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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Spintown News:
Happy Halloween everyone. Not everything is Halloween themed today, but I did find a few spooky videos for today. The "Best Of The Rest" section is all Halloween themed today. Enjoy, and don't eat too much candy.

Dan Talevski didn't just cover the Michael Jackson classic, he recreated the music video.

Headless Horseman
The PS22 Chorus sang the perfect Bing Crosby cover for tonight.

The Other Sister - Inappropriate Soundtrack
I actually liked this movie, but I don't remember laughing this hard at it.

The long awaited L.B. Rayne music video is finally here.

Come In
Matt Rach just made a video for one of his original songs.

Halloween Lights
This is an old viral video, but I like it, and it's the perfect time to revisit it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Beside Me (VideoSong)

Here's a kickars Freddegredde VideoSong, and you can download the MP3 free HERE.

Ventriloquist Choir
Whoever masterminded this idea is a genius.

Guitar Shopping
Jake & Amir probably won't be allowed back in this store.

Local Celebrity
The Average Homeboy Denny Blaze is trying to win a contest with this video. Spintown wishes him luck, I've always enjoyed his videos.

I'm Yours
I love this song, and I think Chester See did a fine job with it.

He's A Wise Guy
Joe Pesci should become a rock star.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 Girls 1 Gabe

Spintown News:
I had seen previews of the new TV show "The League", but I hadn't planned on watching it even though I'm into fantasy football. When I saw that Jon Lajoie was going to be in it, I changed my mind about watching.

If you don't watch "So You Think You Can Dance", you should. The season 6 competition just got started so it's not too late to start this season. I do have a complaint about this weeks show I want to get off my chest though. It's a joke that you put Russell Ferguson in the bottom 2 this week, but that's not my biggest complaint. After watching Ariana DeBose this week, I know she deserved to be in the bottom 2. But you have 1 female dancer who was injured, and couldn't dance. So why on earth send someone home who at least performed? It's a big flaw in your show to allow stuff like that to happen. If you don't dance, you shouldn't be allowed to move on to the next round. Noelle Marsh is a fine dancer, and I hate to see anyone lose because of an injury, but it isn't right to allow someone else to go home when she did NOTHING.

2 Girls 1 Gabe
This is something I threw together from an old project I did with Kim Tran & Sheila Pacariem. Gabe Bondoc uploaded half of a duet, and asked for fans to upload the other half as a video response. Well I looked through all the responses & decided to ask Kim & Sheila to record another video each. Only this time they did it without background noise or music so I could have them sing with Gabe on YouTube Doubler. (MORE INFO) If I had better software I could have done a much better job with this video. If the audio is a little wonky, it's because it's been converted a couple times, and of course YouTube isn't audio friendly.

The Return Of Gary Brolsma
The Numa Numa guy is now conducting marching bands?

Greatest Mascot Dance of All Time
I don't think the video lives up to it's title, but it's definately funny.

For Orchestra #15
This time Walt Ribeiro takes on the song "Kids" by MGMT.

YouTrax TV: Episode 27
I give YouTrax a hard time when I don't like the guest for the show. However I think I'm pretty fair about giving them props when they do get some talent on the show. This show features Holly Kirby, and it didn't take long for me to fall for her music.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pain For Laughs 22

Spintown News:
I finally finished PFL#22. I've got the music for PFL#23 already, but I need to finish another project first. Pretty soon you'll be seeing some exclusive interviews here at Spintown. When that's done, I'll finish PFL#23 before I do another series of interviews.

Pain For Laughs 22
A musical compilation of various painful web moments. This is the second video in the series to use all original music, that was made just for the use in this video. Please check out Reh Dogg on YouTube, it was really cool of him to write me a song. Especially since I put off making this video for so long, and missed various deadlines. JonesBerg was kind enough to do a cover of the "Pain For Laughs" theme at the beginning, so check them out to. This video has been featured on popular sites like Phun, Gorilla Mask & With Leather. You can find this video at other sites as well: YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace, Blip, Daily Motion, Live Video, Veoh, Viddler, Seven Load, College Humor & Vimeo.

Chap-Hop History
"The first installment of Chap-Hop superstar Mr.B the Gentleman Rhymer's 'Histories' series. The history of hip-hop. In five minutes. On the banjolele."

Terminator 2 Rap
Why watch the movie when you can get a lyrical breakdown like this?

Whatcha Say
If you're really talented, you don't need a band or back up singers. Just ask Jason Derulo.

Pulp Fiction Audio Mix
If you liked the movie "Pulp Fiction", you'll love this music video.

Alphacat just uploaded a parody of a Mario song featuring Lisa Lavie.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Song Fight Review: Who Needs Sleep

There's a batch of new songs posted over at Song Fight, and the winner of the last fight was announced. I picked Christopher Cogott as my favorite, but he came in 2nd place by just 1 vote. The winning team (Berkeley Social Scene) wrote a fine song, so congratulations on the victory. My picks for the current round are below.

The Ice Man

Jonathan Mann

Berkeley Social Scene


Not Too Bad: Paco del Stinko - Gooey Caramel Centaur

Monday, October 26, 2009

Benjamin Zander TED Lecture

Even if classical music isn't your thing, this is an interesting lecture.

Jazz Lesson
This is a Ben Dowden film combining various forms of hip hop dance footage with music and musings from Wynton Marsalis.

Too Late For Windows 7
Toby Turner apparently isn't all the hyped about Windows 7. This is a pretty good parody of the One Republic song "Apologize".

Hula Hoop Song
I can't figure out why this song is called the "Hula Hoop Song"?

When You Leave (Numa Numa)
I liked Gary's video, but I'll take hot chicks over a fat guy any day.

Early Bird
Here's another Shirley Temple clip from the 1936 movie "Captain January".

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Walk It Out (Dystonia Remix)

Yeah, I'm probably going to hell for this. Don't laugh, or you'll be going as well.

YouTube Song
This isn't a new song, I've actually posted it before. It does however have a new video to go along with it.

I Want You Back
Sasha Young just sent me a video for my new interview series. Here's a video she just uploaded yesterday.

Who Needs Sleep
Here's another Song-A-Day video from Jonathan Mann.

1 Cello, 4 Players
I once made a video titled "1 Triangle, 7 Players", but people just didn't seem to take to it.

Web Cam Dance x2
I'm not a big fan of the color red, but today it doesn't bother me for some reason.

James Rolfe Sings
Kyle Justin provides the music, as the Angry Videogame Nerd sings his own theme song.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Too Much Awesome YouTube Open Stage

Spintown News:
Over at "Too Much Awesome" Russ Rogers decided to hold a YouTube Open Stage for TMA members. So any TMA member could make a video, upload it (or have Russ upload it), and enter the open stage. There were some requirements such as: the video needed to be less than 4 minutes, and you had to follow the Open Stage theme (which was LOVE). Other then that you could have made a funny skit, wrote a song, or made any other love themed video. The first 4 features today are the entries from the first TMA Open Stage. If you don't know what TMA is, here's a summary from the site.

"Too Much Awesome is an online meeting place for 'New Model' artists and fans to connect. All of the artists here are involved with their fans on a continuous basis. What do we mean? TMA happenings include a forum, live chats with artists, a podcast every week with some awesome special guests, and the occasional freebie from one of our artists."
If you're interested in joining TMA, we would be glad to have you. You don't have to be an artist, the site is for fans as well. If you are a song writer or performer it's a great place to meet others with similar interest, and get advice.

Love Is Untrue
Bobby Matheson decided to make his very first VideoSong for the TMA Open Stage. He did a great job, you wouldn't have thought it was his first time.

She's A Communist
Russ is the man that got this ball rolling, so of course he entered a video. Extremely funny song.

Cambot's Lament
This was written by Inverse Clown, aka SAMMY KABLAM, over at TMA. Another funny idea for a song.

Cold Sunny Day
Ian "2 Shades" Johnson just created a new account on YouTube. So go over & subscribe soon, so you can say you were one of first people to discover him.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar (live)
Russ Rogers tweeted this today, so thank you Russ. It's Felicia Day, Paul & Storm, Molly Lewis, Jeff Lewis & Sandeep Parikh perfoming live at w00tstock on Oct. 21.

Come Sail Away
The PS22 Chorus recently uploaded a great Styx cover.

Notorious Tank Engine
The Notorious B.I.G. & Miley Cyrus mashup was better, but this Thomas The Tank Engine mashup is good as well.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I Like To Tinker

Liam Kyle Sullivan made me pee myself just a little with this music video.

I Cried At Where The Wild Things Are
"Where The Wild Things Are" inspired Peter Coffin to rap.

You Gotta Love This City
You gotta love this music video for being such an epic fail.

Lashes To Riches
This is Jonathan Mann's entry into the Lash Allure MD contest. I normally don't like the contest videos much, but this one was funny.

At The Codfish Ball
Slow day, so I'm throwing in a clip of a movie I watched yesterday. This is a great Shirley Temple number from the 1936 movie "Captain January". If you didn't recognize him, that's Buddy Ebsen (Jed from the "Beverly Hillbillies") dancing & singing with her.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mister Sandman

Pomplamoose just uploaded a new VideoSong featuring Ryan Lerman.

Ghostbusters Multi-Track
This song is so fun it would be hard to mess up. This guy made a great video for his entertaining cover.

MC Trebek Remix
Trebek could give Jay-Z a run for his money...who knew?

Balloon Boy: A Short Song
Hank Green decided to write a diddy about Falcon.

I Like Fat Girls
Saw this video after some YouTuber tried to "friend" me. I denied since I didn't know the person, but checked out this channel. Across From Marty...try again after a few more gems like this.

The Maria Bamford Show
Unfortunately I think this is the only musical episode, but hopefully she'll do more.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm In A Box

It didn't take long for this Balloon Boy parody to get posted.

Grocery Store Musical
I'd love to be in one of these ImprovEverywhere stunts.

That Will Be The Day
Mike Lombardo (co-founder of Too Much Awesome) recently uploaded a cool VideoSong.

Learn To Dance Like Michael Jackson
Corey Vidal is here to help us learn some Michael Jackson dance moves.

Lesson #2
Don't take lessons from stupid college kids.

Tom Milsom made a new video for this song because he recently re-recorded it for a new album.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Good Word 2: Missionary Rap

BaratsAndBereta may have a new logo, but it's the same funny.

Misty Mountain Hop
Virtual Zeppelin consists of bitwonk (keys), jamesnorthernva (vocals), BillyMegaWatt (bass), mg4150 (drums), vanderbilly (lead guitars) & jun626 (rhythm guitar).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Solo Duet

Sophie Merry (BandyToaster on YouTube) is the girl who created Groovy Dancing Girl. Looks like she's branching out, and trying new things with this new lip dub video.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

End Of The Road

Matt (ortoPilot) Hutchison covered a Boyz II Men song all by himself.

Planet Of Dinosaurs Theme
Here's the latest from RiffTrax on YouTube.

Crazy Crazy Insane
I liked this ApSci music video.

Cirque Dreams Illumination Promo
This is Robert "Mr. Fantastic" Muraine dancing at the El Paso Mall.

Mint Royale
The Tokyo Stormtrooper is dancing yet again.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Song Fight Review: Monkeys On My Back

The "Ring Them Bells" challenge over at Song Fight has been decided, and the winner was MC Milk-Plus. I really enjoyed his entry, and he deserves to win. I had it ranked as my 3rd favorite song below Berkeley Social Scene & Ross Durand, but all 3 of those entries where good. I've picked my favorite songs from the current round (Monkeys On My Back) below.

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

Christopher Cogott

Ross Durand

Berkeley Social Scene

Manhattan Glutton

Friday, October 16, 2009

Saving Private Ryan: Inappropriate Soundtrack

This is the best Inappropriate Soundtrack ever.

Hair Metal Fat Girls Song
Besides being funny, it's a good reminder that "80's fashion" is an oxymoron.

Love In The Club
This Rock-afire Explosion video was done by Chris Thrash.

Mikey Rocks
This is some pretty good choreo by Thina.

Child Soldier To Rapper
"Emmanuel Jal is no ordinary hip-hop star. Take a few seconds to listen to his rhymes and they tell an incredible story of hope, of escaping his fate as a child soldier in his home of war-torn Sudan and using music to spread peace."

Best Friend
It's been awhile since Abby Simons sat down and sang an original song for us.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Is She (First Love)

This is Kris Mark's first official music video. There's some bad acting, but otherwise it's great.

I Got This Love
This is a stop motion music video for a George Watsky song featuring Jeremy Manongdo.

A Better Man
Here's another song from Playing For Change, this time it features Keb' Mo'.

Amazing Horse
This is a really short animation that made me laugh.

Here's the latest music video from FattySpins.

Close To You
Kelly Rose just uploaded a cover of The Carpenters.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stylophone Beatbox

Brett Domino & Steven Peavis do a medley of classic hip hop songs.

Notorious Miley
This is a great mashup of Notorious B.I.G. & Miley Cyrus.

Jake, Amir & Julia
Julia Nunes makes an appearance in the latest Jake & Amir episode, in which Amir is showing off his musical skills.

Hardly Working: Stomp
Here's a funny spoof of the musical "Stomp Out Loud".

Rhett & Link make an appearance in the newest Billy Reid video.

The Sound Of Spanking
Smut Cave Episode 24 was just featured on Attack Of The Show, and it's a little disturbing.

Talking Piano
I've heard of the kind that play by themselves, but not the kind that talks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Is It

Spintown News:
The big news since I last posted is that Michael Jackson's song "This Is It" was released online. CLICK HERE to give it a listen. I'll admit that I teared up a little as I listened.

YouTube was buggy all day for me, so I didn't find much to blog about. My channel might be a little buggy because I just switched it over to the new format. So I don't know how long my channel will be buggy. I'm including some of my favorite musical moments from TV & film since I'm short on the normal content today. I would like to mention that the "Best Of The Rest" section is extremely good today.

This Is It
There will probably be a lot of "This Is It" covers to come out during the next month or 2. This is the first one I found, and ScribbleTunes does a nice job.

Make 'em Laugh
"In this Gene Kelly TV Special, Donald O'Connor performs a version of his famous "Make 'em Laugh" dance number from 1952's "Singin' In The Rain". The only thing is, it's a different song! (This time called, "Smile, Darn You, Smile"). Also featured is Hal Smith (later "Otis the drunk" from The Andy Griffith Show). First broadcast October 16, 1960."

Lullaby (Rock-a-bye baby)
This is classic Virginia O'Brien from the Marx Brothers movie "The Big Store". She was famous for keeping that blank frozen face while the most incredible sounding voice belted out. Miss Frozen Face could melt my heart anytime she wanted.

Monday, October 12, 2009

On The Ground

Spintown News:
I was recently supposed to interview Peter Oakley (better known as geriatric1927) for this blog. He agreed to the interview, and everything was set. When I e-mailed him the questions though, he sent back a response saying the questions were too controversial. I didn't really ask anything controversial, and kept it very clean because I figured he's not the typical YouTuber. I'm guessing he visited the blog, and found stuff here that he thought was controversial. He's probably not into the booty shakin'. :p I just wanted to clear this up since I already mentioned I'd be interviewing him. I thought he would be a good guest since he's one of the first major YouTube celebs, and he's part of The Zimmers. I've got no hard feelings toward him. He's a good guy, and I wouldn't want him to do anything he's not comfortable with.

This did throw me for a little bit of a loop though. At this point it looks like Sasha Young (better known as kyaaakya) will be my first guest now. It might end up being someone else, because I've got a few people that have agreed to be interviewed. It'll depend on who gets what to me first, when the Title Screen for the video gets finished, and a couple other things. The interview series is still going to happen, despite the minor set back. There's plenty of people from TMA I'll get to eventually as well. For the most part the interviews will be short, and not taken very seriously.

On The Ground
Sunday is almost always the worst day for finding videos. That's why I typically post the leftovers I didn't have room for Tuesday-Sunday on Monday. Here's Andy Samberg in one of his latest SNL Digital Shorts, featuring Ryan Reynolds & Elijah Wood.

I Threw It On The Ground
Toby Turner did a parody of the above Andy Samberg video, and it features the Mystery Guitar Man.

Annoying Instrument Orchestra
"Several years ago NPR broadcast a segment polling people about which musical instruments they thought were the most annoying. Among the instruments highest on the list were bagpipes, accordion and banjo, and others included were drum, fiddle and whistle." Yoshimi Masuo happened to know people who played a lot of those instruments, and she happened to like the music. So the Annoying Instrument Orchestra was born.

Electric Cowboy
This is one of those music videos that's so bad, it's almost good. Venus Jetsetter is a heck of a name as well.

Gatsby Trooper
Looks like the Tokyo Stormtrooper has been working on his moves.

Amazing Booty
It's a booty....and it's amazing....do I really need to say anything else?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Roll Your Dice

Spintown News:
Michael Buckley from "What The Buck" on YouTube recently started promoting YouTubers who he thinks should have more subscribers. The first week he did this SARA PARSONS was featured in his video. Sara happens to be a member of Too Much Awesome (link in sidebar). The second week he did this Mike Lombardo was featured in his video. Mike happens to be a founder of TMA. So hopefully all you TMA members will send in a submission to be featured on "What The Buck", and maybe TMA can get a member featured for 3 weeks in a row. Getting featured will get you a couple thousand new subscribers, so it's not like you won't get anything in return if you're selected. Details on how to submit a video can be found in the video descriptions of the videos I just linked to.

If you're not a TMA member you should consider signing up. Not only can you keep up to date with cool musicians, but you can actually chat with them. There's also a TMA podcast, messageboard and I'm hoping a TMA YouTube channel in the future. Mike Lombardo will be performing an online only concert this Thursday, October 15th at 9:00 PM US EST. You can watch it at UStream.

Roll Your Dice
Tay Zonday uploaded a new music video.

Love Is A Battlefield: Literal Video Version
This isn't one of favorite Literal Video's, but it's still funny.

This Pole Dancer Is Amazing
Except she may want to work on the dismount a little more.

Piano Stairs
This is a cool experiment, but if they really wanted to make more people take the stairs, they would just make the escalator go extremely slow.

Kid Shreds On Accordion
It doesn't matter how good you get kid, the chicks will never dig accordion.

Tick Toc
YouTuber 'brittanyleeann04' is jamming with her band Six Volt.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Truth About Toad

Spintown News:
If you want Len Peralta to turn you into a cartoon, then you should check out FlipFace. I recently did, and love mine. CLICK HERE to get your own.

The Truth About Toad
For the latest WITH LYRICS video, brentalfloss took on a Mario Brothers 2 theme.

Pop Waffle Music Video
Erika Brooks Adickman collabed with David Seger to make this cool music video.

Know Your Meme: Where The Hell Is Matt
One of my favorite internet dancers gets the Know Your Meme treatment.

Felix Cane
This girl from the California Pole Dance Championship is amazing.

Roy G Biv
I really like the fact that They Might Be Giants is doing all these edutainment music videos.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Franz Tranz

Spintown News:
Russ Rogers from (Too Much Awesome) is starting a "YouTube Open Stage" for TMA members. Some details are below, but for more details CLICK HERE.

"Open to any TMA Members. Videos should be no more than 4 minutes long. Artists can only submit ONE video per open stage, but you are allowed to collab and appear in other people's videos if you want. Videos need to be new, recorded between now and the due date, Midnight October 18, 2009. This first open stage will have a theme of "LOVE"! You can use an old song, new song or even a cover song, but the video needs to not have been posted before. You can even do a skit, dance, sketch or animation. This is an OPEN Stage! Include "TMA" or "TMA OpenStage" in the title of your video."

Franz Tranz
The latest FAROFF mashup features: Franz Ferdinand vs Stealers Wheel vs Nirvana vs Michael Jackson vs Def Cut. You can get a free MP3 of the track HERE.

Juggle & Beatbox
This is David Poznanter featuring Danny Cavero auditioning for "American's Got Talent".

The Freshman 15
This is a parody of the only Verve Pipe song I can ever remember hearing. I can definately relate to this parody though.

Men And Women
Bo Burnham sings a new song at a College Humor Live show.

Walk My Way
Brett Randell recently sent me a message wanting me to check out his videos. I'm glad I took the time to watch a few. Here's Brett performing with Veronika Jokel, and it's a song he wrote with Danielle Ingerman.

Has Gonads
It seems like Peter Coffin has a new parody music video coming out at least every other week. This one is a Lady GaGa parody of "Bad Romance".

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Golden Age Of Video

This is a great mashup by Ricardo Autobahn using various moments in film.

Get Out Of My Head
Here's the latest Miley Cyrus inspired song from Dave Days.

Nerdfighteria Island
Hank Green sings a song written by Alan Lastufka & Monica of 'shortsisters756'. Tom Milsom also lends Hank a hand in performing the song.

Day O
moymoypalaboy took on a Harry Belafonte song for their latest lip sync.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nintendo Jazz Odyssey

If I had extra money to throw around I'd gladly have Scott Bradlee & Ben Golder-Novick come over while I play some retro videogames.

Wear A Headband
Not sure about this band name, "Floppy Hair Oh Yeah!". Strange song as well.

The Ultimate Fighter Theme
I'm a fan of "The Ultimate Fighter", so I decided to post this version done by Matt Hutchison.

You're Gonna Miss Me
I've never wanted to master something so completely stupid, useless & cool before in my life. Now I must go practice...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sexy Chick

This music video was made by "The Station" on YouTube. Besides a lot of people normally on "The Station" it also features iJustine, HotForWords, LisaLavie, TimothyDeLaGhetto & alphacat. CLICK HERE for an alternate cut of this Akon parody.

WTF Collective
Jon Lajoie decided to take on multiple roles in his latest rap video.

You'll Look Like Poo
The Venetian Princess took on a Miley Cyrus song for her latest parody.

Red Flags
Dan Rodriguez featured Spricket24 in his new music video.

Throw Me Away
Sara Parsons (TMA member) recently got a lot of new subscribers thanks to Michael Buckley. Lucky for us this prompted her to sing a song she wrote for Song Fu.

Apparently there were some odd music videos made the year I was born...1979.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Subway Break Dancers

Walt Ribeiro had an entertaining trip on the subway a couple days ago.

Reckneck Music Video
This is what happens when Rednecks discover YouTube. This music video was made for davidsfarm

You don't come across a lot of ukulele & stylophone covers these days...

It was a slow day on the Super-Inter-Webs, but I don't need a reason to post a good booty video.

It's Only Money
As I mentioned it's been a slow day, so here's a couple classic musical moments from TV & film. This first video is from a movie I watched yesterday called "Double Dynamite" 1951. I wanted to share a song from the film called "Kisses And Tears" sung by Frank Sinatra & Jane Russell, but I couldn't find that video. So you get Frank Sinatra & Groucho Marx instead.

Sit Down Dance Medley
Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor decide to take it easy & relax a bit during this dance number from a Gene Kelly TV special back in 1960.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

OZ Yourself

Spintown News:
Just so you know, I won't be doing anymore "2x2" features for awhile. I'm going to be doing a feature called "Songs Of The Day" in it's place. Sometimes there may be 1 song, sometimes there may be 10 songs in this feature. I'm trying this out to share new music quicker. In the past if I had 2 original songs to share, I would wait until I had 2 more to go along with them before posting them. I'd rather start getting the videos out when I first find them. In the past I've kept the covers & original songs separated, but they will now be thrown together. Each song/video will still be labeled an original or cover, with the name of the artist being covered.

Now for a personal note. Things have not been going well with me (in terms of cash flow), and I just got a virus on my laptop. I've got another computer to use, but it's not mine. So if you notice I don't blog for a day or 2, it's probably because I didn't get the chance to do the research. I can't really afford to get my computer fixed, and don't expect to be able to for awhile. I've got some information I really need to recover so I can finish a few videos I had in the works, but I can't even promise that. I'll do what I can, but I don't know how much that'll be.

OZ Yourself
This has been going around for weeks, but I'm just now getting to it. Anyways, the video below is me as the Scarecrow from "The Wizard Of Oz". You can put yourself in the video by following THIS link.

McDonald's Commercial Theme
McDonald's should be playing this as a commercial all the time.

One Man Band
This is the best 1 man band I've seen in awhile.

A Whole New World
YouTuber 'impeto' does a nice piano cover of a Disney classic.

Brittney Lane Don't Care
I thought this was a cool music video from "Meeting Of Important People".

The Daylight Here
Nataly Dawn does a nice little collab with Lauren O'Connell