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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Roll Your Dice

Spintown News:
Michael Buckley from "What The Buck" on YouTube recently started promoting YouTubers who he thinks should have more subscribers. The first week he did this SARA PARSONS was featured in his video. Sara happens to be a member of Too Much Awesome (link in sidebar). The second week he did this Mike Lombardo was featured in his video. Mike happens to be a founder of TMA. So hopefully all you TMA members will send in a submission to be featured on "What The Buck", and maybe TMA can get a member featured for 3 weeks in a row. Getting featured will get you a couple thousand new subscribers, so it's not like you won't get anything in return if you're selected. Details on how to submit a video can be found in the video descriptions of the videos I just linked to.

If you're not a TMA member you should consider signing up. Not only can you keep up to date with cool musicians, but you can actually chat with them. There's also a TMA podcast, messageboard and I'm hoping a TMA YouTube channel in the future. Mike Lombardo will be performing an online only concert this Thursday, October 15th at 9:00 PM US EST. You can watch it at UStream.

Roll Your Dice
Tay Zonday uploaded a new music video.

Love Is A Battlefield: Literal Video Version
This isn't one of favorite Literal Video's, but it's still funny.

This Pole Dancer Is Amazing
Except she may want to work on the dismount a little more.

Piano Stairs
This is a cool experiment, but if they really wanted to make more people take the stairs, they would just make the escalator go extremely slow.

Kid Shreds On Accordion
It doesn't matter how good you get kid, the chicks will never dig accordion.

Tick Toc
YouTuber 'brittanyleeann04' is jamming with her band Six Volt.

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