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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bits And Bobs

YouTuber 'cyriak' proves his videos will be just as strange in 2009.

44 Presidents
This is what kids need in school. I certainly would have paid more attention in history class.

Expiration Date
Here's the latest pomplamoose video song.

The Folk Prince Of Bel-Air
This isn't as funny as the gangsta version that went around a few weeks ago, but still worth a look.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Download ANY song for free...at least that's what the video claims. I haven't had the time to check into it. CLICK HERE FOR Free MP3 Downloader

2. Sungha Jung does a mean Michael Jackson cover on the guitar. CLICK HERE FOR Billie Jean

3. This is a strange series of commercials from Japan. CLICK HERE FOR Inochi

4. Mr Fantastic needs to make more dance videos, and work on his lighting. CLICK HERE FOR Popping Freestyle

5. I don't care for the Pet Shop Boys, but this promo video is cool. CLICK HERE FOR Love Etc.

6. See kids, dancing is evil. It only leads to bad things in any culture. CLICK HERE FOR Capoeira Fight

7. This chick can really dance, but unfortunately there's a lot of editing. 1 camera, 1 take, that's how dance should be shown. CLICK HERE FOR Nike Commercial

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