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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Alternate Routes (live)

It would be pretty cool if POPTUB did this sort of thing more often.

This is the most entertaining cover of this song I've ever heard.

This latest Tiffany Alvord original is probably my favorite song from her yet.

Brett Domino Trio
Another very entertaining cover, this time of the Michael Jackson song 'Beat It'.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Children Of The Unicorn is a great band name, this video ain't bad either. CLICK HERE FOR Night Shark

2. Poledancefan uploaded another video, and he's still just as funny. Does he know almost everyone who sees this is laughing at him? Does he care? So many questions... CLICK HERE FOR Cross Knee Release

3. Jake E. Lee plays with heart if not talent. CLICK HERE FOR Shreddin'

4. Here's the latest from The Chemical Wartet. CLICK HERE FOR Love Machine

5. This is the 2nd best Tetris song parody on the web. CLICK HERE FOR The Real Tetris Song

6. Here's the latest from mattrach. CLICK HERE FOR Ta gueul*

7. The Hotcakes wrote a song that the Cincinnati Reds are now using as their theme song. The recorded version isn't bad at all, but they sound terrible in this live clip. CLICK HERE FOR Paint The Town Red

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