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Monday, August 31, 2009

Internet People 2 (Real Video Mix)

Spintown News:
I actually posted the IP2 (Real Video Mix) around 2AM yesterday. I had computer problems halfway through the editing process, so it looks rough. You can see where I first had the problem, because halfway through the video the colors get wonky. I didn't notice that until it was ready for upload though (I'm actually color blind). I'll touch it up at a later date. YouTube gave me problems trying to upload the video as well, or it would have been up sooner. I think it took like 6-7 tries...I lost count. In short, this video has been a pain in the ars.

Internet People 2 (Real Video Mix)
The animated characters have now been replaced by video or images of the people mentioned in the song.

"This piece is composed of sounds from the Spielberg classic film 'Hook', a sine wave bass, and a few cymbals for extra spice."

Half-Birthday Sex
This is a funny spoof of the Birthday Sex song.

Boobies Take Everything Bad Away
If it was up to me, all music videos would be about boobies, but you be the judge.

Legend Of Neil
Episode 3 of season 2 is a musical, and it features a hot nerd chick.

Pathetic Dance Video Buffalaxed
Pathetic is too nice a word for this video, thank goodness it's been buffalaxed to make it watchable.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Spintown News:
I've been trying to upload the Real Video Mix of Internet People 2 off an on all day. YouTube keeps giving me issues, hopefully it'll be up real soon.

YouTuber 'reinadelcid' does a great job with this Julia Nunes song.

Michael Jackson Piano Medley
David Sides pays tribute to the King Of Pop.

The Oregon Trail Song (My Titties Is Sick)
Music about classic videogames is rarely a bad idea.

How To Not Get Pregnant
"Learn how to avoid getting pregnant through the medium of dance with VideoJug's Contraception Opera."

DyzaBOYS Buffalaxed!
There's been a new buffalaxed video coming out every single day it seems.

Wedding Dance
This isn't the best wedding dance I've seen online, but worth a look. They attempt an "Evolution Of Dance" type performance.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

For Orchestra #12: Livin' On A Prayer

Spintown News:
I read a couple interesting tweets from Mike Lombardo today.

"I think I may have killed a ladybug while mowing the lawn."

"Whoever writes the best song about my previous tweet will receive a free copy of 'Songs Grandma Won't Like' when it is released."
It would be cool if someone took on that challenge and ran with it. You can find Mike at the TMA website (link in sidebar), or tweet him @mikelombardo.

I found a new way to enjoy Internet People 2, it makes you feel like you're on a bad trip. Click HERE to take a trip. Internet People 2 was recently Spotlighted in the comedy section on YouTube, thank you Mark Day. No other news today, but if you haven't seen Internet People 2 yet, just click on the image below.

For Orchestra #12: Livin' On A Prayer
Here's Walt Ribeiro's take on the classic Bon Jovi hit.

Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie Act I - Part 1
I didn't expect there to be so much dancing & singing in the new Stupid Mario Brothers movie. I'm looking forward to the next part even more now.

Sparrow In The Wind Buffalaxed!
I wonder if 'buffalaxed' is defined on urban dictionary? It should be if it isn't.

Cool (Do You Want To See How Cool We Are?)
'The Fonz' was never this cool.

Periodically Double Or Triple
This is an interesting music video from Yo La Tengo.

You & Me
This is a good original song from Kelly Rose.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Radio Friendly Song

Spintown News:
If you liked the new collab video I did with brentalfloss & SharkeyeJones a couple days ago please help spread the video around the net by sharing it with friends. How well this video does will determine if I do more projects like this in the future. You can watch the video and more, by simply clicking on the image below. The small video next to the image is yesterday's POPTUB. You might notice that "Internet People 2" is the first featured video of the show.

Radio Friendly Song
Jon Lajoie just came out with another funny song.

Office Life
This is the best dance video I've seen this year. The choreography was all done by the 3 dancers Di "Moon" Zhang, Hokuto "Hok" Konishi & Phillip "Pacman" Chbeeb. Hok & Pacman are both former contestants from "So You Think You Can Dance". Outtakes can be found HERE.

I Want To Believe (X-Files Theme Song)
This Rhett & Link song should be used to open the next X-Files movie.

Muppet Sex
The animation isn't great, but funny. The song is EPIC.

Pop Waffle Vol 31
I've said it over & over again...Pop Waffle is the most entertaining way to get your pop culture news fix.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The S.E.T.I. Song

Spintown News:
In case you missed it, my collab video with brentalfloss & SharkeyeJones came out yesterday. You can watch the video and more, by simply clicking on the image below.

The S.E.T.I. Song
Another nerdtastic song from Rhett & Link.

1st Latvian Flash Mob
Folk dancing may not be as cool as "Thriller" or "U Can't Touch This", but it's still cool nonetheless.

Demolition Derby
Hank Green sings about a topic close to my heart.

Nothing brings more joy to this NES fanboy then finding a new 'WITH LYRICS' video in my inbox from brentalfloss. This isn't a full 'WITH LYRICS' video, but it's impressive.

O Suzi...Buffalaxed
I'd like to see this YouTuber "Buffalax" a current pop artist. I swear I can't understand a lot of the lyrics the kids are listening to nowadays.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Internet People 2

The first video is a collab video between myself, brentalfloss & SharkeyeJones on YouTube. The second video is another version animated by Steven Scheffler, and the last video includes real images or videos of the people mentioned in the song. I hope you enjoy this unofficial sequel to Dan Meth's Internet People. Links to all mentioned people, shows & memes are below; along with the lyrics.

PS: Martin Sargent provided the voice work when he's shown at the end of the video. You can hear Martin, along with Sara Lane, every week on the TWIF podcast.

Opening: (Dramatic Lemur)

There’s Angry Nintendo Nerd, What The Buck, Hot For Words, Rick Roll and Epic Fu
There’s Diggnation, Tekzilla, ijustine, sexy Phil, a shoutout to Red VS. Blue!
Oh we got Bo Burhnam, Tron Guy, Niga Higa, Val’s DI-ary and Peter Pan
Dancing Inmates, Cute With Chris, TechnoViking, Happy Slip, and that crazy Wine Kone man

CHORUS (Gabe Bondoc, Maria Sansone & rehdogg)
Oh there are so many people on the Internet,
so many people on the internet
Is there a bunch of people on the net, You Bet!
There are so many people on the internet

Oh, Lisa Nova’s popping off, eating pizza with The Hoff, and drinking with “Drinking With Bob
Rhett & Link and Nalts are here, joined by Jake & Amir, and Shay Carl is kind of a slob
Oh we got David Choi, and Dave Days, Zipster’s kinda old and gay, Montgomery Flea Market is fly (Supa-fly, sucka!)
Raven Riley’s heated up as 2 girls poop into a cup, and “Will It Blend” gives it a try

2nd CHORUS (Jon Lajoie, spricket24, Clip Critics & Crasher Squirrel)

Irate Gamer raves and rants, Matt Harding likes to dance, and Vlogbrothers unite the nerds!
Tiki Bar is never dry, Happy Tree Friends makes me cry, and Tourette’s Guy says dirty words
Oh we got Kina Grannis, Pop Waffle, Gorgeous George is just awful, Pruane2forever’s the man!
Brookers is a crazy chick David Elsewhere is the shit, and Mark Mathis oughta be canned

And don’t forget
Single Ladies wanting rings
Mosh Girl kicking things
Lee Paige’s foot stings
Randy Pausch pulls heartstrings
The Guild prefers low pings
Kimbo Slice jabs and swings
Keyra likes her g-strings
And Dr. Horrible really sings!

Ohhhh Disaster Girl with evil eyes, videos by Random Guy and the Elevator Show
Watch 3 Totally Rad guys, techie fail, Leo's wise & Retarded Policeman is slow
Oh-wee-oh-we got Kevin Jumba, Mister Safety, also Gem Sweater Lady, Charles Trippy’s hatching a plan
Jonathan Coulton rocks the world of Code Monkey Dance Girl and brentalfloss sings Mega Man!

FINAL CHORUS (Community Channel, Ed Bassmaster, Travis Langworthy & Diggnation Cube Dolls)
Oh there are so many people on the Internet,
so many people on the internet
Is there a bunch of people on the net, You Bet!
There are so many people on the...
There are just so many people here on the net!

After The Song: (David After Dentist & 'Internet Superstar' Martin Sargent)

Related Videos:
1. "Internet People" (The Original by Dan Meth)
2. "Internet People 2" gets mentioned on POPTUB

Related Links:
1. Dan Meth's Blog
2. YooouuuTuuube

Of all the people listed, mentioned or referred to in the video; these are the ones I've heard from (via YouTube, Twitter, e-mail & messageboard) since the video was uploaded.
1. Patrick Norton
2. Veronica Belmont
3. Roger Chang (asked if he could play some on Tekzilla)
4. Rhett & Link
5. Nalts
6. Michael Buckley
7. Irate Gamer
8. rehdogg
9. David Choi
10. David Elsewhere
11. Pop Waffle
12. Randy Constan
13. Maria Sansone
14. The Wine Cone
15. Jeff Cannata
16. Dan Trachtenberg
17. Kina Grannis
18. Lon Harris
19. Steve & Zadi (from Epic Fu)
20. Martin Sargent
21. Random Guy
22. Mr. Safety
23. Shay Carl
24. Clip Critics
25. Zipster08

Thank you Mark Day for getting the video Spotlighted on YouTube.

YouTube Doubler
Just follow the instructions below; step by step. Or click this LINK, after you preload both videos.
YouTube Doubler

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

YouTube Haters

ijustine made a spoof of Ting Ting's "That's Not My Name". It includes a Shane Dawson cameo.

Singing Kitties
This is a great remix/mashup video from rathergoodstuff.

8-Bit Trip
This video took 1,500 hours of moving around LEGO blocks & taking pictures of them to create.

Ain't No Cuppatea
This video was done by "BucketHat" Bobby Matheson. If you follow this blog, then you know I've linked to some of his work in Song Fu.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Song About Acne

Charlie McDonnell wrote a song most high school students can relate to.

This dance was choreographed by multiple YouTube dancers. I posted the montage of everyone involved a couple days ago, but this one is danced completely by 'kyaaakya'. She happens to be the person responsible for this cool project.

Romantic Public Access Performance
Public access television is better than most people think.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smokin On The Dro

Three Six Mafia meets Disney's Alice In Wonderland.

The End
Meghan Tonjes made a music video with the help of a few fans. Michael Buckley makes an appearance at 1 point.

Stripper On Wheels
It's like something from one of my dreams...

8/17/09 Dancing
I recently subscribed to this YouTube channel...

Pole Dancer
This chick may not have a stripper pole on wheels like the other girl, but I don't think you'll mind too much.

Pole Dancer Almost
This chick has a stripper pole, but for some reason dances around it, rather than on it.

I'm posting this Edubb music video as an education video. After all I had no idea what a "Whooty" was until I saw this video.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Spintown News:
There's a new batch of songs to vote on over at Song Fight, and the latest topic is Nothing Is Everything.

"Weird Al" Yankovic & the SuperNews! animation team join forces to present their new "collabo".

United Breaks Guitars Song 2
Maybe you thought Dave Carroll was bluffing when he said he was going to write 4 songs about this experience....well here's song #2.

Drunk Girl Vs Glass Table
It's time for the percolator.

I Can Has Cheezburger The Musical
I'm glad I saw this episode of Rocketboom, because I thought Cats the musical was something TOTALLY different.

Ian Pfaff's Demo Reel

Spintown News:
Yesterday I finally finished posting the last of all those videos that came out while I was in the hospital. So I'm finally caught up for the most part, and the daily blog post will be a little smaller. I've still got some great videos to share though.

Ian Pfaff's Demo Reel
Ian Pfaff has made the coolest demo reel I've ever seen in my life.

Funky Gerbil
This is my favorite Parry Gripp song since "Hampster On A Piano".

Paper Disco
This is a very cool stop motion music video.

R U Fucking Kidding Me?
This is a funny song from Kate Miller-Heidke.

Ducktales Is Awesome
This guy is awesome.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meow Mix

YouTuber 'cyriak' is known for making strange videos...his latest video won't hurt his rep any.

So In Love
I thought this was a good cover featuring AJ Rafael.

Zombie Jamboree
Songs about zombies are almost always worth a listen.

Don't Stop Believin'
DoctorK covers a Journey song like only he can.

I Can't Smile Without You
Cylon sings a little Barry Manilow.

Belly Dance
If my belly didn't jiggle so much I'd take up belly dancing.

Sunglasses On Your Dogs Butt
TMZ...doesn't exactly stand for classy.

Dolphins Are GANGSTA
I could see sharks as being gangsta, but I had no idea that dolphins were gangsta.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dance Collaboration

Spintown News:
Well I turned 30 yesterday....kinda sucks. Your 20's are supposed to be awesome, but mine was disappointing & dull. I can't imagine how much my 30's will suck. Has anyone guessed that I'm not an optimist?

Dance Collaboration
My favorite YouTube dancer 'kyaaakya' put this dance collab together to Morning Musume's song "Songs".

The Climb
Nick Pitera covers the most over done Miley Cyrus song of the year.

Piano Phase
Peter Aidu takes a stab at performing this Steve Reich classic.

Dancing Kid
In 15 years this kid will be the guy grinding on your girlfriend because you're too white, uncoordinated & shy to hit the dance floor at the clubs.

Shatner Of The Mount
This isn't as good as the classic "Rocketman" video, but it's a funny remix nonetheless.

Let's Go Surfing
This music video for "The Drums" was directed by the guy who does the "DaveyDanceBlog".

Lookin' Kittie
It's an old parody video, but I've run across it twice this week. So I figured I'd feature it for old times sake.

Cirque Dreams: Illumination Promo
Robert Muraine on FOX Channel 12 "The Rhodes Show".

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

Spintown News:
The 3rd brentalfloss E-Bay auction ended today. CLICK HERE to see the winning bid.

YouTuber brittanyleeann04 agreed to provide some music for a future Spintown video. How awesome is that?!

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar
If you don't watch Felicia Day in "The Guild", you'll probably start after watching this video.

Party In Sweden's Pants
I've never wanted to go to Sweden before, but now I suddenly feel the urg.

Epic Dance Battle
Can a 3 year old kid out dance someone who's been training in the streets for years? You wouldn't think so, but Thomas Jacob Ford ain't scared of any Sesame Street bitches like Elmo.

USAir Guitar 2008
The Awesome aka Shred Begley Jr. shows us why normal people look down upon people who play air guitar.

Nature Boy
Jack Conte & Nataly Dawn decided to team up for another Pomplamoose video. This time they cover Eden Ahbez.

All About Us
Ashley & Gabz from "The Shures" uploaded a new cover as well today.

Ever since I saw him sing "The Super Bowl Is Gay", I've been waiting for Andy Milonakis to end up selling his blood & sperm as his main source of income. That day could be approaching...

Booty Video
It may not be the most creative title for this feature, but I bet it gets at least the male viewers to click the play button.

Mr. Fantastic Vs Animal
Robert Muraine had to win with a tie breaker, but he did win this dance battle. CLICK HERE FOR Tie Breaker

Hit Me Baby One More Time
This is the most entertaining Britney Spears cover I've heard this year.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Laser Harp

This looks like something I would expect to see someone playing on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Mouthy Guitar Player
This guy didn't need to spend countless dollars on guitar lessons as a kid....matter of fact he didn't even need to buy the guitar.

Folsom Prison Blues
Wesley, who is 5 years old, covers a classic Johnny Cash song.

Kseniya Simonova
It's really amazing how this chick uses sand animation with the music. She apparently won Ukraine's Got Talent, and I can see why.

Save Me
Matt Rach made a video for this orginal song.

Brothers & Sisters
Unfortunately I see Har Mar Superstar on POPTUB a lot, when I'd rather see him making cool music videos like this.

Here's the latest song from Doug Payne.

Chasing Cars
The Shures take on a Snow Patrol cover.

3 Dominican Chicks
For some reason dancing hot chicks always seem to go over well with you guys....enjoy.

Swimming To MJ
Synchronised swimming is basically just dancing in water, so I thought it was appropriate for this blog.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance

YouTuber 'spiffworld' recently uploaded another music video for a Jonathan Coulton song.

Kiss A Girl
Taylor Swift pulls a funny prank on Keith Urban while he's performing live in Kansas City, MO.

I Gotta Feeling
thecomputernerd01 decided to make a scatterbrained Black Eyed Peas parody.

Elder Folks Dancing
Somebody should tell these 2 they might break a hip doing those type of tricks.

Dog Vs Man Dance Battle
This is the best dance battle I've seen in ages. Reminds me of THIS VIDEO, but better.

Fly With Me
TimothyDeLaGhetto made a video to this original song.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Booty Tweet (Is The New Booty Call)

Spintown News:
POPTUB featured some great videos yesterday, and that's where I got 4 of today's videos. Feeling pretty good considering I had minor surgery yesterday, so I don't think I'll end up missing any blogs.

Booty Tweet (Is The New Booty Call)
I'm happy that I haven't reached this level of desperation yet.

Eclectic Method
This was a cool tribute to John Hughes, it's a must watch if you grew up watching his films.

We Do It Jumbo
These guys really like "The Lonely Island".

Jeanine Mason
This is a lyrical solo that she performed in 2008, before she won "So You Think You Can Dance".

Pacman Vs Mr. Fantastic (Part 1)
One of the best moments from "So You Think You Can Dance" thus far was watching the Pacman & Mr. Fantastic dance battle. This is a rematch they had shortly after, and "Part 2" is directly below.

Pacman Vs Mr. Fantastic (Part 2)

Trick Reel
Remember the really hot chick on the stripper pole I featured yesterday? (if not, go back and read it) This is a video of some of her best tricks.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Spintown News:
Check out the BOTR section at the bottom for some cool brentalfloss info. I'm having surgery at noon today, so there's a chance I could miss Saturday's blog.

"Calvin Harris performs a version of his new single Ready For The Weekend on a unique human synthesiser. The instrument employs 15 bikini clad models painted with Bare Conductive, a new skin safe ink which conducts electricity. When the performers touch the connection completes a circuit, triggering a sound.

The instrument consists of 34 pads on the floor which have been painted with the conductive ink and connected to a computer via some clever custom electronics. The performers stand on the pads, and touch hands to complete a circuit and trigger a sound. Different combinations of pads trigger the different sounds needed to play the track.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Calvin Harris and masters students from the Royal College of Art's Industrial Design Engineering programme."

She Worf
Peter Coffin did a parody of the Shakira song "She Wolf".

Who's Worse?
I want to give a shout out to POPTUB on YouTube, because 2 of the first 3 videos for today came from yesterdays show. This video is from Lollapalooza 2009, and I don't know which dancer I laughed at more....the guy being focused on, or the guy in the background.

Get Marvelous Or Get Lost
Moon did the choreo for this cool t-shirt commercial.

Smells Stronger
This is a cool mashup of Daft Punk & Nirvana.

Music From A Tree
Diego Stocco is pretty creative, but I still like the idea of getting music from half naked hot chicks a little more.

Steven Tyler Fail
I love Aerosmith, but I had to laugh at this clip.

Alethea is doing some insanely hot tricks on this stripper pole to the Metallica song "Bleeding Me".

Man Crush
Who do you have a man crush on?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vegetables That Look Like Penises

This is the second day in a row the blog title involves a penis...that's a strange first.

Here's the latest VideoSong from Jack Conte.

She Wolf
ijustine recently posted this Shakira spoof on YouTube.

The Worst Song Ever
The Black Eyed Peas recently wrote a song that shows why I hate popular music today.

This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten
I wish I could get Parry Gripp to write a theme song for Spintown.

Fannie Mae
This is Grandpa Elliott playing live in LA with the Playing For Change band.

It's A Candy Bra
Zipster, as Loco Mama, sings a disturbing song for us.

Here's another video from the concert Brittany Lee Ann recently did for her great grandmother. CLICK HERE for her cover of "Dance With My father".

The Kind Of Song You'd Hear In A B-Movie Noir From The 90's
Jonathan Mann really needs to do a better job with this songs name, it's too long.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's Got A Penis

Peter Coffin recently made a parody of the song "She's A Genius".

Muse Knights Of Cydonia
Here's an interesting acapella cover.

I Gotta Feeling
ijustine did a Black Eyed Peas spoof about profile pictures.

Brass In Pocket
Brittany Lee Ann recently put on a concert for her great grandmother. Lucky for us she recorded the show, and posted videos on YouTube. CLICK HERE for her cover of "White Horse".

Black Hamster
Nobody writes music about cute animals as well as Parry Gripp.

Monkey Shines - ASL Song
Here's another Jonathan Coulton song done in ASL.

A Renegade Cabaret On The Fire Escape
I like mememolly & I like Rocketboom, but recently the only Rocketboom episodes I like are the ones in which there's no mememolly.

Pop Waffle Vol. 30:
Even though she didn't use my answer this time, Pop Waffle is still the best way to get your pop culture news.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love Story

Spintown News:
Friday I'm having a minor surgery. I shouldn't miss more then a day of blogging, if that. For today I've got another HUGE blog post, so start skimming...

Love Story
This is by far my favorite cover that I've heard from Dave Days.

You Belong With Me (Just A Zombie)
Venetian Princess did a Taylor Swift parody, and featured nigahiga in the video.

Heal The World
A group of performers from Kollaboration Acoustic got together and did a great Michael Jackson cover.

You Can't Tell Me (What To Do)
I thought this was a funny & well done music video. It was directed by Dustin McLean. The music was written & performed by Dustin McLean, Jason Nash and J.P. Hesser.

Davey Dance-BLOG: Sirmione, Italy
Basically this guy just picks a cool location, a pop song, then records an improvised dance. He also uploaded a bunch of other dance blogs recently including: Venice - Verona - Neuschwanstein - NYC Union Square - Madrid (Puerta De Alcala) - Toledo, Spain & Madrid

The Warning (Mariah Carey Diss)
I'm not a huge fan Eminem, but I've got to give him credit. This is someone you shouldn't talk bad about, unless you've got a thick skin. He totally destroys Mariah Carey in this track, and if you go to the actual YouTube page for this video it has all the lyrics in the video description box.

World Science Festival '09: Bobby McFerrin
"Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale, using audience participation, at the event "Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus", from the 2009 World Science Festival, June 12, 2009."

DJ put out a new animated music video for one of her songs.

Monday, August 10, 2009

MacGyver Theme WITH LYRICS

Spintown News:
I'm sorry this blog has been a ghost town lately, but I've had some health issues that landed me in the hospital. For the last couple weeks I really haven't been online much at all because of that. I'll be going in for another surgery in the near future, but I'm hoping it only keeps me from blogging a couple days when that time comes. But since I'm back, for now at least, I'm going to attempt to get this blog caught back up.

Before my disappearance I promised to give some hints about a big project I've been working on. Well here they are:
1. It's a collaborative project between myself and 3 other people. One of those people is Brent Black aka brentalfloss. (see video below)
2. It was inspired by one of my favorite viral videos of all time.
3. Here's an image from 1 of the 3 videos that will be coming out all at once.

Song Fight Review:
The most recent topic is titled "Dry Spell". I've listened to all 31 entries, and here are my top 5 I think are worth a listen:

1. Flvxxvm Florvm
2. Banging Betty
3. Jay Bullock
4. The Weakest Suit
5. Elly Lane & The Janglin' Jims

MacGyver Theme WITH LYRICS
Brent picked the perfert theme for his first attempt at a classic television show. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he attempts an A-Team WITH LYRICS in the future.

In The 80's
Rhett & Link bring back a lot of memories for me with this next video.

JK Divorce Entrance Dance
Remember the wildly viral video of the wedding party dancing down the aisle? If not CLICK HERE, but if you've seen it go ahead and watch this parody.

Blame The Booty
A lot of people have probably forgotten about Leslie Hall, but she's still putting out great videos.

Just A Friend: The Literal Video Version
I used to listen to Biz Markie all the time, and this is even better then the original.

Why Must I Cry (Tosh.0 Remix)
rehdogg has a new video, and it's a remake of the video that made him web famous.