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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hardly Working

Hardly Working: Sarah's Birthday
The guys from college humor almost always make me laugh. Is anyone going to watch them on MTV every week?

I'm On A Boat
Here's a funny rap video from The Lonely Island (featuring T-Pain).

Kevin Is Forty
If someone writes a song for me when I turn 40 I'll probably punch them. I'm already dreading the big 30 this August...

The Maria Sansone Song!
YouTuber 'BRANSCOMBEx' probably watches a little too much POPTUB.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Ever wonder what news anchors do during commercials? Pretty much what I expected. CLICK HERE FOR Off Air

2. This is nerdtastic! CLICK HERE FOR Imperial March On Hard Drive

3. It's always nice to see people sharing. CLICK HERE FOR 2 Guys 1 Guitar

4. YouTuber 'lilcdawg' uploaded a really good cover recently. CLICK HERE FOR None But Jesus

5. Alyssa Bernal does an AJ Rafael cover. CLICK HERE FOR Showstopper

6. Lauren made me jealous with this video, Matt is one lucky guy. CLICK HERE FOR For Matt

7. No booty today, but you do get an old nutcase who plays music with his beard. I know, life ain't fair, but you'll have to find your own booty today. CLICK HERE FOR Hermeto

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