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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love Story

Spintown News:
Friday I'm having a minor surgery. I shouldn't miss more then a day of blogging, if that. For today I've got another HUGE blog post, so start skimming...

Love Story
This is by far my favorite cover that I've heard from Dave Days.

You Belong With Me (Just A Zombie)
Venetian Princess did a Taylor Swift parody, and featured nigahiga in the video.

Heal The World
A group of performers from Kollaboration Acoustic got together and did a great Michael Jackson cover.

You Can't Tell Me (What To Do)
I thought this was a funny & well done music video. It was directed by Dustin McLean. The music was written & performed by Dustin McLean, Jason Nash and J.P. Hesser.

Davey Dance-BLOG: Sirmione, Italy
Basically this guy just picks a cool location, a pop song, then records an improvised dance. He also uploaded a bunch of other dance blogs recently including: Venice - Verona - Neuschwanstein - NYC Union Square - Madrid (Puerta De Alcala) - Toledo, Spain & Madrid

The Warning (Mariah Carey Diss)
I'm not a huge fan Eminem, but I've got to give him credit. This is someone you shouldn't talk bad about, unless you've got a thick skin. He totally destroys Mariah Carey in this track, and if you go to the actual YouTube page for this video it has all the lyrics in the video description box.

World Science Festival '09: Bobby McFerrin
"Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale, using audience participation, at the event "Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus", from the 2009 World Science Festival, June 12, 2009."

DJ put out a new animated music video for one of her songs.

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