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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pain For Laughs 21

Spintown News:
I know I disappeared for awhile, but I'm back. My ninja training will have to wait for now, because I missed blogging. Anyways I've got a lot of catching up to do around here, so I'll be posting larger posts until I do get caught up. 7 features vs the typical 4 & 10 'Best Of The Rest' videos vs the standard 7.

The first thing I want to mention is the Round 2 results from Song Fu 3. In the first round my picks were all winners, but this time I was shocked. Hank Green won easy, and he should have. But Molly Lewis who won the first round came up with what I thought was a stinker of a song, yet she finished in 2nd? I don't know why or how, but people voted for her. Below are the top 7 vote getters, of which I only picked 3 correctly (those are in bold). I picked Mick Bordet & Insane Ian in my top 5. They finished 8th & 11th in this round.

1. *Hank Green - "I Know" (43.0%, 524 Votes)
2. Molly Lewis - "Peep Fight" (30.0%, 361 Votes)
3. Crabbydad - "Machine" (28.0%, 333 Votes)
4. *Mike Lombardo - "Sandwich Girl (Lunchtime Lovestory)" (22.0%, 270 Votes)
5. *Edric Haleen - "Extreme Mad-Libs (Song Fu Edition)" (18.0%, 221 Votes)
6. Jeff MacDougall - "Free Love" (13.0%, 159 Votes)
7. Joe "Covenant" Lamb - "I Wish I Could Tell You I Love You" (12.0%, 143 Votes)

The Round 3 Challenge has been revealed as well:
"For your third challenge, you have to write a song with the title “It All Makes Sense At The End”. You can interpret what song would be given that title in any way you see fit. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds."
This doesn't sound as cool as the challenges in Round 1 or 2, but we'll see what these songwriters come up with.

In case anyone has forgot...

Another thing I'd like to mention before I get to the features is that I was in the very 1st brentalfloss Hall Of Awesome. Not only that, but I just missed top billing. I think I can speak for everyone here at Spintown when I say screw angryrobotwear.com CLICK HERE FOR Hall Of Awesome

I don't actually read very many blogs, but there's a few I almost always read. One such blog is the Jonathan Coulton blog. He made some keen observations about the future of the music industry in a recent post I suggest you take a look at. CLICK HERE FOR Payday

I'll finish the news with a few words of wisdom, then you can get to the videos.
"This is the thing about the new landscape that drives everyone crazy: you can’t see inside the cow; you can only build one, feed it music, and wait for it to poop." - JOCO

Pain For Laughs 21
If you didn't know how flexible my 'deadlines' could be you should now. The video is very late, but hopefully you like it. This might be the first ownage montage that has ever had 2 original songs written just to be used in it. I stuck with a rollerblades & skateboard theme throughout the video. If you would like to write an original song for my next "Pain For Laughs" video, just get in touch with me via Twitter or YouTube. The video has been uploaded to multiple sites already, so if the embed stops working for whatever reason, just check out one of the links below it.

Metacafe Putfile Veoh MySpace

Phatdippin' Rap
This is probably my favorite YouTube video since "Internet People". Rhett & Link rock....or in this case rap.

Flight Attendant Rap
I don't think I'd ever forget a flight that this guy worked on.

Put It On A Hook
A rap video featuring Mario, Link & Megaman.

Numa Numa Guy with Gecko
Gary Brolsma has honestly been a 1 hit wonder up until this video. He had a couple follow ups to Numa Numa that weren't bad, but this is the first one that really made me laugh.

No Nano?
There's some backstory behind this video, which can be cleared up by watching THIS 'sxephil' video.

Tom Cruise Crazy
YouTuber 'spiffworld' made another cool video for a JOCO song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. If you can't play the drums, always wanted to learn, but were too lazy...this link is for you. CLICK HERE FOR iDrum

2. Robots & Rap don't go together as well as strippers & poles, but that doesn't mean that it's not a match made in heaven. CLICK HERE FOR Robot Party

3. I'd love to get this kid Keenan in my next dance montage. CLICK HERE FOR WGN Morning News

4. This is a fantastic video on the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Bronman. CLICK HERE FOR Did You Know?

5. I used to be a very active member of a messageboard called "Fanhost". I still drop in once in awhile to get my Jennifer Love Hewitt fixes. This video was made by a poster in the JLH forum. It's not great, but since I'm a huge JLH fan I'd post almost anything involving her. CLICK HERE FOR JLH Tribute

6. I've linked to a number of Fabrizio videos, since I love accordion music. When I saw this accordion duet I can't remember for sure, but I might have squeeled with joy. Don't tell anyone. CLICK HERE FOR Fabrizio Duet

7. I love it when YouTubers collab with fans, so of course I had to post this Hank Green video. CLICK HERE FOR Scuzzy Kizoozle Curl, The Homicidal Squirrel

8. Just because I was absent, I hope you didn't miss "Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt". CLICK HERE FOR Weird Symbols In Music

9. Brandon Hardesty got a role in a movie. To make sure everyone he knows sees that movie, he decided to promote it with a rap video. CLICK HERE FOR Bart Got A Room In Theaters! (Rap)

10. Here's a great new song from Jeff MacDougall. CLICK HERE FOR Nerdy Cougar

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love Is...

Spintown News:
I've been working on school stuff most of the day, but I should be able to add credits & title to 'Pain For Laughs' Tuesday night still. So fingers crossed for a Wednesday upload still, you know how bad I am with these self set deadlines.

Love Is...
Bo Burnham has a new CD out, and to celebrate he uploaded a new video.

Danny Boy
Muppets make anything better, it's like a law or something.

How To Use The Stairs
Our tax dollars hard at work. Los Alamos National Lab put together this video on how to use the stairs. After watching this video, who can honestly say that a bigger government is a better one?

YouTubers 'tsud123' & 'YunFengFu' do a TLC cover.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Leprechaun In The Hood was terrible, except for this one short clip. CLICK HERE FOR Leprechaun Rap

2. Jonathan Coulton wrote a new original song! YIPPY! CLICK HERE FOR Blue Sunny Day

3. Peter Coffin made a new music video for Saint Patrick's Day. CLICK HERE FOR Leprechaun!

4. I haven't seen Twilight, nor do I plan on seeing it. Here's a parody video for those of you into it. CLICK HERE FOR Twilight ~The Music Video

5. YouTuber 'gary42484' attempts a Michael Jackson cover. CLICK HERE FOR Human Nature

6. I laughed at this little diddy. No video, just audio on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Do Something Funny For Money

7. 16 year old Lauren Garrett dances a beautiful routine choreographed by Calen Kurka. CLICK HERE FOR Swans

Monday, March 16, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Spintown News:
I know 'Pain For Laughs 21' was supposed to be posted today. I did finish the video, but haven't added the opening sequence or credits yet. I've got work & a school project to work on today, so I won't have time to finish it until Tuesday evening. So it looks like a Wednesday upload now. Sorry, if I hadn't taken an hour to watch Breaking Bad tonight I might have been able to finish. It's still coming...an soon...

That's not the only bad news for today. If you're a Rat Pack fan you'll be sad to hear that the widow of Sammy Davis Jr. passed away yesterday. CLICK HERE for more details. My best wishes go out to her family & friends.

Made some banners & stuff the other day for the blog. Here's one, and I posted one on the right side of the blog yesterday.

Short BOTR today, cause I stayed up too late editing PFL21.

Let Them Eat Cake
Nataly Dawn has the sexiest voice ever.

Lion Sleeps Tonight
Two Blokes, Two Ukes do a nice ukulele cover.

John Daker Sings On American Idol
This is one of my favorite remixes of a classic meme.

Michael Jackson THIS IS IT Concert
I know the guy is a nut case who has probably done some very sick terrible things. That still doesn't stop me from getting excited about a live show. The guy sings & dances like no other.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's a new Brittney Spears remix. CLICK HERE FOR My Pussy Is Hanging Out

2. Before you even ask, I don't know why he's dancing like that. CLICK HERE FOR Zebra Dancing Part II

3. Here's a solo contemporary routine choreographed by Billy Larson, and performed by Teddy Tedholm. CLICK HERE FOR All Dressed Up

Sunday, March 15, 2009

BuynHold Rhapsody

Came across this on Twitter. I knew there was a reason I spent so much time on Twitter.

Marriott Cock Squat (Dragon*Con edition)
If you're into furries, comics, and dressing up...this was probably made for you.

Robert Muraine On Superstars Of Dance
Robert performing the 2nd solo for the USA on Superstars Of Dance Season 1.

Father & Friend
This is a moving song by Alain Clark. I know it's not new, and I've seen it before as well. I happened across it again today, and it made me tear up a little so I'm featuring it.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Tommy Knox does a medley of 12 different popular songs. CLICK HERE FOR The Super Medley

2. Well here's Steve Wozniak on Dancing With The Stars. Lets hope he gets the nerd vote in mass. CLICK HERE FOR Dance 1

3. I loved this Röyksopp music video. CLICK HERE FOR Happy Up Here

4. Here's a Star Trek remix for all you trekkies out there. CLICK HERE FOR Classical Concerto

5. Maybe this video will help you more then me. I still can't do any of it. CLICK HERE FOR Dance Lesson

6. It's Time For Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt...Ribeiro. CLICK HERE FOR Double Stops

7. Here's an 'I Get Money' spoof. CLICK HERE FOR I Sneeze Money

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Twitter Song (Do the Twitter Dance)

Cool song & silly dance by Chris Thompson.

Krumpty Dumpty
This is a funny parody movie trailer.

Reggie Watts
Here's another cool live preformance on POPTUB.

Something To Believe
I really liked the last David Choi video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Looks like they're now letting the public dance with the dancing inmates. I wonder if they had to pay to do that? CLICK HERE FOR Just Can't Get Enough

2. Here's the most recent song from Hank Green. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Not Edward Cullen: A Song

3. Here's a little from YouTuber 'ArshaAsteraki'. CLICK HERE FOR Micah B. Rap Contest

4. As long as I still get videogame music...it's cool with me. CLICK HERE FOR Screwattack Gets Flossed

5. YouTuber 'TiffanyJoAllen' does a Jason Mraz cover. CLICK HERE FOR The Remedy ( I Won't Worry)

6. I can juggle a few balls with 2 or 1 hand, even bounce them off walls & such, but this looks cooler. CLICK HERE FOR Contact Juggling

7. 12 year old Megan Wagner can really dance. CLICK HERE FOR God's Creatures

Friday, March 13, 2009

White Wedding: Literal Video Version

This trumps anything Billy Idol ever did when he was famous.

Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute
ParryGripp is at it again.

"My Pussy is Hangin' Out" Song
Petter Coffin didn't waste any time in making fun of Britney.

Like A Prayer
I think YouTuber 'gary42484' is going to supply Spintown with a lot of laughs in the future. I subscribed after watching this video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. 3 guys, 6 keyboards & a lot of cool. CLICK HERE FOR 80s Synth Medley

2. Frankly I like Mario music a lot better, but a Zelda tune once in awhile is alright. CLICK HERE FOR Wind Waker Unplugged

3. AJ Rafael sings a Gabe Bondoc cover. CLICK HERE FOR Gentlemen Don't

4. This link proves that the NES was the golden age of gaming & music. CLICK HERE FOR 8-Bit Rap Goodness

5. This is the coolest link I've found this year. CLICK HERE FOR iDaft

6. 17 year old Alicia Clifton dances like an angel. CLICK HERE FOR Siren

7. It seems like this guy gets on Jap TV all the time. CLICK HERE FOR Zack Kim

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nicklas The Nerd

Spintown News:
I wrote most of this blog in advance about a month ago, just in case I needed something quick. I'm currently slammed with work, so this will have to do for today. All the videos are dance related, and the BOTR is mostly lyrical routines.

I don't really like the show America's Got Talent, but once in awhile they do have a good act. It seems like the rest of the world has more talent though, since I usually find more videos I like from other countries. Today I've got 3 videos for a dancer called 'Nicklas The Nerd', and a second video of the robot dancers I linked to awhile back.

Nicklas The Nerd #1

Nicklas The Nerd #2

Nicklas The Nerd #3

Robot Dancers #2

Best Of The Rest:

1. 15 year old Kaitlynn Edgar doing a solo lyrical routine. CLICK HERE FOR Captivated

2. Mandy Moore, Kara Anderson, and Joe Meyer choreographed a great group routine. CLICK HERE FOR Images

3. This is a good lyrical routine by 11 year old Shaye Gunter. CLICK HERE FOR Fly

4. This group lyrical routine was choreographed by Jeff Boss & Jamie Wardrop. CLICK HERE FOR River

5. Props for the choreo by Glen Meynardie. CLICK HERE FOR Changed

6. For a 13 year old Hayden Stark owns this lyrical solo. CLICK HERE FOR Boston

7. Somebody apparently forgot the tripod. If you can over look the terrible camera work this is a solid routine. CLICK HERE FOR Blue Skies

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

YouTube Doubler Guitar Battle

Guitar: Double Battle (video 1 & 2)
Pause the video on the right before you do anything else. Michael Buckley will walk you through what to do. YouTube Doubler is a great tool that I wish more YouTubers would take advantage of.

YouTube Doubler

Kutiman Mixes YouTube
This guy makes sweet music with the music of others.

32 Songs In 8 Minutes
A medley of 32 popular songs on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Make Me
This is a really pretty original song by Kina Grannis.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's a great mashup by YouTuber 'FAROFF'. CLICK HERE FOR The Beatles vs LCD Soundsystem vs The Kinks

2. I wonder if brentalfloss has seen this video yet? CLICK HERE FOR Mega Man 9 Rock Medley

3. Really old people listening to, and reviewing rap. CLICK HERE FOR Breakfast At Sulimays EP: 16

4. I like to sing in the car, but this guy is nuts. CLICK HERE FOR Crazy Driver On Highway

5. Jake & Amir interview The Lonely Island, and Amir happens to challenge them to a rap battle. CLICK HERE FOR MC Amir

6. It's that other time of the year in which midgets can earn a decent living by dressing up in silly outfits. CLICK HERE FOR Riverdancin' Leprechaun

7. The latest cover song from Mia Rose. CLICK HERE FOR Mamma Mia!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Breakfast Song

What would we do without public television?

YouTuber 'daniellesmagic' does an entertaining cover of TLC. The Left Eye solo is by far the best part.

Wipe Out!
Why haven't I heard of Spring Street Ruckus before now?

Bears Don't Dig On Dancing
No more Tim Minchin after today. Well at least for a little while, I think I've posted everything of his online at this point.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Any regulars here will know I go through fads once in awhile. Mario Brothers music, classical dance, lip dubs, etc... Currently I've been gettin' my fill of Boogie Woogie on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Cow Cow Blues This guy is great, I might see if he'll participate in a couple YouTube projects I have in mind.

2. My second favorite instrument that I never learned to play has to be the accordion. YouTuber 'lichiarenz' sent me a link to his most recent video yesterday. CLICK HERE FOR Musetta

3. Ana Free covers David Archuleta. CLICK HERE FOR A Little Too Not Over You

4. This is a mattress promotion rap, produced for a family furniture business, set to O.P.P. Can you tell that it was made in the 80's? CLICK HERE FOR Furniture Rap

5. Bob Thompson (AKA drinkingwithbob) parodied Chris Brown recently. CLICK HERE FOR Beat You

6. Bailey Krouse, Bridget Krouse & Julia Terstriep preform a great dance routine. CLICK HERE FOR Lyrical Jazz Trio

7. One last Tim Minchin song. CLICK HERE FOR If You Really Loved Me

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pain For Laughs 21 (Preview)

Spintown News:
The first featured video is just a preview of the next Pain For Laughs video. You'll hear the new opening theme, and a small part of the original song created by rehdogg just for my video. If anyone is interested in making an animated opening for the series let me know. This is just a preview of the new original music basically, the final video will be posted next Sunday or Monday.

Pain For Laughs 21 (Preview)
Remember I need an animated opening if anyone is interested. You'll be credited whenever it's used.

3-2= FU 2
I'd love to see rehdogg vs Denny Blaze in a YouTube rap battle.

Alone In The Universe
Jon Lajoie is funny 99% of the time, and this isn't the 1% he's not.

I Want Asians
Remember the guy that sang about Rick Moranis? Well apparently he sings about Asian chicks as well.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I've been hooked on Tim Minchin lately as you've probably noticed. CLICK HERE FOR Some People Have It Worse Then Me

2. This is a pretty good song from Ernie & The Automatics. CLICK HERE FOR The Good Times (Never Last)

3. One of my favorite YouTubers decided to start a new channel & change her name to something people could actually say. Here's the first video uploaded to 'DxDutch'. CLICK HERE FOR Wanna Be With You

4. Dustin McLean & Adena Atkins sing a song about the frustration of being a Siamese Twin. CLICK HERE FOR Attached To You

5. If you didn't watch Rob Martino in the latest episode of YouTrax, here's the original upload of the song he performed. CLICK HERE FOR One Cloud

6. This is a pretty good routine, but they could be hitting it harder. CLICK HERE FOR Micah Cox & Svetlana Iskhakov

7. This is for 'MoranisLover' on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Chinese Girl Tap Dance

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Rise Of The Phoenix

I hope Joaquin Phoenix really does attempt a career as a rapper if this is the type of material that would come as a result.

The Nano Song
Music & science make a good team.

I Kissed A Boy
This is a really funny 'I Kissed A Girl' parody.

Talent Show Dance
At Virginia Tech a few guys did a great job in a recent talent show.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Tim Minchin knows how to start a show, so I figured he's good enough to start today's BOTR. CLICK HERE FOR Hello

2. POPTUB had another live perfomance, this time from Rocco Deluca. CLICK HERE FOR I Trust You To Kill Me

3. Juan Ruiz from Australia and Camille Yanantuono doing a performance that he made up in 5 minutes. CLICK HERE FOR Bachata Moderna

3. Marty says: YOU'RE not using "YOUR" correctly. CLICK HERE FOR Your Or You're

5. Quiznos knows how to take advantage of an internet meme. CLICK HERE FOR Quiznos Rats

6. A CalTech grad student named Virgil Griffith has conducted an interesting (albeit somewhat unscientific) study relating music preferences with SAT scores.CLICK HERE FOR Music That Makes You Dumb?

7. Best music videos of the 1960s. CLICK HERE FOR Sergio's White Hot Top 5

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Joel Cathey & Destiny McGuire sing a great original song together.

I Miss Moranis
You know what, I'd like to see Rick do something in film again as well. He's very under rated.

Grade Three
Just one of the reasons David Choi rocks: he gets his fans involved with his music.

Boyfriend With Health Benefits
Here's a great music video from runawaybox. It's a funny song with a really hot chick...can't go wrong by watching it.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's an original song from YouTuber 'JawKneeYeah'. CLICK HERE FOR Jeff & Jenn

2. I don't feature many compilation videos unless they're my own, but this one rocks. CLICK HERE FOR Patrick Duffy

4. It's time for 'Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt'. CLICK HERE FOR A & E Chords Explained

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ninjas Helping Pirates

Spintown News:
I hope I passed my mid term today, I think I got around a B-. After that I did get some bad news. Apparently I have to do about 20 hours worth of field work for one of my current classes. You would think that's something they would disclose before you sign up for the class or at least on day 1. 20 hours of working in schools isn't a big deal, but considering I'm already a licensed teacher it's pretty redundant. I mean been there done that, waste of my time & money.

Ninjas Helping Pirates
Ask A Ninja is always funny.

Dave Ryder wrote a cool Twitter song.

Mickey Dance
Mickey Mouse is da bomb. Don't ever challenge this mouse to a dance battle, because believe it or not you'll be the one that looks silly in the end.

YouTrax.tv Show 11
AJ Rafael & Rob Martino are featured in this latest episode. And even though AJ wouldn't cover 'Paper Moon' as I repeatedly requested, we still like him.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I linked to Tim Minchin yesterday for the first time, I couldn't wait to do it again. CLICK HERE FOR If I Didn't Have You

2. The Chemical Wartet perform one of my favorite songs. CLICK HERE FOR Goodnight Sweetheart

3. Frostie can dance, even if he is just a bird. CLICK HERE FOR Famous Shake Your Tail Feather

4. Here's some more dancing basketball fans. CLICK HERE FOR Net Fans

5. Mr. Pitiful Band just uploaded a new song. CLICK HERE FOR Figure It Out

6. Here's an old Nickelback spoof that's still funny. CLICK HERE FOR Popstar

7. Here's the latest cover from Kris Mark. CLICK HERE FOR Beauty Of Who You Are

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Imagine (i-phone version)

Spintown News:
OK, I'm running a little behind on the next Pain For Laughs video. Only about half way done, nevertheless I will have something to post this weekend. You may have to wait until the following weekend for the full video though.

YouTuber 'EachProduction' does a nice Lennon cover with his iPhone.

Piano Tuner Boogie
Who doesn't love a little Boogie Woogie?

Haha...one of the most entertaining covers I've seen in 2009.

I Will Be
YouTuber 'bexboop878' sings a purdy cover.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Nick Pitera recently did a Leona Lewis cover as well. CLICK HERE FOR I Will Be

2. Here's the most recent cover from Alyssa Bernal. CLICK HERE FOR The Show!

3. Pop Waffle helps the economy one Jonas Brothers 3D ticket at a time. CLICK HERE FOR Music & Crafts

4. I'm really looking forward to 'Breaking Bad' season 2. CLICK HERE FOR Twaughthammer

5. Ok, I know the last time I told you it was a stripper pole video it ended up being a Rick Roll. But this time I mean it, hot stripper pole action ahead...maybe. :D CLICK HERE FOR Pole Dance

6. Tim Minchin might be my new favorite comedian. CLICK HERE FOR Inflatable You

7. the WANDAS did a cool lip dub video for one of their music videos. CLICK HERE FOR Thank You Note

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leslie Hall

Craft Talk
Leslie Hall is back with a new music video. I love me some gem sweaters...

Hollywood A-S-S-T
Why is it so entertaining to watch white nerdy guys rap?

High School Musical
I liked the first movie, but this guys dance moves are more entertaining then both sequels put together.

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom
Another fun filled ParryGripp song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. One of AJ Rafael's fans made a really quick video for one of his songs. CLICK HERE FOR She Was Mine

2. This would have been a great addition to my first 'Internet Dance' video. Might have to use it in the future. CLICK HERE FOR Grandma's Heavy Metal

3. These rabbits really get into their music. CLICK HERE FOR Headbang Bunnys

4. James Czeiner can fiddle. CLICK HERE FOR Cool Violin Video

5. At first you'll wonder why I linked to this, but just wait for it. CLICK HERE FOR Jake & Amir

6. Here's a James Jones original song. I love his voice. CLICK HERE FOR White Knight

7. Here's a great lyrical dance solo by a 15 year old. CLICK HERE FOR Wild Horses

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Song Fu 3: Round 2 Picks

Spintown News:
Today you guys get my top picks for Round 2 of Song Fu 3. My #1 song is featured today, and the rest are in the BOTR. It was clear that most writers struggled a bit with the challenge of only using 10 words. There was a lot of very creative problem solving this round, even if most of the songs weren't that great. CLICK HERE to download all the songs from Round 2, and vote on your favorites.

I Know
My favorite song from Round 2 of Song Fu 3 is Hank Green's entry. Luck for us he also made a little video for us.

Unconventional Dance Moves 2
Brandon Hardesty AKA ArtieTSMITW teamed up with Edbassmaster for a sequel of an old video. I've got to try a few of those moves.

ShamWow Song
Leave it to RhettandLink to make this annoying TV ad entertaining.

Sherman With A Balloon
ParryGripp writes the best 1 minute diddys...

Best Of The Rest:

1. Edric Haleen Extreme Mad-Libs

2. Insane Ian Consortium Of Comprehension

3. Mick Bordet What Is Wrong

4. Mike Lombardo Sandwich Girl (Lunchtime Lovestory)

5. Jeff MacDougall Free Love

6. Audiomohel Greasy Bacon

7. Jeff Fardink I Forgot The Words Blues

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spintown Features: ArshaAsteraki

Spintown News:
Before you get to the videos I've got some sad news. I saw on Yahoo that broadcasting pioneer Paul Harvey died at the age of 90. I listened to him on the radio for about 25 years, and he was a great American. Click here for 'The Rest of the Story'.

It's been awhile since I featured just 1 person, so today I'm featuring YouTuber 'ArshaAsteraki'. I've seen a couple of his videos before, and probably posted 1 or 2 here in the past. But I recently subscribed to his channel, and decided to feature 4 of his best videos. Oh, and I threw another of his videos in the BOTR section.

PS: My Song Fu picks for Round 2 will be posted Tuesday.

YouTube Celebrity Overnight!

I'm Persian Rap!

I'm A Gamer Rap!

BlogTV Rap!

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's one more video from our Persian rapper. CLICK HERE FOR Super Rap #3

2. It's time for another Literal Video. CLICK HERE FOR Birdhouse In Your Soul

3. If I go just 1 day without posting some hot chick shaking her butt, or someone on a stripper pole you people complain like the world is ending. Well here you go, now leave me alone. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Booty!

4. YouTuber 'jun626' gives us a rockin' guitar solo. CLICK HERE FOR Hotel California

5. This is a good original song from Juliet Weybret, but the guitar is too loud or her voice too soft in this video. CLICK HERE FOR Live

6. This is a great contemporary dance routine by a 10 year old. CLICK HERE FOR Contemporary Solo

7. There will never be a dance team like Fred & Ginger again. This was shot in 1 take from the film Roberta. CLICK HERE FOR Hard To Handle

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bits And Bobs

YouTuber 'cyriak' proves his videos will be just as strange in 2009.

44 Presidents
This is what kids need in school. I certainly would have paid more attention in history class.

Expiration Date
Here's the latest pomplamoose video song.

The Folk Prince Of Bel-Air
This isn't as funny as the gangsta version that went around a few weeks ago, but still worth a look.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Download ANY song for free...at least that's what the video claims. I haven't had the time to check into it. CLICK HERE FOR Free MP3 Downloader

2. Sungha Jung does a mean Michael Jackson cover on the guitar. CLICK HERE FOR Billie Jean

3. This is a strange series of commercials from Japan. CLICK HERE FOR Inochi

4. Mr Fantastic needs to make more dance videos, and work on his lighting. CLICK HERE FOR Popping Freestyle

5. I don't care for the Pet Shop Boys, but this promo video is cool. CLICK HERE FOR Love Etc.

6. See kids, dancing is evil. It only leads to bad things in any culture. CLICK HERE FOR Capoeira Fight

7. This chick can really dance, but unfortunately there's a lot of editing. 1 camera, 1 take, that's how dance should be shown. CLICK HERE FOR Nike Commercial