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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mario Kart Love Song

Spintown News:
Yesterday I stumbled onto what has to be at least the 1,000th YouTube cover of Sam Hart's "Mario Kart Love Song". Since I'm such a Mario Kart fan, I felt inspired to do a blog featuring some of my favorite "Mario Kart Love Songs" related videos.

I also updated the "Songs Of The Day" section today.

I know it's an old video, but before watching all the covers you should really revisit the original.

This group is from Miami University. Besides being in classes with Ben Roethlisberger, I don't remember anything this cool happening when I was in school there.

Bowser's Reply
Here's the same tune, but from Bowser's point of view. Oh, and the same guy also sang a song about Luigi called "Luigi's Ballad".

Wedding Serenade
I'm not all that romantic, but this made me cry....almost... *sniff*

Girl Version
The singing isn't that great, and there's probably better "Girl Versions" of this song out there. But if you give it time, I'm sure you'll figure out why I'm posting this.

Matlock Project
I can't say I like this style of music, but it's a fairly entertaining video.

Drum Cover
The guy's no 'vadrum', but until 'vadrum' does this song, it'll have to do.

Brittany Cigna


Even More Covers:
1. This is a creative cover from Scared Of Dinosaurs.
2. Austin Criswell does a great cover of this song. Might be my favorite of the bunch.
3. Sam Brett also does a great cover of this song.
4. I think Natalie has the most popular version.
5. Meghan Tonjes will be doing a "Spintown Interviews..." video soon. Until then, enjoy this great cover.
6. Travis Bruner & Jeremiah Hamilton do a fine job, and with a name like Travis I think that kid will go far.
7. I wonder if Carolyn has an extra hat I could buy?
8. YouTuber 'dysmyelopoiesis' decided to do a ukulele cover.
9. Ryan & Richie make up the 'ThePianoBros', and this is a nice piano cover.
10. If I could get Carolyn's hat & find a mens version of the shirt Kauyer Lor is wearing I'm all set.
11. Go Remy made a Mario Kart Rap.

Hope you enjoyed the Mario Kart madness. If anyone likes to play Mario Kart DS online hit me up on Twitter with your friend code or leave a comment below. My friend code is: 489718 247823 & of course I go by "Spintown". I will show no mercy...unless you promise to subscribe to the blog, YouTube channel & follow me on Twitter.

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