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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Rise Of The Phoenix

I hope Joaquin Phoenix really does attempt a career as a rapper if this is the type of material that would come as a result.

The Nano Song
Music & science make a good team.

I Kissed A Boy
This is a really funny 'I Kissed A Girl' parody.

Talent Show Dance
At Virginia Tech a few guys did a great job in a recent talent show.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Tim Minchin knows how to start a show, so I figured he's good enough to start today's BOTR. CLICK HERE FOR Hello

2. POPTUB had another live perfomance, this time from Rocco Deluca. CLICK HERE FOR I Trust You To Kill Me

3. Juan Ruiz from Australia and Camille Yanantuono doing a performance that he made up in 5 minutes. CLICK HERE FOR Bachata Moderna

3. Marty says: YOU'RE not using "YOUR" correctly. CLICK HERE FOR Your Or You're

5. Quiznos knows how to take advantage of an internet meme. CLICK HERE FOR Quiznos Rats

6. A CalTech grad student named Virgil Griffith has conducted an interesting (albeit somewhat unscientific) study relating music preferences with SAT scores.CLICK HERE FOR Music That Makes You Dumb?

7. Best music videos of the 1960s. CLICK HERE FOR Sergio's White Hot Top 5

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