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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

James Jones

Spintown News:
There will be another Spintown related video coming out soon that I haven't mentioned. I'm not going to mention what the topic is about yet, but I will tell you that I won the 2nd brentalfloss E-Bay auction yesterday. So Brent Black will be providing music for a video I've been waiting on for a long time now.

Another Goodbye
This is from YouTuber 'JeimusuJones', and if you like this original song don't miss the next video.

YouTrax 10
This time they feature David Sides, who I used to subscribe to. They also feature James Jones who I now subscribe to after listening to his stuff.

The 5 Minute Music Challenge
Someone challenged Nathan Wills to see what he could create in just 5 minutes. He's a good guy, you should check his music out.

The Robo-Cop Dance
'Dance A Day' is a funny little series from YouTube channel 'atomicwedgietv'. There's older videos from this series in the BOTR today.

Best Of The Rest:

1. David Choi recently sang at Kollaboration 9. What's even cooler is that he used his computer to record the experience. CLICK HERE FOR YouTube (A Love Song)

2. Here's a 2nd 'Dance A Day' video. CLICK HERE FOR Cabbage Patch Dance

3. Here's a 3rd 'Dance A Day' video. CLICK HERE FOR New Kids Dance

4. Here's a 4th 'Dance A Day' video. CLICK HERE FOR The Clown Walk

5. Here's a great mash up of a classic kids program with gangsta rap. CLICK HERE FOR Gangsta Barney

6. This was on some sort of Pokemon DVD I think. CLICK HERE FOR Pokemon Combat Rap

7. This kid has a future on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Dont Stop Believin'

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