song for a video I've been thinking about doing for awhile. He's played around with the idea I had, and did a really quick demo already. He's pretty busy, and I don't know if he'll decide to finish it in the near future. If he does, and he song turns out alright, that video would be released shortly after the song is completed.

le Café
This animated music video starts off slow, but is very entertaining.

The One Kind Of Porn You Can't Find Online
Hopefully you'll never be able to find it either...yuck.

Another Stripper Pole Fail
Is this really a 'Fail' though? I mean if she didn't fall she wouldn't have received as many views online, and she still gives her viewers plenty of enjoyment. Frankly I think a video that involves a hot chick & a stripper pole should never be classified as a 'Fail'.

Brazilian Booty Shaking In Front Of Kids
These kids are supposed to be on a field trip of some kind. I sure don't remember having a field trip like that when I was in school.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Cory Williams AKA Mr. Safety of smpfilms gives you a little advice about how to get free music for your videos. CLICK HERE FOR Advice

2. This song by the band My Little Pony should have been a smash hit. CLICK HERE FOR Macgyver Blues

3. No video, but still funny. CLICK HERE FOR Japanese Metallica Beatboxer

4. This is an odd animation, with a short musical number. CLICK HERE FOR Nachos The Cross Eyed Cat

5. Here's a great Family Guy promo. CLICK HERE FOR Music & Lyrics By Stewie Griffin

6. Here's a funny Flight Of The Conchords clip. CLICK HERE FOR Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor

7. Ben Walker uploaded a video for an old song of his. CLICK HERE FOR Bubble Bath World

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Guitar: Bumble

Spintown News:
I've got a Song Fu update for you. The voting for the first round is over, and here are the top vote getters:

Molly Lewis - "I Pity The (Song) Fu" (51%, 649 Votes)
Crabbydad - "Happy (H.A.P.P.Y.)" (23%, 298 Votes)
Hank Green - "The Deep Sea Anglerfish" (22%, 281 Votes)
Mike Lombardo - "Caroline" (18%, 224 Votes)
Joe "Covenant" Lamb - "What Makes You Feel Happy" (16%, 205 Votes)
Jarrett Heather - "One Little Happy Thought" (12%, 152 Votes)
Jeff MacDougall - "The Bop Bop Song" (12%, 147 Votes)
Jutze Schult - "A Mallful Of Brains" (8%, 106 Votes)
"BucketHat" Bobby Matheson - "You Gotta Smile" (8%, 106 Votes)

So if you remember who I said I voted for, you'll know I was pretty much in the majority with all my picks. The 2nd round has already started, and the challenge for round 2 is:

Write a song containing *exactly* 10 unique words (this includes words such as a, and, the, etc.). You can repeat the words you choose as few or as many times as you want, but the sum total of the unique words can not be less than or more than 10.. You can write on any topic and in any style. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 15 seconds.

It should be interesting to see what these talented people come up with. To learn more about the Song Fu songwriting tournament CLICK HERE.

Guitar: Bumble
This is from the guy who did the 'Guitar: Impossible' video I featured awhile back. The time this must have took to put together is insane.

Our Song
I thought this David Choi song was sort of sweet.

Ducktales Is Awesome
If you put a hot chick doing a web cam dance in the video, and take out the dude it his underwear it could possibly be the greatest video ever made. As it is it's probably one of the strangest.

Jesus Is My Friend
This is another internet classic, that I came across yet again. It may be old, but still funny.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Time for 'Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt'. CLICK HERE FOR Solfege Ascending & Descending!

2. 'mattrach' is still one of the best rockers on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Drums & Bass

3. I just subscribed to this Jennifer Newberry chick, I still don't know much about her. CLICK HERE FOR Love Story

Friday, February 20, 2009

Drinking With Bob

I Don't Like rNb...
This is one of my favorite YouTubers, that I haven't had a chance to feature since he doesn't have a music or dance related channel. Meet Bob.

Lost Before (The War)
Tommy Knox with another great song.

Kitchen Fork
Jack Conte recently uploaded a new VideoSong.

This is an old internet classic that I recently ran across again.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's another Yatta related video. CLICK HERE FOR Video Edit

2. Apparently I'm not the only YouTuber who hates Miley Cyrus. CLICK HERE FOR I Like Normal Girls On Top!

3. No I don't know what a 'weeaboo' is, or why this chick made this video. But I do think I know why there's food shortages in Darfur. CLICK HERE FOR Fat Weeaboo Girl

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The February Song

The February Song
I'd never heard of YouTuber 'joelandberry' before seeing this video.

You're My Baby
coomadoug is another old dude that I subscribe to on YouTube.

The Trailer Park Rap
Here's another YouTuber that's new to me, 'sweetteafilms'.

This cover was uploaded by YouTuber 'KrisMarkMusic'.

Best Of The Rest:

1. You've heard the saying dance like nobody is watching? Well Tina sings like no body is listening. CLICK HERE FOR Angels

2. Tommy Knox proving his All-Star worth with an original song. CLICK HERE FOR More Than Me

3. Lauren Fairweather wrote a song about writing songs. CLICK HERE FOR Songwriting

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Spintown News:
YouTube may be down for maintenance at the moment, but yours truly was prepared. I had this all typed up last night, because I knew I'd be slammed with work the next couple days. Yeah, that's right...I gots mad bloggin' skills.

This video by Ely Kim could very well be the next Evolution Of Dance or Where The Hell Is Matt. Thanks to Kevin Rose of Digg for pointing this out to me.

Little Things
Pomplamoose shows why they're Spintown All-Stars.

If I Were A Bro
I really hated the original version of this song, but this is a little better.

Everything Is Broken
Tommy Knox rocks again. He has a new CD out you can buy as well.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I hope Octo-Mom gets hit by a bus, and her kids go into foster homes...for their sake. CLICK HERE FOR Octo-Mom Song

2. It's time for 'Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt'. CLICK HERE FOR Notes From Piano To Guitar Intro

3. How did I miss this during the election? CLICK HERE FOR McCain & Palin's Crazy Indian Dancefest

4. Everyone's favorite bad singer is back, but unfortunately there's no video to go along with the audio this time. CLICK HERE FOR Tina

5. Peter Coffin makes fun of 'Hairy Ice'. CLICK HERE FOR Joaquin Is Acting

6. The video quality sucks, but I did see a couple cool moves from this B-Boy that I don't know if I've seen before. CLICK HERE FOR Breakdancer

7. Whenever I can't find something to post, it's good to know I can just type "Mario Music" into YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Pavani

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jumbotron Dancer

Spintown News:
Thanks for the positive feedback about the brentalfloss video. Brent's subscribers & other viewers have been very kind for the most part. Just remember that Brent did all the work. If you liked the video I hope you subscribed to his channels.

Amazing Dance Caught On Celtics Jumbotron
I tried to feature this a few days ago, but the stupid embed wouldn't work from the original source. So I looked it up on YouTube for you.

Supermodel (lip dub)
Props to NonSociety, here at Spintown we enjoy a good lip dub from time to time.

Kevin Bacon Wedding Gift
I guess that's what you get the guy who has everything already? I personally would rather be given Jennifer Love Hewitt.

YouTrax Episode 9
This time they feature a YouTuber I used to subscribe to named Angelica Vasilcov. She definately has talent (she can sing & play piano really well), but she also deleted any sort of comment that wasn't kissing her butt back when I used to subscribe. That's really the only reason I unsubscribed. I never slammed the girl in any comment, but I didn't like the fact that a number of my comments disappeared when they weren't glowing with phrase. You either take the good with the bad, or don't allow comments. I might check out her channel again to see if my comments start disappearing, or if there are only positive comments. Girl does have talent, that's for sure.

Best Of The Rest:

1. YouTuber 'JulietOriginals' did a cover of a great Nat King Cole song. CLICK HERE FOR L-O-V-E

2. I promise I'll feature this L.B. Rayne song, when the video is posted with it. CLICK HERE FOR Skywalking (Star Wars Love Ballad)

3. I hadn't seen this in awhile, but I saw it on POPTUB today & I saw David Choi twitter about it. CLICK HERE FOR aicha

4. Here's another one of those little kids that can breakdance. CLICK HERE FOR B-Boy Kid

5. Looks like a cool science experiment. CLICK HERE FOR Breakdancing Corn Starch

6. I really liked this dance track when I heard it. CLICK HERE FOR Unknown?

7. She can really pick it, can't she? CLICK HERE FOR Kaki King

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Example

Spintown News:
Alright the post you've all been waiting for...well at least the post I've been waiting for. Brent Black finished the song about me, and yesterday he uploaded the video to go along with it. He uses some colorful language in the video, but since I wanted a clean song he made a G rated version as well. I hope you enjoy both, and subscribe to both of his YouTube channels: brentalfloss & FlossOriginals

You may notice I changed a few things around here at Spintown. I took down the list of the Spintown All-Stars & some of my favorite links. Those items will now have their own page, and are linked to on the right. I'll also be working on a couple of other pages soon. For instance a page for my Internet Dance videos & an About Spintown page. I think I'll keep the blog set to display only 1 post at a time for awhile, let me know how you like that change. My reasoning behind the change is that I want this site to be as simple as possible. No advertising, no wasted images or junk displayed and I want the site to load quickly for everyone. I put up a new Header & Banner featuring different people. If you're the first person to post a message here naming all the people in the Header I'll feature one of your videos here at Spintown.

Good Example

Lemme tell you all about a guy you don't know, yo
My straight up mate up in the state of O-hi-o, yo
A real swell dude with a good attitude
He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke and he's never ever rude

He's a teacher, glad to meet-cha and he plays him some b-ball
Degree in PE, he knows the way to be, y'all
He's competitive, ahead of it, he'll never retreat
But he always shakes hands after win or defeat

He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
Teaches discipline and personal responsibility, HO!
He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
He's got a better set of etiquette than you or me, so...

You don't wanna mess, his best will put you to the test
He's super-fast, he'll kick your ass at Mario Kart DS
So if you wanna play a master, just give him a jingle
He's stable, strong and able, and ladies: he's single

He don't need bling, he don't carry no glocks
He don't need to lift weights, he's good right outta the box,
From the chocolate locks to his fresh gym socks
I'm his number one fan, this dude fuckin' rocks

He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
Teaches integral & critical decision making sucka,
He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
And he'd never say something like fuck you mothafucka

He likes
Board games
The rat pack
The A-team

Rainbow Six
Young MC
And apparently ME!

He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
He's a credit to society and takes a moral stance, HO
He's a good example
(He's a good example bitch.)
And if you're really lucky you might get to see him dance, yo.

Good Example (G-rated Radio Edit)

Best Of The Rest:

There is no BOTR today. I just want everyone to check out the 2 features & subscribe to Brent. Monday I've already got a full post typed up for you, including the best songs from round 1 of Song Fu 3.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spintown Features: V-Day

Spintown News:
Saw a demo of the Brentalfloss video he's making of my song. It's pretty funny, and lets face it, he didn't have the most interesting subject to write about. I think you guys will like it, and of course I'll feature it when he uploads the video to his channel. Until then go subscribe to his channels. CLICK HERE FOR brentalfloss & CLICK HERE FOR FlossOriginals

Kina Grannis decided to give us an original song for V-Day.

Jennifer Chung decided to do the same thing as Kina.

Super Funny Valentine's Day Song
Not a song you hope to live through...funny though.

The Valentine's Day Song
Sort of a kids song, but cute & appropriate for today.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I wish my dog was a rocket dog, but all it does is tinkle on the floor & bark a lot. CLICK HERE FOR Rocket Dog

2. I don't really like this Jeanette song much, but I like the idea behind it. CLICK HERE FOR Undress To The Beat

3. This is another nerdtaztic video. CLICK HERE FOR ArcAttack

4. Here's another great Sesame Street song. CLICK HERE FOR I Don't Want To Live On The Moon

5. I decided to post another video from Spintown's favorite twerker. CLICK HERE FOR booty

6. I love Matchbox 20, so when I saw this cover I had to post it. CLICK HERE FOR If Your Gone

7. Here's a Killers piano cover by YouTuber sebastiano555. CLICK HERE FOR Human

Friday, February 13, 2009

'Friends' A Cappella

Spintown News:
Only 1 feature today, but the BOTR is full. Got some good news from Brent Black yesterday. He finished the final demo for the song I won on E-bay. I listened to it, and I think it's funny. Can't wait for the final version & the video. I sent him some pictures of myself, but frankly a face like mine is meant for blogging not vlogging. I don't know what he'll end up using, and I need to send him a few more pictures yet, but I can't wait for the final product.

'Friends' A Cappella
Corey Vidal covers a Flight Of The Conchords song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I just saw this Dean Martin tribute video up on YouTube, and had to post it. CLICK HERE FOR Dino

2. Julia Nunes covers one of my favorite Nat King Cole songs. CLICK HERE FOR L-O-V-E

3. This is cool, but there's no way I would let my kid play the drums. It would drive me insane. CLICK HERE FOR 2 Year Old Drummer

4. David Choi covers Katy Perry. CLICK HERE FOR Thinking Of You

5. Kids singing really badly about videogames. CLICK HERE FOR Video Games

6. I clicked a link to this thinking I was getting the theme song from 'Disney's Adverntures Of The Gummi Bears'. CLICK HERE FOR The Gummy Bear Song

7. I found a really hot video of an elmo chick shaking her money makers, but I thought you would like this better. :p CLICK HERE FOR Elmo's Song

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hardly Working

Hardly Working: Sarah's Birthday
The guys from college humor almost always make me laugh. Is anyone going to watch them on MTV every week?

I'm On A Boat
Here's a funny rap video from The Lonely Island (featuring T-Pain).

Kevin Is Forty
If someone writes a song for me when I turn 40 I'll probably punch them. I'm already dreading the big 30 this August...

The Maria Sansone Song!
YouTuber 'BRANSCOMBEx' probably watches a little too much POPTUB.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Ever wonder what news anchors do during commercials? Pretty much what I expected. CLICK HERE FOR Off Air

2. This is nerdtastic! CLICK HERE FOR Imperial March On Hard Drive

3. It's always nice to see people sharing. CLICK HERE FOR 2 Guys 1 Guitar

4. YouTuber 'lilcdawg' uploaded a really good cover recently. CLICK HERE FOR None But Jesus

5. Alyssa Bernal does an AJ Rafael cover. CLICK HERE FOR Showstopper

6. Lauren made me jealous with this video, Matt is one lucky guy. CLICK HERE FOR For Matt

7. No booty today, but you do get an old nutcase who plays music with his beard. I know, life ain't fair, but you'll have to find your own booty today. CLICK HERE FOR Hermeto

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joe Schmo No Video

Spintown News:
I had some extra videos laying around, so I doubled the BOTR section today.

Joe Schmo No Video
The Average Homeboy Denny Blaze is back, and he ain't taking any crap from the haters. This guy is one of the reasons I got hooked on YouTube, and he's still great. I even forgive him for being a Browns fan.

Songsmith + Stock Charts
The collapse of our economy never sounded so good.

Bodybuilding + Dance
This is the 2nd bodybuilder I've seen bust a move on stage in the past year online.

One String Guitar Tune
Not great, but not bad considering he's using 1 string.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Tommy Knox gives us a Fastball cover. CLICK HERE FOR Out Of My Head

2. Japan has discovered Numa Numa. CLICK HERE FOR Jap Numa

3. Here's the latest music video from Smosh. CLICK HERE FOR Hardcore Max 2

4. This is just odd. CLICK HERE FOR Maps Cover

5. Nick Pitera doing a Snow Patrol cover. CLICK HERE FOR Run

6. More of that crazy electro dance stuff. CLICK HERE FOR Anakin & Storm

7. Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre sing us another song. CLICK HERE FOR We Will Sock You

8. This must have been in the special features, cause I missed this version. CLICK HERE FOR Shawshank Redemption-a-lot

9. SupaDupaFlyGirl doing her thing with Muse. CLICK HERE FOR SDFG

10. YouTuber 'jun626' can really play his Led Zeppelin. CLICK HERE FOR Rock and Roll

11. I don't think many people play Carnegie Hall with a harmonica. CLICK HERE FOR Harmonica Dude

12. Mr. Safety went on the Elevator Show, and decided to start a boy band. CLICK HERE FOR Safety Dance

13. I wonder how many 91 year old female drummers there are in the world. There's at least 1. CLICK HERE FOR Old Chick

14. Alyssa Bernal covers TLC. CLICK HERE FOR No Scrubs

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rhythmic Gymnastic - Ball

I saw this clip in my KNH 245 class. Pretty freaking amazing...

Don't Hassle The 'Hoff
This is the first of 3 videos today featuring actors who have become living memes.

The Chuck Norris Song
This song almost kicks as much butt as Chuck himself.

Mr. T Sings
Mr. T sings about being tough, what else.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Not as good as the above Chuck Norris video, but not bad. CLICK HERE FOR The Chuck Norris Rap

2. I used to think Mr. T could do know wrong, but this music video proves me wrong. CLICK HERE FOR Mr. T Fail

3. I saw this capture posted on Digg, and thought it would make you guys laugh. CLICK HERE FOR This Is Why I Love Digg

4. Watching Usher dance along with Gene Kelly is kind of cool, but Usher still isn't as good. CLICK HERE FOR Dance Mashup

5. I had completely forgotten about this song, but now I remember singing it as a kid. CLICK HERE FOR The Diarrhea Song

6. 2 Live Crew + Phil Donahue = Fail. CLICK HERE FOR Demographic Fail

7. I bet you thought I would forget to post some booty today... CLICK HERE FOR Booty

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pain For Laughs: The Complete Collection

About The Series
The series started when I decided I wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff on my hard drive to save space. As I was going through my files I noticed I had a ton of ownage videos that I had collected. Before deleting them I decided to make a few montages, and in doing so I created the first 13 Pain For Laughs videos. They weren't intended for anything else but my personal viewing on my computer. Eventually I decided to post them on YouTube after watching dozens of other montage videos over the years. Well after a couple million views on YouTube, they deleted my account for copyright reasons & violence. So now I still make the videos, but I've started having music written for the videos or getting permission to use music from lesser known new model musicians. I don't want to profit from the videos, I have no right to since the music & video isn't mine.

Some of the videos aren't very good, while others still make me laugh or cringe. Remember some were thrown together very quickly without thought of having other people watching them. The newest videos are the best of the bunch, I suggest anything from PFL 21-25.

Pain For Laughs #25

Theme: Pain & Jumping.
Music: PFL Theme Song - by Steve Scheffler & owned by Spintown
Jump - by BXC

Pain For Laughs #24
Theme: Pain & skateboards.
Music: PFL Theme Song - by Steve Scheffler & owned by Spintown
Dizzy Spells - by c.layne

Pain For Laughs #23
Theme: Skateboards & Pain. This is the first time I found a song that I liked, then went out & got permission to use the song.
Music: PFL Theme Song - by Steve Scheffler & owned by Spintown
Lets Get Bloody - by Ross Durand

Pain For Laughs #22
Theme: Skateboards & Pain. This is the second PFL video to use all original music written & performed just for use in the video.
Music: PFL Theme Song - written by Steve Scheffler, covered by JonesBerg & owned by Spintown
Extreme Pain For Fun - by rehdogg

Pain For Laughs #21
Theme: Skateboards, Rollerblades & Pain. This videos is an important video in the series. Not only has it done really well on YouTube & Metacafe, but it is the first time I used music that was written just for the video. I had a theme song written & copyrighted for the series. I was also fortunate enough to have rehdogg on YouTube agree to write a track as the feature song.
Music: PFL Theme Song - by Steve Scheffler & owned by Spintown
Pain For Fun - by rehdogg

Pain For Laughs #20
Theme: Pain & bikes.
Music: No Easy Way Out - by Robert Tepper (from Rocky 4)

Pain For Laughs #19
Theme: A new type of pain.
Music: ?

Pain For Laughs #18
Theme: Pain & fighting.
Music: It's A Fight - by Three 6 Mafia (from Rocky Balboa)

Pain For Laughs #17
Theme: Pain & bikes.
Music: You're The Best - by Joe Esposito (from Karate Kid)

Pain For Laughs #16
Theme: Just Pain.
Music: Rubberball - by Alternative Allstars

Pain For Laughs #15
Theme: Pain, snow & ice. This is my first Christmas video, and I'll probably do another in the future.
Music: Jing-A-Ling, Jing-A-Ling - by The Andrews Sisters & Quincy Jones with His Orchestra

Pain For Laughs #14
Theme: Pain, bikes, skateboards & rollerblades.
Music: If You're Gonna Be Dumb - by Roger Alan Wade

Pain For Laughs #13
Theme: Pain & cars.
Music: Indiana Jones Theme - by John Williams (from Raiders Of The Lost Ark)

Pain For Laughs #12
Theme: Pain & car racing.
Music: Burning Heart - by Survivor (from Rocky 4)

Pain For Laughs #11
Theme: Pain & rally cars.
Music: Round Up - by Sam Spence

Pain For Laughs #10
Theme: Pain, dirtbikes & motorcycles.
Music: Back To The Future Theme - by Alan Silvestri (from Back To The Future)

Pain For Laughs #9
Theme: Pain & winter sports.
Music: Superman Theme - by John Williams (from Superman)

Pain For Laughs #8
Theme: Pain & extreme motor sports.
Music: Make Em' Laugh - by Donald O'Connor (from Singing In The Rain)

Pain For Laughs #7
Theme: Pain & fireworks.
Music: Living In America - by James Brown (from Rocky 4)

Pain For Laughs #6
Theme: Pain & fire.
Music: Hearts On Fire - by John Cafferty (from Rocky 4)

Pain For Laughs #5
Theme: Pain & fighting.
Music: Eye Of The Tiger - by Survivor (from Rocky 3)

Pain For Laughs #4
Theme: Similar to PFL#1 in that it's just pain baby.
Music: Redemption - by Bill Conti (from Rocky 2)

Pain For Laughs #3
Theme: Pain, skateboards & rollerblades.
Music: Gonna Fly Now - by Bill Conti (from Rocky)

Pain For Laughs #2
Theme: In this video pain remains as the #1 theme as in all the videos. However I narrowed the scope of the video to include only people doing stupid things on bikes. Personally the themes involving extreme sports usually become favorites. Not because I like extreme sports, but because those people really know how to jack themselves up.
Music: Gonna Fly Now - by Bill Conti (from Rocky)

Pain For Laughs #1
Theme: This video didn't really have a theme other then people doing stupid things & getting hurt.
Music: Going The Distance - by Bill Conti (from Rocky)

Keys To Making A Good Ownage Video
Here's a few things I've learned as I've made these videos.

- You need to pick the right music. Rock, rap, country etc... can all be used effectively, but the music needs to fit the video. I really like to use music that builds the adrenaline (hence the use of all the Rocky music & movie themes) or music that makes me laugh (like 'Make Em' Laugh or 'If You're Gonna Be Stupid'). Many people use heavy metal or something so loud that you can't actually here what's going on in the background....mistake.

- Don't delete the audio of the original videos, at least not all of it. Sometimes the audio quality is really poor, and is a distraction. But try to leave in all audio from impacts & screams. It'll make the viewers cringe a little more as their watching, trust me. Sometimes I'll delete 95% of the audio while leaving in just that one moment in which the guy racks his balls against a pole. At the same time there are moments in which I just need to adjust the levels of the audio at various parts. Once in awhile you won't need to do anything, but it all depends on where & how your using the clip in the video.

- Place the video segments appropriately. You can't shoot your load too early by placing the worst accidents in the beginning. If the music is building to something, then so should the video. Just think about where you place something, don't throw things in randomly.

- Don't cut too much of the video out. I think most people like seeing the skater before the accident & after. Nobody wants to watch 10-20 seconds of somebody skating around before he wipes out (in a montage at least), but leaving in 2-3 seconds of someone coming down the big hill before he hits the ramp that is going to turn him into a vegetable is fine. Don't cut the end too soon either, a second or 2 of someone stumbling around after a blow to the head can be funny.

- Don't over use the slow motion replay. Not every clip needs to be replayed, and if you do replay it 1 time is plenty. Keep the montage moving along.

- A happy ending is always the best. Whether it's one last big wipeout, or a humorous video to leave the viewer with a smile; make sure the ending is memorable. PFL#22 is a good example of this.

- I get a ton of messages from people saying this isn't funny, because that guy really got hurt. I would hate to see anyone get seriously injured or die, but I don't know how badly most of these people got hurt. Most of them just get superficial damage like bumps & bruises. Some of them it's obvious they broke an arm or got knocked out. In the end most of the people in my videos were doing something really stupid, and got hurt for their stupidity. I hope everyone is alright now, but I won't feel bad for laughing at them knock out a few of their own teeth.

<a href="http://spintown.bandcamp.com/track/pain-for-laughs-opening-theme">Pain For Laughs Opening Theme by Spintown Tunes</a>

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guitar: Impossible

I thought this was pretty cool, and it's been popular this week on YouTube.

YouTrax: Juliet Weybret
It's official, I'm hooked on this show. I'll link to the original video/song they used in the episode in the BOTR section below.

I Believe
I really liked this song by Andrew White.

Stripper Pole
A stripper pole is a terrible thing to waste...I'm glad this girl knows that.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's the original song from YouTuber 'JulietOriginals' before YouTrax helped her out. CLICK HERE FOR Out Of The Blue

2. Nothing has been bigger then David this week on the internet. There's already remixes popping up. CLICK HERE FOR David After Dentist Remix

3. This is the coolest guinea pig I've ever seen. CLICK HERE FOR The Guinea Pig Rap!

4. YouTuber 'Ukuleleric' uploaded another great cover recently. CLICK HERE FOR Valerie

5. This dancer does a pretty good job of explaining how to wave, and shows a few variations to the typical wave. CLICK HERE FOR Learn To Wave

6. I collected all the referenced videos from the popular Dan Meth video titled 'Internet People' that were still available on YouTube. Then I made a playlist of those videos in the correct order. A couple videos weren't available, but I linked to something that related to it at least. So if you didn't get all the references in 'Internet People' when you first saw the video, here's your chance to get in the loop.CLICK HERE FOR Internet People: A Look Back

7. Marina Orlova (aka HotForWords) gives us a little music history lesson. CLICK HERE FOR Grammys

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cookie Monster Rap

Cookie Monster does a Jay Z parody of '99 Problems'.

My Life Would Suck Without You
Nick Pitera does a Kelly Clarkson cover with AHMIR.

One Love
Playing For Change just uploaded another song.

3 Chicks 1 Camera

Best Of The Rest:

1. This is classic Cookie Monster. CLICK HERE FOR C Is For Cookie

2. Tyra is such a freaking whack job, Cuppy Cake Boy doesn't seem to mind though. CLICK HERE FOR Cuppy Cake Boy On Tyra

3. Do me a favor, go to AJ's channel & request 'Paper Moon' for his classic series. I've been requesting it on every video with no luck thus far. CLICK HERE FOR The Way You Look Tonight

4. Here's another cute kid video. CLICK HERE FOR Baby Loves Banjo

5. Nathan Wills is looking for song writers if anyone is interested. CLICK HERE FOR Help Wanted

6. It's time for 'Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt'. CLICK HERE FOR Solfege Syllables

7. I totally forgot to celebrate National Carrot Day. CLICK HERE FOR Carrot Song

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bale Out

Spintown News:
Yet another rushed post, but honestly I think I'm doing pretty good considering I'm going to college for a 2nd time, working & currently taking Saturday classes for work. CPR training this weekend...yippy...

Bale Out
Everyone has heard about the Christian Bale blow up. Here's a really good remix of the audio from RevoLucian. I just hope Mr. Bale has a terrible accident on set, that causes him to have his jaw wired shut for awhile. He's a total jerk.

Miley Cyrus... It's ON!
Venetian Princess is in a tough battle with Miley, for the #1 female spot on YouTube. Miley seems like she's going to turn into another hollywood teen whore, so I'm cheering for the Princess.

Lolcats Song
From the people who brought us the classic, 'We Are The Moon'....

Won't Even Start
I enjoyed this David Choi original.

Best Of The Rest:

1. devilishlypure uploaded a couple more Harry Potter themed songs. I'm not really into Harry Potter, but I thought you might like them. CLICK HERE FOR Post-Potter Depression

2. Here's her second original song that she recently uploaded. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Going To Hogwarts

3. I like Julia Nunes & Wade Johnston, but there's a rule people should abide by when it comes to songs Dean Martin has covered. Don't do them, you can never compete with Dino. CLICK HERE FOR Baby It's Cold Outside

4. I'm linking to this because when I saw the clip on 'The Digg Reel' it brought back fond memories of watching 'Fraggle Rock'. CLICK HERE FOR Yes We Can

5. This is a 1980's Wendy's training video. All jobs should come with an 80's rap/training video. CLICK HERE FOR Training Rap

6. I don't know about you, but I'd never steal something online. :D CLICK HERE FOR Don't Copy That Floppy

7. No booty dance today, but I do have a hot chick on a stripper pole for you. CLICK HERE FOR Stripper Pole

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fresh Prince Theme: Gangsta Version

Spintown News:
Well 1 month down, and I've managed to post every day so far this year. I'm not going to promise a post a day for a full year or anything, but I think I'm off to a good start.

I don't think I would have liked the Fresh Prince as much with this theme.

Her Morning Elegance
Just another music video I thought was really cool.

Mean Kitty Parody
Nalts, Peter Coffin & Zack Scott put together a cool parody.

Pop Waffle: Vol. 25
My girl Jennifer Love Hewitt gets a mention at the end.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I'll give you todays booty first, as long as you promise to watch the other videos to. CLICK HERE FOR Black Booty

2. Someone wrote a song about Nalts, and Nalts posted it in this video. CLICK HERE FOR Next Chevy Chase?

3. Everyone has already seen the 'Thriller' & 'Baby Got Back' wedding dances...well here's another one. CLICK HERE FOR Wedding Dance

4. Old, simple, but still cool. One of my favorite internet videos ever. CLICK HERE FOR Crocodile Roll

5. Here's a link to the full song used in the above video. CLICK HERE FOR Chip Da Ripper

6. Here's a cool music video from a few years back, by No More Kings. CLICK HERE FOR Sweep The Leg

7. Henrietta & Merna could have been big...all they needed was talent. CLICK HERE FOR Go Tell It On The Mountain