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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Spintown News:
I've been trying to upload the Real Video Mix of Internet People 2 off an on all day. YouTube keeps giving me issues, hopefully it'll be up real soon.

YouTuber 'reinadelcid' does a great job with this Julia Nunes song.

Michael Jackson Piano Medley
David Sides pays tribute to the King Of Pop.

The Oregon Trail Song (My Titties Is Sick)
Music about classic videogames is rarely a bad idea.

How To Not Get Pregnant
"Learn how to avoid getting pregnant through the medium of dance with VideoJug's Contraception Opera."

DyzaBOYS Buffalaxed!
There's been a new buffalaxed video coming out every single day it seems.

Wedding Dance
This isn't the best wedding dance I've seen online, but worth a look. They attempt an "Evolution Of Dance" type performance.

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