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Sunday, February 22, 2009

le Café

Spintown News:

I've got a few news related items to mention for today's blog. First off the long awaited Jonathan Coulton DVD is getting closer to release. For more information about that, CLICK HERE. I've of course been waiting for this not only because I'm a JoCo fan, but because I'm supposed to be in the dance montage included on the DVD.
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The next item that needs mentioning is the YouTube Symphony. Finalists have been selected, and now you have the opportunity to choose who goes to Carnegie Hall! The video entries will be combined into the first ever collaborative virtual performance, and the world will select the best to perform at New York City's Carnegie Hall in April 2009. I'm a little late posting this, so if you plan on voting you need to do it now.
February, 14 - 22 - Vote on your favourite entries
March, 2nd - Winners announced
April, 15th - Event at Carnegie Hall
To vote or for more information CLICK HERE.

The last bit of news is about a couple video projects I'm working on. The next video in the 'Pain For Laughs' series already has an original track created by reh dogg, but I should have a theme song for the intro & outro really soon as well. Then I'll get to work on editing the final product. I also have someone who might be writing a song for a video I've been thinking about doing for awhile. He's played around with the idea I had, and did a really quick demo already. He's pretty busy, and I don't know if he'll decide to finish it in the near future. If he does, and he song turns out alright, that video would be released shortly after the song is completed.

le Café
This animated music video starts off slow, but is very entertaining.

The One Kind Of Porn You Can't Find Online
Hopefully you'll never be able to find it either...yuck.

Another Stripper Pole Fail
Is this really a 'Fail' though? I mean if she didn't fall she wouldn't have received as many views online, and she still gives her viewers plenty of enjoyment. Frankly I think a video that involves a hot chick & a stripper pole should never be classified as a 'Fail'.

Brazilian Booty Shaking In Front Of Kids
These kids are supposed to be on a field trip of some kind. I sure don't remember having a field trip like that when I was in school.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Cory Williams AKA Mr. Safety of smpfilms gives you a little advice about how to get free music for your videos. CLICK HERE FOR Advice

2. This song by the band My Little Pony should have been a smash hit. CLICK HERE FOR Macgyver Blues

3. No video, but still funny. CLICK HERE FOR Japanese Metallica Beatboxer

4. This is an odd animation, with a short musical number. CLICK HERE FOR Nachos The Cross Eyed Cat

5. Here's a great Family Guy promo. CLICK HERE FOR Music & Lyrics By Stewie Griffin

6. Here's a funny Flight Of The Conchords clip. CLICK HERE FOR Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor

7. Ben Walker uploaded a video for an old song of his. CLICK HERE FOR Bubble Bath World

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