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Sunday, January 31, 2010


An Unfair And One-Sided Review
by Sammy Kablam

Fight: The Road To Hana

Alright! Finally, the next installment of Song Fight, and with a number of entries that doesn't bring my soul to weep on its knees. I have no idea what "The Road to Hana" is or means -- is it a legend? Is it a local metaphor? I couldn't tell ya -- but I expect it to be made nice and clear, since it's the weekly challenge. So, without any more talk, let's jump headfirst into unkown waters!

State Shirt

Well. If U2's illegitimate offspring formed a band and wrote a theme song for the grand opening of a planetarium, this would be that song. Honestly, it sounds like something I'd put on reapeat for background noise next time I spend a night on acid, staring at my Xbox menu screen. Ambiance is good, but there's this thing called "overkill". When your music makes me zone out completely -- before I even GET to my stash of illegal substances -- then I miss out on the lyrics. Which means I miss out on the point of the song. In fact, this thing kinda sounds like the end of a movie, where the credits are rolling and everyone is leaving, so nobody's paying attention to it, anyway. But if they were, the lyrics they DID hear might make them wonder if you're on a road trip or trying to recruit members for your cult. Overall, the music is nice and epic, but it's background/montage music. And I still don't know what "The Road to Hana" means.


What the... Hold on, I need to listen to this again.

O.k. Um. Forget not knowing what "The Road to Hana" is; what the hell is THIS? Less than two minutes in length, the first half is instrumental, and when the lyrics kick in...well, what the hell are you talking about? And the music sounds like a hotel lobby version of a MegaMan stage. But then the singing sounds like a Norse battle hymn. And they don't exactly mesh. I mean... Really. This is like one of those sitcom gags, where they take ice cream, pancakes, licorice and V8, dump it in a blender, and one guy drinks it like a delicious concoction while everyone else throws up. That's not to say the ingredients are bad, but cramming so many unrelated things together doesn't make the end result enjoyable, it makes it confusing and awkward. I really don't have a damn clue what you were going for here, which brings me back to the fact that not only did this not make any sense, I still don't even know what the challenge is supposed to be!

MC Milk-Plus

Y'know, I don't come across a lot of disco-rap. It's amazing, the things you don't know you're glad you don't know about until some jerk says "Hey! Look at this miserable thing!" And then you're pissed. Anyway... I guess the message I'm supposed to take from this song is "I like to drive". If there's more to it than that, you'll have to draw me a picture. I would go into more detail, but there's actually nothing here to really talk about. Dude likes to drive, yo. Me too. Driving is...great. Oh, and I guess he's driving on The Road to Hana. But he doesn't care about that specifically -- if he did, he might tell us what the Road to Hana is -- or even just what fucking HANA is. But nah, see, that doesn't matter; the destination's not important, as long a Grand Masta Vroom... gets to drive. Oh, and you have a really stupid name.

Ross Durand

This is not a bad song; at this point, I'd be surprised if I heard a truly bad Ross Durand tune. However, it is, so far, my least favorite. Even if I knew what Hana was supposed to be, I probably wouldn't be too keen on this one; it just doesn't have the same genuine feel as his previous songs. Might just be me.

The Chthurfin' Dead

I'll bet the Doors are pissed. Oh, and Depeche Mode wants their riff back. On the plus side, this was the shortest song on the list, so I didn't have to sit thru the pseudo-hardcore imagery and not-really-trying-very-hard lyrics for more than a minute. Oh, and speaking of lyrics, there's this thing I mention a lot called "lyrical rhythm". It's when lyrics flow naturally thru a verse. You have GOT to work on this. As Mike Myers might say, you often put the wrong emPHASis on the wrong sylLABle. It makes your lyrics sound both forced and unprofessional. And that means it sounds like they were written by someone who can't write. Just something to think about.


Your verses find me wondering what it might be like if the Swedish Chef did an album of AutoTune songs. Maybe call it "Buumer Shuuten" with the hit single, "Bork Me, Bork Me (All Night Long)". Maybe not. But I digress... What I'm getting at, is your lyrics are remarkably jarbled. Here's my recap of your first verse:

I'm a guy in a match / There was a hungry retard
And he's wasted / Always confidant to size
Much to la-ha-ha / Shoots the head above the clouds
Oh, feel your under / Times are just hard to cease

Now, I could go on, but you get the point. I would be admittedly shocked if those were the actual words to your song. Thus, the fundamental problem that I, perhaps alone, have with this song: as I don't know what the hell The Road to Hana is, your song may have been the key to finally understanding this particular premise. But seeing as how I can't make out your Navajo code, I'm shit outta luck. I'm starting to get the feeling that Hana is a really awesome place to be, and you bastards are doing your best to keep me from getting there. Like those manipulative pricks at PBS. I just wanted directions!!

The Weakest Suit

Sweet Mother of Cheese, son. I can't really think of anything about this song that wasn't incredibly annoying. I guess you play the guitar alright, but your "na na na na"s triggered a mild and involuntary grinding of my teeth. And your refrains...man. You just truly baffle me. With your level of skill (and I just said he has a level of skill, so that's technically a compliment, and this better make the damn cut) you should be aiming for witty -- dare I say comical -- angles of composition. You + Trying to be serious = really bad. But if you switched gears and had fun, instead of trying to be artsy and impressive, you might actually BE impressive. As it stands, you come across as someone who is trying so damn hard to appear to be deep and serious that you actually come across as a giant goober. This week, I'd say you are very aptly named.


This was not exactly great. BUT, it displays a great deal of potential. I will, first and definitely foremost, go back to my mentioning of lyrical rhythm. I believe I hear two distinct singers, so I'm going to say this: The 2nd vocalist is spot on. The first vocalist isn't terrible, but he may need more time to polish his vocals. And his verse lyrics are where the lyrical rhythm really gets busted up. That said, I am absolutely thrilled that this was the last song on my list; I was beginning to think I would end all my Song Fight reviews on disastrous downers, and I can safely say that this was my favorite entry of this challenge. A challenge I didn't understand, but so what? As flawed as these vocals may be, this is my #1. No offense, Ross. :)

So. Is The Road To Hana a spiritual experience? A transcendence into paradise? The retrival of a lost love? A horshky dervin doovish bork, bork, bork? I still don't know. And I probably never will. And to be honest, that's o.k. As a matter of fact, I think I have my own definition for "The Road to Hana": Being caught up in phrases or terminology that have no clear explanation, and are so open to personal interpretation that they appear to hold no legitimate meaning of their own.

Unitl next time,
S. Kablam

(I didn't edit anything in the review this time. Normally if I think the comments are too mean or don't have anything constructive in them, I take them out. I've started a list of Song Fighters who want the negative comments posted.(no matter how bad). So those people I will never edit out of Sammy's review. If you want added to that list, just leave a comment below, or contact me on Twitter or YouTube.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Song Fight Review: The Road To Hanna

The last challenge over at Song Fight was titled "Keep All Your Promises", and I predicted that Torrentz would win. Or at least that was my favorite entry. Well I was wrong, and Fortune's Favorite got the win. Honestly Fortune's Favorite wasn't even on my radar. I didn't like the entry, and was shocked they won. Sammy didn't seem to think too highly of it either, but congrats to the winner. There's a whole new batch of songs over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round. My picks are listed below:

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)

1. Ross Durand - The vocals seemed shaky to me, which I probably noticed even more since he was accompanied only by a guitar, but I loved the song.

2. Amelia - Enjoyed the song, but it sounded like it was recorded in 2 different places. The first vocalist sounded much more clear then the second.

Not Too Bad: MC Milk-Plus

Side Notes:
I had stopped giving any feedback with my picks since I'm not a musician, and people were saying I didn't know what I was talking about. Well frankly I agree with those people, but at the same time others want me to give more feedback. So I figured I would go back to giving a short comment about the ones I vote for. Even I don't think my comments hold much water, so don't take it too seriously. Besides, that's what Sammy Kablam is for. He'll be giving his opinions shortly, and he's more qualified than myself.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Easy To Wed (1946)

Well today's another one of those days in which I share some of my favorite moments from television & film. This was a frustrating blog, because half the videos I wanted to share I couldn't find. But I substituted some other great clips for the ones I wasn't able to dig up.

Continental Polka
The first movie I want to talk about it "Easy To Wed" (1946). Overall this movie just didn't hold my interest. There were some good moments, and it included a number of stars that I normally enjoy. This movie is about Van Johnson's character, attempting to win the heart of Esther Williams character. At first it's not for love, but eventually Van finds he's really falling for her. Who can blame him for that? This movie lacked the amazing water spectacle that Esther is known for. One interesting piece of trivia is that Fidel Castro is in this movie. Yes, that Fidel Castro. He's uncredited, and is just a "Poolside Spectator" briefly. Still, I thought that was strange. If you decide to watch the entire movie you'll see a popular televison starlet by the name of June Lockhart. I decided to share a number by another television starlet...Lucille Ball. Well partly by Lucille Ball. Lucy does the dancing, but her voice was dubbed by Virginia Rees.

Blame It On The Samba
Ethel Smith also performed a couple incredible numbers on the organ in "Easy To Wed". ("Toca Tu Samba" & "Bonecu de Pixe") Even though 90% of the film is on YouTube, I couldn't find the Ethel Smith numbers. So I figured I'd post a different performance of hers. This is from the Disney film "Melody Time" (1948), and the Dinning Sisters provide the vocals.

Broadway Melody Of 1936
This movie featuress Jack Benny, Eleanor Powell, Robert Taylor & Buddy Ebsen, and it sort of pissed me off. But not while I was watching it, although the story was sort of blah, it's when I was trying to find the clips I wanted to share that I started getting mad. I couldn't find much of this film online at all. It's a shame because there were a few good routines worth watching. The opening number "I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin'" was very entertaining, and there were 2 other dance numbers I wanted to share. Since one of the numbers I wanted to share was an Eleanor Powell dance solo, I figured I should find a different Powell number to share. The following clip is what her nightclub routine looked like.

Sing Before Breakfast
Well this is the only routine I was able to find (from "Broadway Melody Of 1936") that I liked. It features Eleanor Powell along with Buddy & Vilma Ebsen. Vilma was Buddy's real life sister, and she lived to the old age of 96. Buddy Ebsen of course, also lived well into his 90's.

Texas Carnival (1951)
There was only 1 routine in this movie I felt like sharing. It's called "It's Dynamite", and in it Ann Miller performs an amazing dance that left me slack jawed. The other big names in this movie was Red Skelton (who was funny at times), and Howard Keel. I can't really recommend this movie, but if you're a dance fan, it's worth watching just for the 3 minutes in which Ann Miller is at her best. Since I couldn't find the clip I wanted, I decided to share this 1970's commercial featuring Ann Miller. Some of you older folks will recognize it right off.

Duchess Of Idaho (1950)
This musicial comedy actually held my interest unlike the previous Esther Williams / Van Johnson comedy I mentioned. It also co-starred John Lund & Paula Raymond. There were a number of cameo's in this movie. Mel Tormé had a small role, but unfortunately it didn't include him singing. Lena Horne appears long enough to sing 1 number, and Red Skelton appears for maybe 1 minute. The cameo that really got my attention was by Eleanor Powell. Not only does she tap her way into my heart as usual, but this is her last big-screen appearance. She didn't really retire, but she moved on to local TV, family life, became a nightclub entertainer, etc...

One Note Samba
Ella Fitzgerald....1969....scat....enough said.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jam Session 2.0

8 people, with 5 instruments, from 4 continents, speaking 3 languages, for 1 song...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mario Kart Love Song

Spintown News:
Yesterday I stumbled onto what has to be at least the 1,000th YouTube cover of Sam Hart's "Mario Kart Love Song". Since I'm such a Mario Kart fan, I felt inspired to do a blog featuring some of my favorite "Mario Kart Love Songs" related videos.

I also updated the "Songs Of The Day" section today.

I know it's an old video, but before watching all the covers you should really revisit the original.

This group is from Miami University. Besides being in classes with Ben Roethlisberger, I don't remember anything this cool happening when I was in school there.

Bowser's Reply
Here's the same tune, but from Bowser's point of view. Oh, and the same guy also sang a song about Luigi called "Luigi's Ballad".

Wedding Serenade
I'm not all that romantic, but this made me cry....almost... *sniff*

Girl Version
The singing isn't that great, and there's probably better "Girl Versions" of this song out there. But if you give it time, I'm sure you'll figure out why I'm posting this.

Matlock Project
I can't say I like this style of music, but it's a fairly entertaining video.

Drum Cover
The guy's no 'vadrum', but until 'vadrum' does this song, it'll have to do.

Brittany Cigna


Even More Covers:
1. This is a creative cover from Scared Of Dinosaurs.
2. Austin Criswell does a great cover of this song. Might be my favorite of the bunch.
3. Sam Brett also does a great cover of this song.
4. I think Natalie has the most popular version.
5. Meghan Tonjes will be doing a "Spintown Interviews..." video soon. Until then, enjoy this great cover.
6. Travis Bruner & Jeremiah Hamilton do a fine job, and with a name like Travis I think that kid will go far.
7. I wonder if Carolyn has an extra hat I could buy?
8. YouTuber 'dysmyelopoiesis' decided to do a ukulele cover.
9. Ryan & Richie make up the 'ThePianoBros', and this is a nice piano cover.
10. If I could get Carolyn's hat & find a mens version of the shirt Kauyer Lor is wearing I'm all set.
11. Go Remy made a Mario Kart Rap.

Hope you enjoyed the Mario Kart madness. If anyone likes to play Mario Kart DS online hit me up on Twitter with your friend code or leave a comment below. My friend code is: 489718 247823 & of course I go by "Spintown". I will show no mercy...unless you promise to subscribe to the blog, YouTube channel & follow me on Twitter.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Mike Lombardo made a cool video for his recent Ben Folds cover.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is nothing special, but I would like to have a mug like this.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Girl's Pussy

This song is from Harry Roy & His Orchestra, and I couldn't help but share it with yall.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's The Day She Boogies

I've been playing around with a new YouTube feature today. It's called "YouTube DISCO", you should check it out.

She Boogies 345-5316008
Rhod Durre & Rüss Rogers combined = Godz Poodlz. This is a song they wrote for Song Fu, and the entire song is made up of words that can be spelled on a calculator. Russ, Rhod, Angela Brett, Amy Vos McLeod & Tom Giarrosso who helped in the making of this video are all TMA members.

Today's The Day
Joe "Covenant" Lamb is yet another TMA member, and here he covers a song written by Inverse T. Clown...who is also a TMA member.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


An Unfair and One-Sided Review
by Sammy Kablam

Fight: Keep All Your Promises

After my bout with "Crush", I'm here with shakey knees, about to sit thru my second streamline of Song Fight entries. So, without further ado, let's run full speed into what will probably be an unforgiving brick wall.

Wages (added due to request)

This one sounds like a combination of Pink Floyd and the blonde chick from "Werewolf". This probably won't make it onto the Spintown page, but I can't think of anything better to say about it. Pink Floyd is good, right?


Not really my style, but that doesn't much matter. In terms of hard rock, it's a megaton better than most unknown groups. And the addition of the brass was unconventional and refreshing. Definitely made your presentation better.


The lyrics aren't unbearable, but they do need work. Part of what makes songs catchy is when the lyrical rhythm is natural, and you lack that quite often. The techno style isn't too bad, either, but it is a little repetative. You might want to try switching things up here and there.

State Shirt

This is a massive improvement. This is melodramatic movie montage stuff. And that's a very good thing. That is, until your song has those schizophrenic episodes. Other than that, it's an excellent step above your last entry.

Manhattan Glutton

This is the kind of thing that gets stuck in your head for weeks. A regular anthem, in fact. Some of the verses could be re-done for lyrical rhythm, but that refrain is a helluva hook.

Montana Fudge with James Peen

As utterly stupid as this is, I nearly choked to death on my caffeine free Pepsi-Cola when I heard the first refrain. I hate to admit it, but this had me laughing a lot -- once I cleared my trachea of sodapop. And the sax solo just added to the amazing lovesong sincerity. Well played, gentlemen.

Jeff Robertson and the Neo-Candylanders

Simple, but effective. Might consider re-working the guitar solo a little, but the overall is alright.

Cobalt Stomach

Finally, something to bitch about. I like synth sounds. They please me. But there's such a thing as "overkill". The constant saw buzzing is not good, no matter the genre. Oh, and here's something interesting: Why is this the same damn song as Wages? What's the point of having two versions of the same poorly written song?

The Interchangeables

It's always fascinating when someone manages to not be funny for an entire song. I mean, even if the lyrics weren't redundant as all get out and your voice was, I dunno -- pleasant? -- it's hard to write a song about dumping a dead person and make it funny. At least, that's what you've showed us. Or maybe you've just demonstrated that it's easy to make it NOT funny. Not sure which route you took. Either way, this is the sound of a bomb going off.

Architechts of Desire

Not a bad composition. Not too often you get a harpsichord in this particular style. Not really my thing in general, but you did it well enough.

Ross Durand

Wow. This is honestly fantastic.

King Arthur

I was trying to keep an open mind, but "I hope I don't die" is such a silly line, that it really illustrates how this topic doesn't fit at all with the music. That, and...what's the point of the song? It starts out like it's setting up a story, and then it just kinda...isn't.


The beats are alright. Verses aren't too bad. But the hook seems...uninspired.

The Weakest Suit

What in the world? That goofy effect doesn't even sound like part of your song. I actually paused it to see if an ad popped up on my screen. Definitely a bizarre step down from last week.

Ux Mpuzm

Well. You certainly have a unique...um...style. If I don't end there, this won't make it onto the site.

Lucky Spoon

Eeeeesh. Amidst the overload of distorion noise, I do think there's potential here. But damn. Ease up on the volume.

James Owens

A little depressing, but not bad. Still waiting for that big James Owens hit, but I don't think I"ll be waiting too much longer.

Balance Lost

Meh. This feels an awful lot like it's trying to be poetry. I guess it's passable, but it's certainly nothing I'd every play again.

Chthonic Youth

I think this needs to be just a touch faster. And maybe a ease up a bit on the distortion. But overall, not a bad offering.

Fortune's Favorite

The music sounds like something from a Sega racing game. The vocals are too quiet, and I"m not going to bother straining to hear them because I HAVE to stop this music. I'm really hoping I get to finish on a good song eventually.

And with that, we conclude the 2nd unfair review of Song Fight by yours truly. Thankfully, most of the entrants were at least TRYING this time. I just hope the vast of decent music wasn't a fluke.

Keep improving,
S. Kablam

(If you didn't see a review for a few of the bands it's because I edited them out. If I thought the comments were too mean or didn't have anything constructive in it, I took them out. If you participated in this round, and want to see what Sammy thought about you just send me a message on YouTube or Twitter. If you want me to post it here, just leave a comment below.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Song Fight Review: Keep All Your Promises

The last challenge over at Song Fight was titled "Crush", and I predicted that Explino! would win. Or at least that was my favorite entry. Well I was wrong, and Deja Vu featuring Vertigo got the win. I liked their entry & had them ranked 4th, so congrats to the winner. There's a whole new batch of songs over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round. My picks are listed below:

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)


King Arthur

Manhattan Glutton

Architects Of Desire

Still Good: Montana Fudge with James Peen - Chthonic Youth

Not Too Bad: Balance Lost - Barton Stink - Jeff Robertson And The Neo-Candylanders

Keep All Your Promises (VideoSong)
State Shirt made another awesome VideoSong for their entry. The music ain't bad by any stretch, but it's just not a style of music I typically listen to.

Keep All Your Promises
Therman made a video for his Song Fight entry as well.

Side Notes:
There were 3 late entries into this fight. Suckweasel made me laugh with their song, and The Sober Irishman kept me entertained for about 3 minutes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Spintown Interviews...Kris Mark

I've been subscribed to Kris Mark for a long time now on YouTube. I was extremely happy he was willing to be interviewed. Not only does he post good solo videos, but I really enjoy the collaborations he does. Matter a fact I've actually subscribed to a few of the people he's teamed up with over the years. Sorry this interview was too long for 1 YouTube video, but you can watch the whole thing HERE. The only down side is that Daily Motion doesn't have annotations, so I advise just watching both YouTube videos.

Music By: Sammy Kablam
Opening Animation By: "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
Len Peralta Will Flip Your Face At: Flip Face

Kris Mark's Profile:
YouTube Channel: KrisMarkMusic
Joined YouTube: April 24, 2008
Channel Views: 146,410
Total Upload Views: 581,126
Subscribers: 12,480
Twitter Account: @kris_mark
i-Tunes Music: krismark
MySpace page: krismarkmusic
Facebook page: Kris Mark

Who Is She (First Love)
This music video is really well done. It was directed/produced/filmed by Scott Yoshimoto of MOVeMEDIA productions. Kris, Scott & Deyo Forteza of Kaba Modern came up with the video concept.

Kris Mark 2 x 2
1. Lucky with Alyssa Bernal (Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat cover)
2. Chasing Pavements with An Le (Adele cover)
3. Burning Up with Kinh Nguyen & CP (Jonas Brothers cover)
4. Million Ways To Be Cruel (OK Go cover)

From Her
This is his first original song.

I'm Yours
This time Kris teams up with Hallie Boltwood to cover a Jason Mraz song.

Take You There Medley
Kris appeared on a dating show called "The Sign" with his buddies CP & Kihn.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Interactive Piano

I mentioned recently that I was going to listen to all the past Song Fight songs. Well I decided to attack this mission 1 year at a time. So I'm working on listening to all the 2009 songs at the moment. When I'm done I'm planning a huge post about 2009. Probably pick the Song Fighter of the year, throw some stats about the year up, and some other things. Right now I'm about halfway through the year I think...so I've got a long way to go. Don't expect this for at least a couple weeks.

Interactive Piano
Mystery Guitar Man recently came up with the best interactive YouTube video I've seen to date. It's not all that incredible, but I was able to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb". Besides most interactive videos have sucked thus far with only a few exceptions.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party Girl (1958) & Kissin' Cousins (1964)

Spintown News:
I updated the "Music Videos" & "Songs Of The Day" sections today.

I've been trying to learn this song as I drive around town for awhile now...I'm still struggling. The first person to post a cover of this song will get a video featured on my blog every day for a month. No slowing the song down to make it easier... I'm A Little Busybody

Party Girl (1958)
There was nothing all that great about this movie, except for 2 dance routines by the wonderful Cyd Charisse. It wasn't a bad movie, it just wasn't a great movie either. Robert Taylor, Cyd Charisse & Lee J. Cobb give alright performances, but if I saw this on TV again I probably wouldn't stop to watch. One interesting thing about the film is that Cyd's real life husband Tony Martin sang the opening number. Click HERE to listen. Enjoy the first dance routine from the film below.

Dance #2
This is the second & last routine from the film. It's also my favorite moment from the film, and one of my favorite Cyd Charisse moments period.

Kissin' Cousins (1964)
Like most movies Elvis is in, this movie was made to sell records, and blows as a movie. I'm sure it was alright as far as advertising, but I'd rather pop in an Elvis CD, then watch this crap. Here's my favorite number from the movie. It's called "One Boy Two Little Girls".

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Example

Nothing new today, but I recently uploaded a couple videos that Brent Black made for me. These have been hosted on his channels (brenatlfloss & FlossOriginals) for awhile, but until now I've left them off my channel. I might add a 3rd video featuring some rough drafts of the song, but I don't know yet.

Good Example

Good Example (G-Rated Version)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Song Fight 'Facts' & New Feature

I recently decided I wanted to start following Song Fight a little closer. I've been reviewing the rounds for a little while, but I really don't know much about the history of the place or anything. So not only do I plan to listen to ALL the past songs (and trust me that's going to take awhile), but I think I'd like to interview one of bands that have been posting on there for a long time. So I started looking through the site and found the list of all the people who have ever submitted songs, how many they've submitted over time, and how many times they've won. I don't know who I'll ask for an interview yet, but if anyone has suggestions please let me know. Below are some interesting 'facts' I discovered while looking around.

1. Melvin & WreckdoM has each submitted 102 total songs, which ties them for the most ever. That doesn't include collabs they may have done, or songs submitted under a different name.

2. 13 different people have submitted 50 or more songs.

3. More then 80 people have submitted a minimum of 20 songs.

4. Josh Woodward has entered 44 times, and won over half of those fights.

5. Rone Rivendale has entered more then anyone without winning. Unless you count Wages, who has only won with a collab.

6. Hostess Mostess has entered at least 1 song every year since 2002. I'm sure others may have as well, but that's still a lot.

7. 10 years...the amount of time it'll take me to get caught up on all the music from Song Fight.

(facts may be incorrect due to my being lazy & not double checking. :P )

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jeff MacDougall (Sponsored by Sunkist)

The reason I decided to feature this is because I'm to tired to do much else. Some people were confused about it though, so it'll give me a chance to explain something. This version of the interview was made as a joke. When Jeff sent me his video, there was a clip of him goofing around at the end drinking a Sunkist. It made me lol, and I wanted to go WAY overboard by making a ton of fake Sunkist ads in the video. If Sunkist was really sponsoring my videos I wouldn't be broke. I thought it was a pretty obvious joke, but a couple people were fooled. If you haven't watched it, make sure to check out the annotations & even the text when you move the cursor over the annotations.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blue Skies (1946) & Another Thin Man (1939)

Well I've been watching a lot of old movies again, so I figured I'd give my opinions on some of them. The first film I want to mention is 1946's "Blue Skies". At one time this was supposed to be Fred Astaire's final film. He was 47 at the time, and thought this would be a big hit to go out on. I'm very glad he came back for "Easter Parade", and continued on after that. I didn't like this movie at all. It can barely be called a movie, it's more of a collection of musical numbers. That's not really a bad thing I guess, but they should have just thrown out all the story because what they had sucked donkey balls. I've included what I consider to be the highlights of the movie below.

Puttin' On The Ritz
By far the best moment in the film, this Fred Astaire number is amazing.

Heat Wave
Unfortunately I couldn't find the full video of this number, but it's one of the better numbers from the film.

A Couple Of Song And Dance Men
Bing sings a lot of numbers in this movie, but I've never been a fan of him on film. This was my favorite "Bing moment" from this picture.

Puttin' On The Rotoscope
I saw this fan video while looking for the "Puttin' On The Ritz" video.

Another Thin Man (1939)
I love most of "The Thin Man" movies. I could watch William Powell & Myrna Loy banter back & forth all day. The series isn't known for it's dance numbers, but this rhumba was amazing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Rise & Fall Of The Fu

The Rise & Fall Of The Fu
I sent out a tweet today that a few Song Fu veterans didn't care for or agree with. They didn't like me laying blame on the all mighty Plumey for the failure that was Song Fu 5. Personally I like Ken, matter a fact I really admire what he's done in creating Song Fu. It's a place to discover new artists that probably don't get the attention they deserve for one reason or another. I also love the competition aspect of it even though I don't actually compete. So all in all Ken is a swell guy. But he's not perfect, and Song Fu is FAR from being perfect....especially lately. I don't think Ken has skin so thin that my little tweet will hurt his feelings. I mean if you're going to be on the internet you have to have thick skin. It's also not my intention that anything that follows hurts his feelings. I just want to mention some things that make Song Fu great, and maybe point out how Song Fu has taken a wrong turn or 2.

The Masters:
It's a no brainer that the 'Masters' are an important part of this competition. I mean that's what gets people interested enough not just to listen & vote, but to compete in the first place. From talking to various competitors one of the big draws is being a part of something that Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm, Neil Innes & etc... are a part of. During the last few Fu's a few things have happened that have taken the focus off the masters. Some of these things Ken has control over & some he doesn't. The first thing that happened I don't blame Ken for in the least. When the tournament format changed, and the masters didn't compete each round it's obviously a downer. However in the long run I think this had to happen. Ken has contacts that's for sure, but I imagine it's not easy to line up masters for something like this. I mean they don't get paid & it's a time consuming commitment. So getting someone to agree to write 3 or 4 brand new songs for you isn't a small task. Eventually if Song Fu was going to continue on a regular basis Ken would probably run out of people willing to be a master simply because people can't keep working for free. If Ken's resources were endless then sure lets go back to the old format, but realistically unless you want to limit Song Fu to once a year or something, the format change was needed. Getting people to commit to 1 song over a week or so is much easier then the alternative.

Before the format change happened there were a few times when the masters didn't complete the challenge. I don't blame anyone for things like that, I mean LIFE HAPPENS. You might have to work (I mean the kind that pays the bills), you may have a baby (that happened twice), or something else that's a little higher up on the priority list then an on-line songwriting tournament. Now even though those things do happen they can be planned for, and by the end of Song Fu 3 there was plenty of reasons to start planning for them. Masters dropped rounds left & right in SF3. Luckily Paul & Storm stayed for the finish, but that's only after skipping a round themselves. So when SF4 started & the format changed for the second time, it was a time bomb waiting to happen. Before if a the master skipped you had fall back masters who were already competing. Now if the master skips what happens? You're screwed, that's what. I'm sure Ken learned from that, and I imagine he had a back up plan in case that happened in Song Fu 5. Unfortunately whatever his backup plan was also flopped. So for 2 Song Fu's in a row, the thing that is the biggest draw has been a no show. This is obviously my second example of things that have taken the focus off the masters.

I have to lay some blame on Ken because there are ways to avoid this. Matter of fact since the end of SF4 I've thought that Ken should give the master his/her challenge before the tournament even starts. Once you have someone lined up, give them a week or so to complete a given challenge. Then store that song on your computer, and start the tournament. When it's time for the final battle you give the same exact challenge to the winning challenger with the same time period. There's no possible way you're going to disappoint anyone in that circumstance. If the challenger doesn't step up, that's not a big deal. At least not compared to the master not showing up. I'm not saying my way is the only way to go, but it's an example of how this recent let down could have been avoided. Since this isn't a new problem at this point, and there are ways to avoid it...it's only fair that Ken takes some blame.

The third thing that has taken the focus off the master is definitely Ken's fault in every way possible, because it's Ken himself. Song Fu 5 wasn't the first time that the master didn't compete until the end, but it was the first time nobody knew who the master was going to be. If the big draw to the carnival is the strong man, you don't have the barker shouting about the bearded lady. By not telling people who the master is you lose even more interest from people, and after the finish to SF4 you really didn't need that.

At this point I don't want to keep writing because I'm terrible at it, and even Microsoft Word can't fix all my grammatical errors. Since I've started I feel I should finish, so I'll move on to something else that has bugged me and many others about Song Fu....the voting.

This really isn't as big a problem as the master issues, but it is something that should be fixed, and can at least be improved upon. I know Ken has looked into a couple ways to do voting, and he said there's problems with both systems he has investigated. I don't disagree with him, voting can be a bitch, and I hear about people hacking/cheating or just taken advantage of systems all the time. But just because something is difficult to solve you don't just avoid the problem. Currently the voting system is unfair for 2 reasons. The first being that it's easy to cheat the system and vote multiple times. The second reason is because it's a bit of a popularity contest that isn't based on talent. I liked Berg & Jerry, but do you honestly think they created the best music for SF4?

Here's another suggestion from me, and again I don't mean to imply it's the only way. Instead of having 1 voting system, have 2. Continue to allow fans & listeners to vote with the same system you have in place. The person with the most votes at the end would still go up against the master. However you also allow challengers to vote via e-mail for their favorites each round. It's not hard to set up a single purpose e-mail & count the votes from 20-30 different people. Sure it's not fun, and it may take a half hour of your time, but the people taking the time to create these songs deserve it. At the end of the 3 rounds whoever has the most votes via e-mail would also battle the master in the last round. This would insure that someone with a lot of "fans or friends" doesn't just overwhelm talent. I don't think people would mind having 3 people battle it out in the final battle. For the last round you would probably have to pick just one system, but at least my solution gets you a challenger whose peers would have to agree deserves to be there...after all they alone would have voted for it.

John Hodgeman:
This is the last thing I want to mention, then I'll close. It's actually more of a question for Ken, then anything. After having 35 people/groups write songs about John's mole men, why on earth couldn't you take 30 seconds to ask John about what he thought of it in your last chat with him? I'm just curious, I know a lot of the people would have loved to hear what his response would have been.

Please forgive me if this seems mean, but it's not supposed to be mean. Laying blame never comes off as being nice though, so I get if people don't like this, and they can disagree with me by posting comments below. Besides loving Song Fu, and liking many of the people involved, I think some of these problems get me mad because of my profession & nature. I'm a PE teacher, or at least an unemployed one, and it's part of my job to design games & competitions that are fair. I also modify lessons every time I teach. If I teach a lesson & it didn't work, I make changes so that the next time it might. Being naturally competitive at everything, I hate seeing something I view as being unfair. This is my way of venting some frustrations with something I see as needing fixed or modified. To close I just want to say I loves me some Ken Plume...but totally in a heterosexual way. Keep up the good work, just do it even better. The artists deserve it, and that's who it's all about.

Song Fight Review: Crush
Right Click "Save As" on the names of the artist to download a MP3 of their entry.

The last challenge over at Song Fight was titled "Frostbite", and I predicted that Jeff DeSantis
would win. Or at least that was my favorite entry. Well I was wrong, and RE:FLEKT got the win. You can decide for yourself which is better, but RE:FLEKT wasn't even in my top 7. There's a whole new batch of songs over at Song Fight, so I suggest you go pick your favorite songs for the current round. My picks are listed below:

Voted For:
(Right Click "Save As" on the artist's name for a MP3 of their entry.)


Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff


Deja Vu featuring Vertigo

Still Good: Berkeley Social Scene - Ross Durand - Cain / Prosthetic Limp - i.p. - The Weakest Suit - Boltoph

Not Too Bad: Benjamin Sturdevant - Jon Eric - Tuners Union - James Owens

State Shirt
I'm always up for posting YouTube videos for these Song Fu/Song Fight blogs. I really liked the stop motion video for this entry.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Today we have another guest blog from Sammy Kablam. Sammy reviewed every single song of the recent Song Fight, but you might notice a few bands missing in this post. I deleted a few of the reviews, but you can safely assume that Sammy didn't like anything about the song if it's one that I removed.

An Unfair and One-Sided Review

by Sammy Kablam

Fight: Crush

Let me start this off by saying that I have avoided this as long as possible. I have never actually heard someone say "Hey, you should check out Song Fight because it's not a trainwreck of failure". And with Song Fu going noticably downhill, I couldn't imagine the dreaded Fight was picking up where the Fu was letting down. But, I have cracked, and here I am with my unnecessarily blunt review of Song Fight's "Crush".


About halfway thru your song, I realized I was halfway thru your song. That is not a good way to start things off. So I restarted it, and noticed that the reason my mind had drifted was because your song is very sleepy for the first half. It picks up rather effectively in the latter half, so that's a plus. But I can still barely make out what you're saying. That, too, has an adverse effect on my ability to pay attention. Sorry, but I have no idea what your song was about outside of "crush my world", so the whole point of the music change escapes me. It almost feels like you've bored yourself into just playing a different song for the second half.


Yes, I do wonder what it all means. What the hell are you talking about? I couldn't hear Boltoph, but I just don't know what you're saying. You also sound like you just got up. Have some coffee or something before you record your songs, maybe they'll make more sense.


Oh, I'm sorry. This review is only for real people.

Cain/Prosthetic Limp

As much as it may surprise certain people, I think there's potential here. That's not to say your entry was very good, but it was ALMOST good. And that's certainly a start. I don't know how long you've been at this songwriting stuff, but if this tune is any indication, you could end up being not half bad.


Your music is not only great, but also my style. Your vocals were not only audible, but sharp. As this is the 6th song I l've listened to, you are the first light in a 5-song cloud of darkness. Please stick around and continue to school Song Fight. Please, please, please.

Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff

This was another surprisingly decent song. A few odd elements, but the hook was catchy and the music was pretty alright. All-around not bad.


The guitar here was entirely out of place. And because of how it didn't fit, it was a huge distraction. If reorchestrated, the song might work, but as is, not so much.


I kept losing interest in your song. I had to keep restarting it. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I honestly can't think of a good thing to say about this thing. You lost tempo with your own song a few times, you kept swallowing half your words... I just don't know.

James Owens

With a speaker on either side of my desk, your voice was completely drowned out. Pans are not supposed to work like that. You seem to have a decent voice, so you're better off working on mixing levels than trying to spilt it away from the music. I don't get the strategy there, anyway. Also, it sounded like you were trying to avoid singing aloud. Stop that.

Ross Durand

This was actually a very sweet song. Proof that one CAN record a song with voice and guitar alone and NOT be dull and void of depth. I was reminded of Mel McDaniel during this number, and in my book, that's a good thing.

Benjamin Sturdevant

Ugh. I feel bad for you because you had to follow Mr. Durand. That's like watching a guy juggle twelve flaming chainsaws, and the next act is a chimpanzee hitting itself with a brick. (The entertainment quality has dropped drastically, is the idea.) It's too quiet, it's pretty dumb, and you're obnoxious as hell. I don't know what compelled you to do this, but you should quit while you're behind.

Medusa Oblongata

You have a very sharp name. Your vocals, however are flat. (See what I did there?) But even during the chorus, when your harmonies seem to work, you sound absolutely bored. That doesn't exactly capture an audience.

Manhattan Glutton

I don't like your style, but you're actually very good at it. I expected a bunch of over distorted garbage and screaming, but you put my expectations in their place. A little long, maybe, but good nonetheless.

Lord of Oats

Again, I see potential. But you REALLY need to polish this stuff up. Maybe make it sound less like "Video Killed The Radio Star". But whatever you do, straighten out your voice. You're not terrible, but it seems a little touchy.

Tuners Union

Your music is pretty slick, in terms of lounge lizards. But it was the only interesting part. Maybe you can get hired as background noise at a hotel.

Josef Frank

An instrumental? Really?


Your intro was fascinating. Then the song actually started, and your inaudible lyrics kinda pissed it away. Slow, dull, same old problems. Record scratches were hot shit, though.

Deja Vu featuring Vertigo

What a hokey, annoying thing this is. Jeez. Sing a little higher; another key up, and I might not be able to hear you. And what's with the CastleVania music? What the hell kind of message is this combo supposed to send to the listener? Other than the message of "I don't know what I'm doing".

Give Our Regard's To The Earth's Core

Your name is astounding in its stupidity. Especially because it's misspelled. I'm sure your song is equally pleasing, but I can't understand most of it. Maybe slow it down and turn up the vox, but for now it's getting filed with the other Inaudible Scrap.

Berkeley Social Scene

I couldn't figure out the beat. I'm all for experimenting, but it distracted me from the song itself. The music sounded good, though. I just couldn't figure out the rhythm, and that's where my mind was.

Chopped Liver Meat God

Stupid band name; decent song-like thing. Your vocals are pretty touchy, but the music is alright and the lyrics actually seem to be ABOUT something, which definitely works in your favor. But then it just stops. Songs are supposed to end, not hit a brick wall. You've got a good start, here; I hope you get around to finishing it.


Music is pretty generic, and the lyrics could be tweaked, but not a horrible effort. The guitar gets a little incessant during the verses, but the overall isn't too bad. I think it would work MUCH better slowed down and power ballady. But as is, it's still leaps and bounds ahead of most of the rabble.

The Weakest Suit

Vocals aren't the best, but at least you were thinking outside the box. You get a gold star just for that. Polish it up, and it could be pretty popular, just for the weirdness. But it's a good weirdness.


Gah, why are YOU the last one? There were worse entries, but the singing is choppy at best, if not just bad. I can appreciate the "big finish", but it feels like an afterthought. The rest of the song is dull and slow, and then "grand finale"! Like...why? Why put so much effort into being bland and then turn at the last minute and try to undo it? Doesn't make a whole lotta sense.

Well, kids, there you have it: my first angry rant about Song Fight. I think there were...what, three good songs? Something like that, I'll double check later. I'm too traumatized by sitting thru this garbage to even consider looking back right now.

Yours, in dread of the next Fight,
S. Kablam

Thursday, January 7, 2010

God Hates Lady Gaga

Westboro Baptist Church is filled with the lowest forms of life on this planet, but they made me giggle with this song.

My Girl She's Airy
Instead of trying to explain this next tune, I'm just going to quote what Joe Covenant wrote about it. For more info CLICK HERE.
"These tracks are my renditions of songs and poems from a collection known as "The Merry Muses of Caledonia". These were written and Collected by the National Bard, one Robert Burns.

Burns, made no secret of his interest in erotic and bawdy song, but these verses were deemed to not be in keeping with his stature of poet, but as he collected, as well as wrote these pieces there is no knowing how much of it is actually his.

Some of it is local and seem to obviously be in his style and he may also have collected some of the material during his tours around Scotland.

As an aside, some of Burns's most famous works were actually sanitised versions of the bawdy originals.

The Merry Muses were so explicit that their existence was denied for more than 100 years after his death. Once unveiled they were banned in the USA until 1964 and in the UK until 1965."
<a href="http://joecovenant.bandcamp.com/track/my-girl-shes-airy">My Girl She's Airy by Joe Covenant</a>

Main Squeeze
"Rocketboom's Ella Morton visits Main Squeeze Accordion Shop owner Walter Kuhr in New York City." - YT video description.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Spintown Interviews...Sophie Merry

I've been a fan of Sophie since her first "Groovy Dancing Girl" video came out. So I was thrilled she agreed to this.

You'll notice this interview is rather short & seems to fly by. We had some technical problems even getting the video she recorded to work. For awhile I thought I was going to have to scrap this interview or just do an audio version. After multiple attempts to fix the problem, Sophie ended up burning multiple formats of the video on a disc, and then mailed me the disc. I tried all the files on the disc but 1, and the video still didn't work for me. Luckily that last file worked, and I had something to work with. Sophie had already done more then I had asked of anyone in this process, so even though I wanted to ask follow up questions & do a better job, I didn't want to put her out any more then I already had.

So even if the interview is brief, please check out her work below. She's a very talented girl, who has taken advantage of this new medium. BIG THANKS to Sophie for making an extra effort to participate, it's not like Sunkist gives me much of an expense account.

Music By: Sammy Kablam
Opening Animation By: "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
Len Peralta Will Flip Your Face At: http://flipface.me/

Sophie's Profile:
YouTube Channel: BandyToaster
Joined YouTube: February 17, 2007
Channel Views: 331,701
Subscribers: 9,411
Sophie's MySpace Page: BandyToaster

Groovy Dancing Girl 2 x 2
1. Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger
2. Justice - Phantom
3. Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
4. Plaid - Shakbu

Solo Duet
This is Sophie's most recent project, and it features the music of Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong.

Cry Cry Baby
Sophie got a role in this music video from The Riptide Movement.

This is a pretty cool video a fan made for Sophie.

Groovy Dancing Girl For Etam
Here's a couple more short videos Sophie did for Etam. If you want more info about Sophie & Etam, you can check out this TV spot: Part 1 & Part 2.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Song Fu Stats

Spintown News:
I updated the "Music Videos" section of Spintown today. So check that out when you're done here by clicking the link above.

Before I get to the Song Fu stuff I need to mention a major screw up on my part. I'm supposed to post the Kris Mark interview I did Monday. The interview is finished & uploaded (although not on YouTube). The interview is over 10 minutes long, and so I need to make a couple quick edits to make it a 2 parter for YouTube. The problem is my hard drive crashed on my computer & I just sent my laptop in to have a virus removed. I've got the raw video that Kris sent me, I've got the opening & music, but I'd basically have to redo all the edits & question cards to make a YouTube version until I get my laptop back.

So what I'm going to do is post the interview I did with Sophie Merry on Monday, and hope my computer is done by the 18th. The 18th is when the next episode is supposed to be posted. If not, there may be an little bit longer wait between episode 6 & 7.

Song Fu Songs
Well a few people liked the vote count total I posted a little while ago, but it didn't really take into account how many songs each person has entered. So I'll be posting a couple more lists over the next week or so that go into a bit more detail. This next list shows how many songs each person has entered into Song Fu. Not only that, but it also acts as a handy guide to help you find all the songs entered by your favorite Song Fu'er.

1R1 - 1R2 - 1R3 - 2R1 - 2R2 - 2R3 - 2R4 - HF - 3R1 - 3R2 - RNF - 3R3 - 3R4 - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 4R4 - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3

10 - Edric Haleen - 2R1 - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
9 - Paul and Storm - 1R1 - 1R2 - 2R1 - 2R2 - 2R3 - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R4 - HF -
9 - Jeff MacDougall - 1R1 - 1R2 - 1R3 - 2R1 - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - HF - RNF -
9 - "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - 2R1 - 2R2 - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 4R1 - 5R1 - 5R2 - HF -
9 - Jutze Schult - 2R1 - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 3R4S - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 4R4S -
9 - Jalapeno Habaneros - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
8 - Joe "Covenant" Lamb - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 - HF - RNF -
8 - Jason Morris - 2R1 - 2R2 - 2R3 - 2R4 - 5R1 - 5R2 - HF - RNF -
7 - Steve Chatterton - 2R1 - 2R2 - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 5R1 - 5R3 -
7 - Audiomohel - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R4S - 5R1 -
7 - Caleb Hines - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 4R4S - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
6 - Sara Parsons - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
6 - Mick Bordet - 2R1 - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 3R4S - RNF -
6 - Lex Vader - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
6 - Godz Poodlz - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
5 - Run at the Dog - 1R1 - 1R2 - 2R1 - 2R2 - 2R3 -
5 - Mike Lombardo - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 4R1 - 5R3S -
5 - Gorbzilla - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 5R1 - 5R3 -
5 - Timonth Rush - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 5R1 - 5R2 -
5 - Denise Hudson - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
4 - Molly Lewis - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - 3R4 -
4 - Jonathan Coulton - 1R1 - 1R2 - 1R3 - 2R1 -
4 - The Rifftones - 2R1 - 2R2 - 2R3 - 2R4 -
4 - Insane Ian - 2R1 - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 -
4 - Berg & Jerry - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 - 4R4 -
4 - The Masked Stranger - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 - HF -
3 - Hank Green - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 -
3 - Crabbydad - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 -
3 - Chas Lilly - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - Jarrett Heather - 3R1 - 4R1 - 5R1 -
3 - Hazen Nester - 3R1 - 3R2 - 3R3 -
3 - The Perfect Place - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 -
3 - Josh Holober-Ward - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - Ian & Melissa - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 -
3 - Kylie Petto - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - The Scribbles - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 -
3 - Jubilee Jews - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - Darrell MacLaine - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 -
3 - Zer0guy - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - Bryce Jensen - 3R1 - 2R2 - HF -
3 - Manticess - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - Jeff Fardink - 3R1 - 3R2 - 5R1 -
3 - Jonathan Mann - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - His Name Is Legs - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 -
3 - Bram Tant - 2R1 - 5R1 - 5R2 -
3 - Travis Norris - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 -
3 - Alex Taylor - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - Peter Benedict - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - Simmbiosis - 5R1 - 5R2 - 5R3 -
3 - Richard Clayton Spring - 4R1 - 4R2 - 4R3 -
2 - Elaine Chao Finnell - 1R1 - 1R2 -
2 - Lex Friedman - 1R1 - 1R2 -
2 - Nate Shivers - 2R1 - 2R2 -
2 - Tom Milsom - 4R1 - 4R2 -
2 - Cloakie - 1R1 - 1R2 -
2 - Caleb Lee - 4R1 - 4R3 -
2 - Hallelujah Ape - 3R1 - 3R2 -
2 - Paul Frumpton Experience Featuring Larry - 1R1 - 1R2 -
2 - Gifted Gear - 5R1 - 5R2 -
2 - Ian "Two Shades" Johnson - 5R1 - 5R3 -
2 - The Gremlins - 4R1 - 4R2 -
2 - Aaron Z - 5R1 - 5R2 -
2 - Craig Richie - 5R1 - 5R3 -
2 - Heather Henderson - 3R1 - HF -
2 - Rusty's Rocking Jamboree - 3R1 - HF -
2 - Miles From Nashville - 4R1 - 4R2 -
2 - Andrew Thomson - 4R1 - 4R2 -
2 - Austin & The Pudaks - 4R1 - 4R3 -
2 - Derrek J. Thompson - 4R1 - 4R3 -
2 - Spencer Sokol - 5R1 - 5R3 -
2 - Tyler Massey - 1R1 - 5R1 -
1 - Doc Hammer - 1R1 -
1 - Neil Innes - 3R1 -
1 - Garfunkel & Oates - 3R1 -
1 - To Serve Mankind - 1R1 -
1 - Relic's Jetboat - 1R1 -
1 - Ben & Pete - 1R1 -
1 - germ - 1R1 -
1 - The Matt Lees Band - 1R1 -
1 - Shannon Miller - 1R1 -
1 - East Carolina - 1R1 -
1 - Jeremy Pierson - 4R1 -
1 - Broadband Fiasco - 1R1 -
1 - Jeremy Pierson - 2R1 -
1 - Governing Dynamics - 5R1 -
1 - Bobby Westfall - 5R1 -
1 - Justin Vega - 5R1 -
1 - Tom Rooney - 2R1 -
1 - Sarcasm - 1R1 -
1 - Airplane vs. Ambulance - 1R1 -
1 - Buffo Yux Dudes - 5R3S -
1 - Charlie Wolf - HF -
1 - Scott Wolfson - HF -
Total - 301

Here's my first BIG list - Most Song Fu Votes EVER