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Monday, February 9, 2009

Pain For Laughs: The Complete Collection

About The Series
The series started when I decided I wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff on my hard drive to save space. As I was going through my files I noticed I had a ton of ownage videos that I had collected. Before deleting them I decided to make a few montages, and in doing so I created the first 13 Pain For Laughs videos. They weren't intended for anything else but my personal viewing on my computer. Eventually I decided to post them on YouTube after watching dozens of other montage videos over the years. Well after a couple million views on YouTube, they deleted my account for copyright reasons & violence. So now I still make the videos, but I've started having music written for the videos or getting permission to use music from lesser known new model musicians. I don't want to profit from the videos, I have no right to since the music & video isn't mine.

Some of the videos aren't very good, while others still make me laugh or cringe. Remember some were thrown together very quickly without thought of having other people watching them. The newest videos are the best of the bunch, I suggest anything from PFL 21-25.

Pain For Laughs #25

Theme: Pain & Jumping.
Music: PFL Theme Song - by Steve Scheffler & owned by Spintown
Jump - by BXC

Pain For Laughs #24
Theme: Pain & skateboards.
Music: PFL Theme Song - by Steve Scheffler & owned by Spintown
Dizzy Spells - by c.layne

Pain For Laughs #23
Theme: Skateboards & Pain. This is the first time I found a song that I liked, then went out & got permission to use the song.
Music: PFL Theme Song - by Steve Scheffler & owned by Spintown
Lets Get Bloody - by Ross Durand

Pain For Laughs #22
Theme: Skateboards & Pain. This is the second PFL video to use all original music written & performed just for use in the video.
Music: PFL Theme Song - written by Steve Scheffler, covered by JonesBerg & owned by Spintown
Extreme Pain For Fun - by rehdogg

Pain For Laughs #21
Theme: Skateboards, Rollerblades & Pain. This videos is an important video in the series. Not only has it done really well on YouTube & Metacafe, but it is the first time I used music that was written just for the video. I had a theme song written & copyrighted for the series. I was also fortunate enough to have rehdogg on YouTube agree to write a track as the feature song.
Music: PFL Theme Song - by Steve Scheffler & owned by Spintown
Pain For Fun - by rehdogg

Pain For Laughs #20
Theme: Pain & bikes.
Music: No Easy Way Out - by Robert Tepper (from Rocky 4)

Pain For Laughs #19
Theme: A new type of pain.
Music: ?

Pain For Laughs #18
Theme: Pain & fighting.
Music: It's A Fight - by Three 6 Mafia (from Rocky Balboa)

Pain For Laughs #17
Theme: Pain & bikes.
Music: You're The Best - by Joe Esposito (from Karate Kid)

Pain For Laughs #16
Theme: Just Pain.
Music: Rubberball - by Alternative Allstars

Pain For Laughs #15
Theme: Pain, snow & ice. This is my first Christmas video, and I'll probably do another in the future.
Music: Jing-A-Ling, Jing-A-Ling - by The Andrews Sisters & Quincy Jones with His Orchestra

Pain For Laughs #14
Theme: Pain, bikes, skateboards & rollerblades.
Music: If You're Gonna Be Dumb - by Roger Alan Wade

Pain For Laughs #13
Theme: Pain & cars.
Music: Indiana Jones Theme - by John Williams (from Raiders Of The Lost Ark)

Pain For Laughs #12
Theme: Pain & car racing.
Music: Burning Heart - by Survivor (from Rocky 4)

Pain For Laughs #11
Theme: Pain & rally cars.
Music: Round Up - by Sam Spence

Pain For Laughs #10
Theme: Pain, dirtbikes & motorcycles.
Music: Back To The Future Theme - by Alan Silvestri (from Back To The Future)

Pain For Laughs #9
Theme: Pain & winter sports.
Music: Superman Theme - by John Williams (from Superman)

Pain For Laughs #8
Theme: Pain & extreme motor sports.
Music: Make Em' Laugh - by Donald O'Connor (from Singing In The Rain)

Pain For Laughs #7
Theme: Pain & fireworks.
Music: Living In America - by James Brown (from Rocky 4)

Pain For Laughs #6
Theme: Pain & fire.
Music: Hearts On Fire - by John Cafferty (from Rocky 4)

Pain For Laughs #5
Theme: Pain & fighting.
Music: Eye Of The Tiger - by Survivor (from Rocky 3)

Pain For Laughs #4
Theme: Similar to PFL#1 in that it's just pain baby.
Music: Redemption - by Bill Conti (from Rocky 2)

Pain For Laughs #3
Theme: Pain, skateboards & rollerblades.
Music: Gonna Fly Now - by Bill Conti (from Rocky)

Pain For Laughs #2
Theme: In this video pain remains as the #1 theme as in all the videos. However I narrowed the scope of the video to include only people doing stupid things on bikes. Personally the themes involving extreme sports usually become favorites. Not because I like extreme sports, but because those people really know how to jack themselves up.
Music: Gonna Fly Now - by Bill Conti (from Rocky)

Pain For Laughs #1
Theme: This video didn't really have a theme other then people doing stupid things & getting hurt.
Music: Going The Distance - by Bill Conti (from Rocky)

Keys To Making A Good Ownage Video
Here's a few things I've learned as I've made these videos.

- You need to pick the right music. Rock, rap, country etc... can all be used effectively, but the music needs to fit the video. I really like to use music that builds the adrenaline (hence the use of all the Rocky music & movie themes) or music that makes me laugh (like 'Make Em' Laugh or 'If You're Gonna Be Stupid'). Many people use heavy metal or something so loud that you can't actually here what's going on in the background....mistake.

- Don't delete the audio of the original videos, at least not all of it. Sometimes the audio quality is really poor, and is a distraction. But try to leave in all audio from impacts & screams. It'll make the viewers cringe a little more as their watching, trust me. Sometimes I'll delete 95% of the audio while leaving in just that one moment in which the guy racks his balls against a pole. At the same time there are moments in which I just need to adjust the levels of the audio at various parts. Once in awhile you won't need to do anything, but it all depends on where & how your using the clip in the video.

- Place the video segments appropriately. You can't shoot your load too early by placing the worst accidents in the beginning. If the music is building to something, then so should the video. Just think about where you place something, don't throw things in randomly.

- Don't cut too much of the video out. I think most people like seeing the skater before the accident & after. Nobody wants to watch 10-20 seconds of somebody skating around before he wipes out (in a montage at least), but leaving in 2-3 seconds of someone coming down the big hill before he hits the ramp that is going to turn him into a vegetable is fine. Don't cut the end too soon either, a second or 2 of someone stumbling around after a blow to the head can be funny.

- Don't over use the slow motion replay. Not every clip needs to be replayed, and if you do replay it 1 time is plenty. Keep the montage moving along.

- A happy ending is always the best. Whether it's one last big wipeout, or a humorous video to leave the viewer with a smile; make sure the ending is memorable. PFL#22 is a good example of this.

- I get a ton of messages from people saying this isn't funny, because that guy really got hurt. I would hate to see anyone get seriously injured or die, but I don't know how badly most of these people got hurt. Most of them just get superficial damage like bumps & bruises. Some of them it's obvious they broke an arm or got knocked out. In the end most of the people in my videos were doing something really stupid, and got hurt for their stupidity. I hope everyone is alright now, but I won't feel bad for laughing at them knock out a few of their own teeth.

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  1. Hey man, it's like watching natural selection in progress. Great videos with just one criticism. Maybe I'm sadistic but I want a couple more minutes of the aftermath. Maybe I'm a crappy human but I have no qualms about seeing an idiot get what's coming to him.

  2. Where I can download Theme Song? It is realy good XD