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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sexy Chick

This music video was made by "The Station" on YouTube. Besides a lot of people normally on "The Station" it also features iJustine, HotForWords, LisaLavie, TimothyDeLaGhetto & alphacat. CLICK HERE for an alternate cut of this Akon parody.

WTF Collective
Jon Lajoie decided to take on multiple roles in his latest rap video.

You'll Look Like Poo
The Venetian Princess took on a Miley Cyrus song for her latest parody.

Red Flags
Dan Rodriguez featured Spricket24 in his new music video.

Throw Me Away
Sara Parsons (TMA member) recently got a lot of new subscribers thanks to Michael Buckley. Lucky for us this prompted her to sing a song she wrote for Song Fu.

Apparently there were some odd music videos made the year I was born...1979.

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