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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jumbotron Dancer

Spintown News:
Thanks for the positive feedback about the brentalfloss video. Brent's subscribers & other viewers have been very kind for the most part. Just remember that Brent did all the work. If you liked the video I hope you subscribed to his channels.

Amazing Dance Caught On Celtics Jumbotron
I tried to feature this a few days ago, but the stupid embed wouldn't work from the original source. So I looked it up on YouTube for you.

Supermodel (lip dub)
Props to NonSociety, here at Spintown we enjoy a good lip dub from time to time.

Kevin Bacon Wedding Gift
I guess that's what you get the guy who has everything already? I personally would rather be given Jennifer Love Hewitt.

YouTrax Episode 9
This time they feature a YouTuber I used to subscribe to named Angelica Vasilcov. She definately has talent (she can sing & play piano really well), but she also deleted any sort of comment that wasn't kissing her butt back when I used to subscribe. That's really the only reason I unsubscribed. I never slammed the girl in any comment, but I didn't like the fact that a number of my comments disappeared when they weren't glowing with phrase. You either take the good with the bad, or don't allow comments. I might check out her channel again to see if my comments start disappearing, or if there are only positive comments. Girl does have talent, that's for sure.

Best Of The Rest:

1. YouTuber 'JulietOriginals' did a cover of a great Nat King Cole song. CLICK HERE FOR L-O-V-E

2. I promise I'll feature this L.B. Rayne song, when the video is posted with it. CLICK HERE FOR Skywalking (Star Wars Love Ballad)

3. I hadn't seen this in awhile, but I saw it on POPTUB today & I saw David Choi twitter about it. CLICK HERE FOR aicha

4. Here's another one of those little kids that can breakdance. CLICK HERE FOR B-Boy Kid

5. Looks like a cool science experiment. CLICK HERE FOR Breakdancing Corn Starch

6. I really liked this dance track when I heard it. CLICK HERE FOR Unknown?

7. She can really pick it, can't she? CLICK HERE FOR Kaki King

1 comment:

  1. maybe you didn't post the comments you talk because iv'e seen her channel and she's got many great comments and some really trashy ones too (that have always been there when i watch). guess i'm saying i don't think the chik is deleting comments cause some are really trash talk... but she is GOOOD!