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Monday, October 12, 2009

On The Ground

Spintown News:
I was recently supposed to interview Peter Oakley (better known as geriatric1927) for this blog. He agreed to the interview, and everything was set. When I e-mailed him the questions though, he sent back a response saying the questions were too controversial. I didn't really ask anything controversial, and kept it very clean because I figured he's not the typical YouTuber. I'm guessing he visited the blog, and found stuff here that he thought was controversial. He's probably not into the booty shakin'. :p I just wanted to clear this up since I already mentioned I'd be interviewing him. I thought he would be a good guest since he's one of the first major YouTube celebs, and he's part of The Zimmers. I've got no hard feelings toward him. He's a good guy, and I wouldn't want him to do anything he's not comfortable with.

This did throw me for a little bit of a loop though. At this point it looks like Sasha Young (better known as kyaaakya) will be my first guest now. It might end up being someone else, because I've got a few people that have agreed to be interviewed. It'll depend on who gets what to me first, when the Title Screen for the video gets finished, and a couple other things. The interview series is still going to happen, despite the minor set back. There's plenty of people from TMA I'll get to eventually as well. For the most part the interviews will be short, and not taken very seriously.

On The Ground
Sunday is almost always the worst day for finding videos. That's why I typically post the leftovers I didn't have room for Tuesday-Sunday on Monday. Here's Andy Samberg in one of his latest SNL Digital Shorts, featuring Ryan Reynolds & Elijah Wood.

I Threw It On The Ground
Toby Turner did a parody of the above Andy Samberg video, and it features the Mystery Guitar Man.

Annoying Instrument Orchestra
"Several years ago NPR broadcast a segment polling people about which musical instruments they thought were the most annoying. Among the instruments highest on the list were bagpipes, accordion and banjo, and others included were drum, fiddle and whistle." Yoshimi Masuo happened to know people who played a lot of those instruments, and she happened to like the music. So the Annoying Instrument Orchestra was born.

Electric Cowboy
This is one of those music videos that's so bad, it's almost good. Venus Jetsetter is a heck of a name as well.

Gatsby Trooper
Looks like the Tokyo Stormtrooper has been working on his moves.

Amazing Booty
It's a booty....and it's amazing....do I really need to say anything else?

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