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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jeff MacDougall (Sponsored by Sunkist)

The reason I decided to feature this is because I'm to tired to do much else. Some people were confused about it though, so it'll give me a chance to explain something. This version of the interview was made as a joke. When Jeff sent me his video, there was a clip of him goofing around at the end drinking a Sunkist. It made me lol, and I wanted to go WAY overboard by making a ton of fake Sunkist ads in the video. If Sunkist was really sponsoring my videos I wouldn't be broke. I thought it was a pretty obvious joke, but a couple people were fooled. If you haven't watched it, make sure to check out the annotations & even the text when you move the cursor over the annotations.


  1. I knew you weren't actually paid for it, because there's no way they'd require so much airtime.
    I found the overboard sponsorship to be DAMN funny, mostly due to the great annotations. You managed to find the weirdest Sunkist commercial to place in the video, too.
    Now, the real question: How much should Sunkist pay you for such effective New Media marketing?

  2. Well I'll take anything I can get from them. :D I was very shocked that a couple people thought it was for real though.