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Monday, October 5, 2009

Subway Break Dancers

Walt Ribeiro had an entertaining trip on the subway a couple days ago.

Reckneck Music Video
This is what happens when Rednecks discover YouTube. This music video was made for davidsfarm

You don't come across a lot of ukulele & stylophone covers these days...

It was a slow day on the Super-Inter-Webs, but I don't need a reason to post a good booty video.

It's Only Money
As I mentioned it's been a slow day, so here's a couple classic musical moments from TV & film. This first video is from a movie I watched yesterday called "Double Dynamite" 1951. I wanted to share a song from the film called "Kisses And Tears" sung by Frank Sinatra & Jane Russell, but I couldn't find that video. So you get Frank Sinatra & Groucho Marx instead.

Sit Down Dance Medley
Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor decide to take it easy & relax a bit during this dance number from a Gene Kelly TV special back in 1960.

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