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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Internet People 2

The first video is a collab video between myself, brentalfloss & SharkeyeJones on YouTube. The second video is another version animated by Steven Scheffler, and the last video includes real images or videos of the people mentioned in the song. I hope you enjoy this unofficial sequel to Dan Meth's Internet People. Links to all mentioned people, shows & memes are below; along with the lyrics.

PS: Martin Sargent provided the voice work when he's shown at the end of the video. You can hear Martin, along with Sara Lane, every week on the TWIF podcast.

Opening: (Dramatic Lemur)

There’s Angry Nintendo Nerd, What The Buck, Hot For Words, Rick Roll and Epic Fu
There’s Diggnation, Tekzilla, ijustine, sexy Phil, a shoutout to Red VS. Blue!
Oh we got Bo Burhnam, Tron Guy, Niga Higa, Val’s DI-ary and Peter Pan
Dancing Inmates, Cute With Chris, TechnoViking, Happy Slip, and that crazy Wine Kone man

CHORUS (Gabe Bondoc, Maria Sansone & rehdogg)
Oh there are so many people on the Internet,
so many people on the internet
Is there a bunch of people on the net, You Bet!
There are so many people on the internet

Oh, Lisa Nova’s popping off, eating pizza with The Hoff, and drinking with “Drinking With Bob
Rhett & Link and Nalts are here, joined by Jake & Amir, and Shay Carl is kind of a slob
Oh we got David Choi, and Dave Days, Zipster’s kinda old and gay, Montgomery Flea Market is fly (Supa-fly, sucka!)
Raven Riley’s heated up as 2 girls poop into a cup, and “Will It Blend” gives it a try

2nd CHORUS (Jon Lajoie, spricket24, Clip Critics & Crasher Squirrel)

Irate Gamer raves and rants, Matt Harding likes to dance, and Vlogbrothers unite the nerds!
Tiki Bar is never dry, Happy Tree Friends makes me cry, and Tourette’s Guy says dirty words
Oh we got Kina Grannis, Pop Waffle, Gorgeous George is just awful, Pruane2forever’s the man!
Brookers is a crazy chick David Elsewhere is the shit, and Mark Mathis oughta be canned

And don’t forget
Single Ladies wanting rings
Mosh Girl kicking things
Lee Paige’s foot stings
Randy Pausch pulls heartstrings
The Guild prefers low pings
Kimbo Slice jabs and swings
Keyra likes her g-strings
And Dr. Horrible really sings!

Ohhhh Disaster Girl with evil eyes, videos by Random Guy and the Elevator Show
Watch 3 Totally Rad guys, techie fail, Leo's wise & Retarded Policeman is slow
Oh-wee-oh-we got Kevin Jumba, Mister Safety, also Gem Sweater Lady, Charles Trippy’s hatching a plan
Jonathan Coulton rocks the world of Code Monkey Dance Girl and brentalfloss sings Mega Man!

FINAL CHORUS (Community Channel, Ed Bassmaster, Travis Langworthy & Diggnation Cube Dolls)
Oh there are so many people on the Internet,
so many people on the internet
Is there a bunch of people on the net, You Bet!
There are so many people on the...
There are just so many people here on the net!

After The Song: (David After Dentist & 'Internet Superstar' Martin Sargent)

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Of all the people listed, mentioned or referred to in the video; these are the ones I've heard from (via YouTube, Twitter, e-mail & messageboard) since the video was uploaded.
1. Patrick Norton
2. Veronica Belmont
3. Roger Chang (asked if he could play some on Tekzilla)
4. Rhett & Link
5. Nalts
6. Michael Buckley
7. Irate Gamer
8. rehdogg
9. David Choi
10. David Elsewhere
11. Pop Waffle
12. Randy Constan
13. Maria Sansone
14. The Wine Cone
15. Jeff Cannata
16. Dan Trachtenberg
17. Kina Grannis
18. Lon Harris
19. Steve & Zadi (from Epic Fu)
20. Martin Sargent
21. Random Guy
22. Mr. Safety
23. Shay Carl
24. Clip Critics
25. Zipster08

Thank you Mark Day for getting the video Spotlighted on YouTube.

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