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Thursday, January 7, 2010

God Hates Lady Gaga

Westboro Baptist Church is filled with the lowest forms of life on this planet, but they made me giggle with this song.

My Girl She's Airy
Instead of trying to explain this next tune, I'm just going to quote what Joe Covenant wrote about it. For more info CLICK HERE.
"These tracks are my renditions of songs and poems from a collection known as "The Merry Muses of Caledonia". These were written and Collected by the National Bard, one Robert Burns.

Burns, made no secret of his interest in erotic and bawdy song, but these verses were deemed to not be in keeping with his stature of poet, but as he collected, as well as wrote these pieces there is no knowing how much of it is actually his.

Some of it is local and seem to obviously be in his style and he may also have collected some of the material during his tours around Scotland.

As an aside, some of Burns's most famous works were actually sanitised versions of the bawdy originals.

The Merry Muses were so explicit that their existence was denied for more than 100 years after his death. Once unveiled they were banned in the USA until 1964 and in the UK until 1965."
<a href="http://joecovenant.bandcamp.com/track/my-girl-shes-airy">My Girl She's Airy by Joe Covenant</a>

Main Squeeze
"Rocketboom's Ella Morton visits Main Squeeze Accordion Shop owner Walter Kuhr in New York City." - YT video description.

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