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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spintown Features: V-Day

Spintown News:
Saw a demo of the Brentalfloss video he's making of my song. It's pretty funny, and lets face it, he didn't have the most interesting subject to write about. I think you guys will like it, and of course I'll feature it when he uploads the video to his channel. Until then go subscribe to his channels. CLICK HERE FOR brentalfloss & CLICK HERE FOR FlossOriginals

Kina Grannis decided to give us an original song for V-Day.

Jennifer Chung decided to do the same thing as Kina.

Super Funny Valentine's Day Song
Not a song you hope to live through...funny though.

The Valentine's Day Song
Sort of a kids song, but cute & appropriate for today.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I wish my dog was a rocket dog, but all it does is tinkle on the floor & bark a lot. CLICK HERE FOR Rocket Dog

2. I don't really like this Jeanette song much, but I like the idea behind it. CLICK HERE FOR Undress To The Beat

3. This is another nerdtaztic video. CLICK HERE FOR ArcAttack

4. Here's another great Sesame Street song. CLICK HERE FOR I Don't Want To Live On The Moon

5. I decided to post another video from Spintown's favorite twerker. CLICK HERE FOR booty

6. I love Matchbox 20, so when I saw this cover I had to post it. CLICK HERE FOR If Your Gone

7. Here's a Killers piano cover by YouTuber sebastiano555. CLICK HERE FOR Human

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