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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Too Much Awesome YouTube Open Stage

Spintown News:
Over at "Too Much Awesome" Russ Rogers decided to hold a YouTube Open Stage for TMA members. So any TMA member could make a video, upload it (or have Russ upload it), and enter the open stage. There were some requirements such as: the video needed to be less than 4 minutes, and you had to follow the Open Stage theme (which was LOVE). Other then that you could have made a funny skit, wrote a song, or made any other love themed video. The first 4 features today are the entries from the first TMA Open Stage. If you don't know what TMA is, here's a summary from the site.

"Too Much Awesome is an online meeting place for 'New Model' artists and fans to connect. All of the artists here are involved with their fans on a continuous basis. What do we mean? TMA happenings include a forum, live chats with artists, a podcast every week with some awesome special guests, and the occasional freebie from one of our artists."
If you're interested in joining TMA, we would be glad to have you. You don't have to be an artist, the site is for fans as well. If you are a song writer or performer it's a great place to meet others with similar interest, and get advice.

Love Is Untrue
Bobby Matheson decided to make his very first VideoSong for the TMA Open Stage. He did a great job, you wouldn't have thought it was his first time.

She's A Communist
Russ is the man that got this ball rolling, so of course he entered a video. Extremely funny song.

Cambot's Lament
This was written by Inverse Clown, aka SAMMY KABLAM, over at TMA. Another funny idea for a song.

Cold Sunny Day
Ian "2 Shades" Johnson just created a new account on YouTube. So go over & subscribe soon, so you can say you were one of first people to discover him.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar (live)
Russ Rogers tweeted this today, so thank you Russ. It's Felicia Day, Paul & Storm, Molly Lewis, Jeff Lewis & Sandeep Parikh perfoming live at w00tstock on Oct. 21.

Come Sail Away
The PS22 Chorus recently uploaded a great Styx cover.

Notorious Tank Engine
The Notorious B.I.G. & Miley Cyrus mashup was better, but this Thomas The Tank Engine mashup is good as well.

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  1. Travis. thanks so much for promoting Too Much Awesome and the first TMA Open Stage!