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Friday, March 6, 2009

Ninjas Helping Pirates

Spintown News:
I hope I passed my mid term today, I think I got around a B-. After that I did get some bad news. Apparently I have to do about 20 hours worth of field work for one of my current classes. You would think that's something they would disclose before you sign up for the class or at least on day 1. 20 hours of working in schools isn't a big deal, but considering I'm already a licensed teacher it's pretty redundant. I mean been there done that, waste of my time & money.

Ninjas Helping Pirates
Ask A Ninja is always funny.

Dave Ryder wrote a cool Twitter song.

Mickey Dance
Mickey Mouse is da bomb. Don't ever challenge this mouse to a dance battle, because believe it or not you'll be the one that looks silly in the end.

YouTrax.tv Show 11
AJ Rafael & Rob Martino are featured in this latest episode. And even though AJ wouldn't cover 'Paper Moon' as I repeatedly requested, we still like him.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I linked to Tim Minchin yesterday for the first time, I couldn't wait to do it again. CLICK HERE FOR If I Didn't Have You

2. The Chemical Wartet perform one of my favorite songs. CLICK HERE FOR Goodnight Sweetheart

3. Frostie can dance, even if he is just a bird. CLICK HERE FOR Famous Shake Your Tail Feather

4. Here's some more dancing basketball fans. CLICK HERE FOR Net Fans

5. Mr. Pitiful Band just uploaded a new song. CLICK HERE FOR Figure It Out

6. Here's an old Nickelback spoof that's still funny. CLICK HERE FOR Popstar

7. Here's the latest cover from Kris Mark. CLICK HERE FOR Beauty Of Who You Are

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