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Monday, August 31, 2009

Internet People 2 (Real Video Mix)

Spintown News:
I actually posted the IP2 (Real Video Mix) around 2AM yesterday. I had computer problems halfway through the editing process, so it looks rough. You can see where I first had the problem, because halfway through the video the colors get wonky. I didn't notice that until it was ready for upload though (I'm actually color blind). I'll touch it up at a later date. YouTube gave me problems trying to upload the video as well, or it would have been up sooner. I think it took like 6-7 tries...I lost count. In short, this video has been a pain in the ars.

Internet People 2 (Real Video Mix)
The animated characters have now been replaced by video or images of the people mentioned in the song.

"This piece is composed of sounds from the Spielberg classic film 'Hook', a sine wave bass, and a few cymbals for extra spice."

Half-Birthday Sex
This is a funny spoof of the Birthday Sex song.

Boobies Take Everything Bad Away
If it was up to me, all music videos would be about boobies, but you be the judge.

Legend Of Neil
Episode 3 of season 2 is a musical, and it features a hot nerd chick.

Pathetic Dance Video Buffalaxed
Pathetic is too nice a word for this video, thank goodness it's been buffalaxed to make it watchable.

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