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Saturday, August 29, 2009

For Orchestra #12: Livin' On A Prayer

Spintown News:
I read a couple interesting tweets from Mike Lombardo today.

"I think I may have killed a ladybug while mowing the lawn."

"Whoever writes the best song about my previous tweet will receive a free copy of 'Songs Grandma Won't Like' when it is released."
It would be cool if someone took on that challenge and ran with it. You can find Mike at the TMA website (link in sidebar), or tweet him @mikelombardo.

I found a new way to enjoy Internet People 2, it makes you feel like you're on a bad trip. Click HERE to take a trip. Internet People 2 was recently Spotlighted in the comedy section on YouTube, thank you Mark Day. No other news today, but if you haven't seen Internet People 2 yet, just click on the image below.

For Orchestra #12: Livin' On A Prayer
Here's Walt Ribeiro's take on the classic Bon Jovi hit.

Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie Act I - Part 1
I didn't expect there to be so much dancing & singing in the new Stupid Mario Brothers movie. I'm looking forward to the next part even more now.

Sparrow In The Wind Buffalaxed!
I wonder if 'buffalaxed' is defined on urban dictionary? It should be if it isn't.

Cool (Do You Want To See How Cool We Are?)
'The Fonz' was never this cool.

Periodically Double Or Triple
This is an interesting music video from Yo La Tengo.

You & Me
This is a good original song from Kelly Rose.

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