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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

Spintown News:
The 3rd brentalfloss E-Bay auction ended today. CLICK HERE to see the winning bid.

YouTuber brittanyleeann04 agreed to provide some music for a future Spintown video. How awesome is that?!

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar
If you don't watch Felicia Day in "The Guild", you'll probably start after watching this video.

Party In Sweden's Pants
I've never wanted to go to Sweden before, but now I suddenly feel the urg.

Epic Dance Battle
Can a 3 year old kid out dance someone who's been training in the streets for years? You wouldn't think so, but Thomas Jacob Ford ain't scared of any Sesame Street bitches like Elmo.

USAir Guitar 2008
The Awesome aka Shred Begley Jr. shows us why normal people look down upon people who play air guitar.

Nature Boy
Jack Conte & Nataly Dawn decided to team up for another Pomplamoose video. This time they cover Eden Ahbez.

All About Us
Ashley & Gabz from "The Shures" uploaded a new cover as well today.

Ever since I saw him sing "The Super Bowl Is Gay", I've been waiting for Andy Milonakis to end up selling his blood & sperm as his main source of income. That day could be approaching...

Booty Video
It may not be the most creative title for this feature, but I bet it gets at least the male viewers to click the play button.

Mr. Fantastic Vs Animal
Robert Muraine had to win with a tie breaker, but he did win this dance battle. CLICK HERE FOR Tie Breaker

Hit Me Baby One More Time
This is the most entertaining Britney Spears cover I've heard this year.

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