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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Like My Boobies

Spintown News:
I was planning on featuring nothing but rap videos with a movie theme. However my love for boobies was too great.

I Like My Boobies
I like your boobies too.

Amazing Robocop Rap
A quick summary of the first Robocop movie.

Amazing Predator Rap!
A quick summary of the first Predator movie.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Just a cool Star Wars rap...not a summary of the movie.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I Like My Boobies In Spanish. CLICK HERE FOR Me Gustan Mis Boobies

2. I Like My Boobies In Farsi. CLICK HERE FOR Ashegheh Boobies

3. This was going to the the 4th featured video, so I could complete a movie rap theme for today. In the end, the power of the boobies won out. CLICK HERE FOR Top That

4. She ain't much to look at, and her dancing isn't very good...but I bet she's a fun person to hang out with. CLICK HERE FOR Drunk Fat Chick

5. Morgan Freeman covers one of my favorite songs. CLICK HERE FOR One Week

6. You should watch the whole video, but I skipped to the funny rap. CLICK HERE FOR Bicycle Safety Camp

7. This will finish up the leftover booty I had laying around. Don't worry, I'll still post booty. Just not 7+ videos a day like I have been the past 4 or 5 days. CLICK HERE FOR Booty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Friday, January 30, 2009

Everyday Normal Guy DISS

Everyday Normal Guy DISS
I saw this on POPTUB, and I subscribed to the guys channel.

Computer Camp Love
I saw this Datarock music video on Epic Fu, and thought you guys would enjoy it.

Stock Adviser
Hank Green doing a Britney parody.

Stack The Memory
You'll enjoy this video by the Sniper Twins, featuring Rob Collier.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I'm not usually one of those people that fall apart after seeing a cute baby...however this baby made my heart melt a little. CLICK HERE FOR Darby Drums

2. Here's some more from the Sniper Twins. CLICK HERE FOR Salad Wrap

3. Michael Daniel Baez will be a star one day, mark my word. CLICK HERE FOR You May Be Right

4. Bobby Carter/Michael Fobes is already a star to me. CLICK HERE FOR Doe A Deer

5. I would vote for this guy if he made the show. CLICK HERE FOR American Idol

6. I don't think the word 'pizazz' has ever been uttered by me. Matter a fact, this is the first time I've typed the word. CLICK HERE FOR Pizazz (Gonna Give It To Ya!)

7. Enjoy these while you can, I'm starting to run low on leftover booty. CLICK HERE FOR Booty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Always Look On The Bright Side

Spintown News:

Always Look On The Bright Side
This is my favorite YouTuber over 50.

Do The Vegaboogie!
This made me lol about a dozen times, for a dozen different reasons.

Everyone Has a Song Inside
Here's a promo for Songsmith. From what I've seen people make with it so far you should save your money.

LOL, Internet
I just found this to be funny.

Best Of The Rest:

1. AJ Rafael still hasn't done one of my requests. Oh well, he's doing 6 more in this series, maybe I'll get lucky still. CLICK HERE FOR Give Me The Simple Life

2. This guy has a man crush on the dude from Scrubs. CLICK HERE FOR Ode To Zach Braff

3. Like yesterday I'm posting some extra booty videos I had laying around. CLICK HERE FOR Booty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Uncle Jesse's Girl

Spintown News:
I posted a lot of extra booty videos I've been meaning to post. If I wait too long to post those type of videos, YouTube will often delete them before I post them. They're in the 'BOTR' section.

Uncle Jesse's Girl
Didn't everyone want to bang Lori Loughlin in the 90's?

Facebook Song
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre made me laugh with this parody.

YouTuber daniellesmagic uploaded a new original song.

Jake & Amir: Voice
Maybe these guys could start a college humor boy band.

Best Of The Rest:

1. A new Song Fu tournament will begin soon. The first 25 people who apply, can participate. Once those 25 participants have been announced, the showdown will commence. CLICK HERE FOR Song Fu 3

2. It would totally freak me out to be in a room full of robot dancers. I'd be wondering if they had steel exoskeletons, and if they were programmed to take over the world. CLICK HERE FOR Robot Dancers (1984)

3. Emily Elbert uploaded a new original song. It's too bad she doesn't make many videos. CLICK HERE FOR Silent Time

4. This guy might be the next big thing in rap. I mean after all he has plenty of time to work on his skills. CLICK HERE FOR 6 Year Old Rapper

5. Music may be inborn according to a new study. I could have told them that, I was born without any musical ability. CLICK HERE FOR Baby Got Beat

6. YouTuber NOKTURNA9 is my favorite 'twerker'...is that even a word? Anyways, her outfits are starting to get a little smaller. CLICK HERE FOR Booty Twerk

7. Once again I'm too lazy to go find another video to post, so I'm just going to post some extra booty. CLICK HERE FOR Extra Booty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YouTrax: Features DJ

YouTrax: Episode 7
DJ was featured on YouTrax in their most recent episode.

The What The Buck Song
YouTuber hexachordal wrote a song for Michael Buckley.

Bikini Dance
I don't care why she's in a bikini or why she's dancing. I just enjoy the fact that she is.

Re: me dancing to the music for no reason
Meet Jade (shpared). Jade has "asperger syndrome". Some people think Jade is a girl...but he is not (NOTE: I am a boy, not a girl). Watch Jade dance. Jade is funny.

Best Of The Rest:

1. YouTuber toymasheenSH decided to remix the above video for us. CLICK HERE FOR Remix

2. Are you getting tired of me posting hot chicks shaking their booty? I didn't think so... CLICK HERE FOR Booty

3. Will Smith rapping along with a ukulele. CLICK HERE FOR Men In Black

4. It's time for 'Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt'. CLICK HERE FOR Arpeggio Tricks & Explanations

5. It's a good thing this chick knows she's bad, otherwise it would just be sad. CLICK HERE FOR Fly On The Wall

6. Kina Grannis uploaded another original song. CLICK HERE FOR Back To Us

7. This is something a little different for this blog, but it is still dance related. CLICK HERE FOR Ballet Dance Workout

Monday, January 26, 2009

Commentary The Musical

Commentary The Musical
If you liked Dr. Horrible The Sing-A-Long Blog, then you should check this channel out. This guy posted all the music from the DVD commentary. This is my first time embedding an entire YouTube channel.

Let's Don't Worry
I love these videos, they always do a really good job.

Sexy Stripper Falls Off Stage
Lucky for us she doesn't fall until after she puts on a good show.

Ode To Boxxy (Love Song)
At least somebody seems to like Boxxy.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This commercial is pretty cool. CLICK HERE FOR Dancing Eyebrows

2. Even President Obama is getting into the Beyoncé craze. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies

3. I figured there would be more then a few Obama videos to post for a couple weeks. CLICK HERE FOR Obama Girl + Obama Duet

4. If you liked the above video, then check this remix out. CLICK HERE FOR Mike Relm

5. Even though I'm a Bengals fan, I'm cheering for the Steelers at this point. I like hard hitting teams, and I think the Cardinals lucked out in even getting to the Superbowl. CLICK HERE FOR Steelers: Here We Go

6. RICK C tried his hand at doing the popular Jason Mraz cover. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

7. The audio was taken down by YouTube in this clip, but I don't think you'll mind too much. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Guacamole Song

Spintown News:

Not much going on, but I did get another mention on brentalfloss. CLICK HERE FOR Brent

The Guacamole Song (with Recipe)
Rhett & Link did a great job with this video. Funny as heck.

TMI (3/4)
This is the 3rd song David Choi wrote with the help of his subscribers.

I Love Walter (Fringe)
WifeOfNalts posted a song a few days ago, and now Nalts is following her lead.

Sin Fang Bous: Clangour & Flutes
I just thought this was a really cool & well made music video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's the 3rd video of AJ's current series. I've been trying to get him to sing 'Paper Moon' or 'Everybody Loves Somebody'. CLICK HERE FOR Close To You

2. Nathan Lane sings a song on Sesame Street. CLICK HERE FOR Sing

3. Big booty today, enjoy. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

4. YouTuber Tiffany Jo Allen uploaded a new cover song. CLICK HERE FOR Love Story

5. Still not a huge fan of this type of dancing, but it's growing on me a little. CLICK HERE FOR Electro Dance

6. Here's some more choreography from PacMan & 747. CLICK HERE FOR Did I Fool Ya

7. I'm too lazy to go find another video for today's best of the rest. So I'm just giving you another booty dance. I'm sure at least half of you won't mind. CLICK HERE FOR More Booty

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finger Tutting Battle

Spintown News:
I really love todays videos. I mean normally a song about Mario Kart is going to be my number 1 video. However today there are at least 2 videos I enjoyed more. Starting with a tutting video by PacMan & Moon that is probably the best tutting video I've seen to date. I've also embeded the latest from brentalfloss.

Finger Tutting Battle
Moon vs PacMan in another incredible tutting video.

This is the last major video Brent is doing before he uploads my video. I love these videos in which he makes lyrics for classic videogame themes.

Mario Kart: The Rap
I link to every song about Mario Kart, and this one isn't bad. I'm just not a huge fan of the Wii Mario Kart vs the N64 or DS versions. Props to YouTuber GoRemy, but be glad you play on Wii & not DS. I'd kick your tail anytime online.

The dancing inmates are finally dancing to their very own song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Bad dancing is just as much fun to watch as really good dancing. CLICK HERE FOR Circus

2. I'm not a big fan of this type of dancing, but these guys are really good at it. CLICK HERE FOR Electro Dance

3. If the code monkey dance girl doesn't start dancing again, YouTuber NOKTURNA9 could end up as my favorite female internet dancer. CLICK HERE FOR Jacqueline

4. AJ Rafael posted the second video in his new series. CLICK HERE FOR Get Here

5. YouTuber TheGentleSurprise has a good sound, you should check him out. CLICK HERE FOR Saturday Sun

6. Ana Free sings with her friend Joe Martinez. CLICK HERE FOR Free Fallin'

7. This is some major Booty. CLICK HERE FOR WebCam Chick

Friday, January 23, 2009

With A Little Bit Of Luck

Spintown News:
It's time to kick it old school again. Today we've got some more of my favorite moments from television & movies.

With A Little Bit Of Luck
I didn't like 'My Fair Lady' as much as a lot of people, but there are a few good numbers in the movie that I like.

Dean Martin
I've had this recording for years on CD, but never had the chance to see the video until a few weeks ago. Beau James is one of my favorite Dino songs to sing in the car.

Cyd Charisse
One of my favorite girls doing what she does best in 'Party Girl'.

Lady Be Good
Eleanor Powell is incredible in this movie, and this is a jaw dropping number.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Martin & Lewis trying to kill time live on their old show. CLICK HERE FOR Five Minutes Left

2. Here's the hottest little cartoon character in history, Betty Boop. CLICK HERE FOR I Wanna Be Loved By You

3. I was going to post Vera Ellen performing 'Naughty But Nice' from 'The Belle Of New York', but YouTube took the audio out of the uploaded video. So now you get this number with Donald O' Connor, another one of my favorite dancers. CLICK HERE FOR It's A Lovely Day Today PS: You still might want to watch her doing the 'Naughty But Nice' routine on YouTube even without the sound. She's smokin' hot in it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spintown Features: ParryGripp

Spintown News:
- I haven't featured just 1 person in awhile now. Today I'm featuring YouTuber ParryGripp. He started getting popular about a year ago, making short little jingles for YouTube videos. Enjoy & subscribe.

- brentalfloss mentioned me again in his latest update. CLICK HERE FOR Brent

Dramatic Chipmunk Hey

Boogie Boogie Hedgehog

Cat Flushing A Toilet

This Is My Ringtone

Best Of The Rest:

1. Todays booty is extra fine. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

2. Here's the latest from Matt Rach. CLICK HERE FOR I Can't Fly

3. Single Ladies is to internet dance videos, what I'm Yours has been to internet music videos. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies

4. YouTuber xdjamila collaborated to do a Bee Gees cover. CLICK HERE FOR How Deep Is Your Love

5. Kina Grannis recently did a Beatles cover. CLICK HERE FOR For No One

6. AJ is starting a new video series, and this time he's doing some of my favorite type of songs. CLICK HERE FOR As Time Goes By

7. Here's some cool choreography from a channel I recently subscribed to. CLICK HERE FOR Circus (by Se-yang)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mother & Daughter Use Stripper Pole?

Mother Teaches Her Baby Daughter How To Work A Stripper Pole?
Here's one parent who needs to have her children taken away from her.

Baby, Now That I've Found You
Julia Nunes does one of my favorite songs from The Foundations.

Toy Food
YouTuber NeilCicierega has always been a bit odd.

Drunk Jive
I thought this was a pretty good routine.

Best Of The Rest:

1. When I die I hope I come back as a webcam for a hot college chick. CLICK HERE FOR Daily Booty

2. This guy is totally smashed, but still wants to dance. CLICK HERE FOR Old Drunk

3. This guy wrote an original song about poop...thankfully it's pretty short. CLICK HERE FOR I Got Diarrhea

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Booty Day 2009

Spintown News:
They have holidays for everything it seems like nowadays. We even dedicate entire months for things. Somehow, even with all the different holidays in the world, nobody has ever created a holiday for webcam dancing. That changes right now. As Mayor of Spintown, I'm officially making Jan. 20th Booty Day. A day in which people everywhere can take a few minutes out of their schedule to watch hot chicks shake their stuff for millions of online perverts. Thank me later...start watching.

Hot Chick #1
This just proves that your dance doesn't need to be all that complicated. Simple is often better.

Hot Chick #2
Props are not always a good thing in webcam videos, but a stripper pole is never a problem.

Hot Chick #3
Be afraid...very afraid...

Hot Chick #4
She's got plenty of energy, but needs to work on the dancing.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Maybe a little too much junk in the trunk, but still worth a look. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #5

2. Video quality & lighting could be better, but it's still a nice booty. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #6

3. It's a good thing she remembered her underwear, because that skirt doesn't cover anything. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #7

4. I just found the other half of the skirt from above. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #8

5. Do you like Asian chicks? CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #9

6. If you liked the girl above, you'll love this chick. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #10

7. We'll end with a booty twerking milf. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #11

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mark Gormley

Spintown News:
Girls will be Tuesday, you'll see why I switched days then as well.

Without You
The music of Mark Gormley, how this guy never really made it is beyond me.

The Boner Song
I don't really have much to say about this one.

Save Broadway
Here's another little musical bit from SNL featuring Neil Patrick Harris.

Wild Dance
This is some sort of Colombian or African dance.

Best Of The Rest:

1. It's your favorite part of the day! CLICK HERE FOR Daily Booty

2. Olivia Thai works with another YouTuber to cover Musiq, Soulchild & Mary J. Blige. CLICK HERE FOR If U Leave

3. WifeofNalts makes her second appearance on this blog. CLICK HERE FOR Inaugural Obama Song

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"One Week" Parody

Barenaked Ladies "One Week" Parody
Man I used to listen to this song a lot.

Doogie Howser Theme
This brings back memories & adds a whole new level of cool to the song.

Fat Girls Aloud
Even fat chicks are dancing to 'Single Ladies'.

Love Like Oxygen
This chick dances just as well as the people in the original video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's a remix of the freaky chick who recently blew up on You Tube. CLICK HERE FOR My Name Is Boxxy

2. I figured I should post this since Obama will be our new president in a couple days. CLICK HERE FOR Aer OBAMA

3. Did you really think we would go a day without an I'm Yours cover? CLICK HERE FOR Olivia Thai

4. Jason Mraz will someday be held accountable for what he has unleashed on the net. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

5. Del gives us his acapella version of the song. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

6. Paul Bullen won a contest with his cover of the song. CLICK HERE FOR Bebo Competition Winner

7. When I saw a YouTube channel called 'whitebooty316' I knew it would be worth a look. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Don't Trust Me Parody

Spintown News:
I'm going to attempt to get Jeff MacDougall to write a song for one of my montage videos. If you followed the Song Fu links I posted awhile back, you would have heard some of his work. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Don't Trust Me Parody
This is the first video for this YouTuber...not bad.

Tiny Cars SUCK!
I hope Hank sticks to 1 song a week for awhile. He's usually pretty funny.

My Soldier (official music video)
AJ Rafael & company made a music video for one of his songs. Starts off slow, but gets better.

7 Nation Army
Nataly Dawn does a great job doing this White Stripes cover.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This guy writes songs about totally random stuff...I mean really random. CLICK HERE FOR Hamster On A Piano (Eating Popcorn)

2. This is the third episode of this Dave Hill 'mini' series. CLICK HERE FOR Little Michael Jackson & Me

3. Did this guy just wake up and say to himself, "This stash looks so good I need to make a music video about it"? CLICK HERE FOR Moustachio

4. David Sides does a T.I. & Rihanna cover. CLICK HERE FOR Live Your Life

5. Here's another jun626 video. CLICK HERE FOR Fireball

6. PacMan, Moon & 747 collaborated in under 6 hours to make a piece for this Jamie Foxx and T-Pain song. CLICK HERE FOR Blame It choreo

7. YouTuber NOKTURNA9 is now a favorite of mine. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick Dancing

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pole Dancing Robots

Pole Dancing Robots
Yeah, you read that right....

Star Wars
This is an a cappella tribute to John Williams, but most of you have probably already seen it.

I'm Yours Rachel
Apparently the internet will not rest until everyone in the world does a cover or lip sync to this song. Here's YouTuber TeylerJay giving it a shot.

Blind As A Bat
People are so easily entertained...

Blind As a Bat - Awesome video clips here

Best Of The Rest:

1. This was a video response to the above 'Star Wars' video. CLICK HERE FOR Star Wars Response

2. PacMan & 747 put this together in 1 night working together. CLICK HERE FOR Late Night Creation

3. This is the second episode of this Dave Hill 'mini' series. CLICK HERE FOR Little Michael Jackson & Me

4. I liked this song by YouTuber CharlieOver9000. CLICK HERE FOR Wahouh

5. This guy dances better then Beyonce...and no it's not the video you think it is. CLICK HERE FOR Diva

6. YouTuber NOKTURNA9 put together a montage of some of the videos that were removed from her channel. CLICK HERE FOR Dance Montage

7. There's no video to go along with this song at the moment, but it's kind of funny. It's from the new brentalfloss channel 'FlossOriginals'. CLICK HERE FOR My Favorite Thing

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Gone (ukulele orignal)
I really liked this song from YouTuber daniellesmagic, but I skipped what Mr. T would call some crazy jibber jabber.

Lip Sync With A Twist
moymoypalaboy went on a road trip, and decided to do a lip sync with seikodogg while driving around in their car. Not bad, especially when you consider they're driving around some busy streets.

The Roommate Song
brentalfloss created a second YouTube channel called FlossOriginals. You should check it out.

David Sides finally uploaded something new. It's an original song, I just wish he would update more often.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Remember the chick I linked to with the ripped stomach a little while ago? Here she is again, this time showing off another body part. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

2. SupaDupaFlyGirl did a lip sync video recently. CLICK HERE FOR DĂ©codez

3. I was just saying the other day that a song about a flying turtle would be a great idea... CLICK HERE FOR The Flying Turtle

4. Kina Grannis & David Choi recently did another duet together. This time a Chris Brown cover. CLICK HERE FOR Forever

5. Here's the latest from Matt Rach. CLICK HERE FOR C'est la CRISE

6. This is an old video, but I'm posting it because of the next video. CLICK HERE FOR Mini Michael Jackson

7. If they can give Joey from Friends a spinoff, why can't a major network use this idea? CLICK HERE FOR Little Michael Jackson & Me Episode 1

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Evolution of Dance 2

Spintown News:
Today was my first day back at Miami University. It's been more then 2 years since I graduated, and it only took 1 day for me to remember why I hated college. I did have 2 notable firsts today. First off I was the oldest person in my second class of about 35 people...that sucked. There's usually at least 1 old person in the class, and now I'm it. Then while talking to an incredibly hot chick during intros she mentioned she had an identical twin. I've met twins before, even some cute ones. However this was the type of hot that would blow a Playboy centerfold away. I believe in miracles again.

Evolution of Dance 2
Dang we've been waiting for this a long time. Not as good as the original, but most sequels aren't. Still has a couple really funny moments. Hopefully this will be at least a trilogy.

Boys Have A Google (Girls Have A Yahoo)
I recently sent him a message about requests. Hopefully Tommy still takes requests, but I don't know.

Female Bodybuilder + Rubix Cube
This chick dances around on stage while doing a Rubix Cub....I have no idea why. Do you guys like muscular chicks? I do too an extent, but they usually get 'man hands' which is disgusting.

Mario Play
This is the 2nd type of mini play I've seen done in this fashion. Pretty cool...

Best Of The Rest:

1. There were 3 ED2 promos released a few months ago, here's the first. CLICK HERE FOR Barack Obama & Hilary Clinton

2. ED2 promo #2. CLICK HERE FOR Sarah Palin & Tina Fey

3. ED2 promo #3. CLICK HERE FOR Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

4. Pomplamoose does an acoustic version of one of their songs. CLICK HERE FOR Hail Mary

5. jun626 just uploaded another video. CLICK HERE FOR Hey Bulldog

6. Nick Pitera with the help of his little brother Dominic do a One Republic cover. CLICK HERE FOR Apologize

7. Phillip Chbeeb recorded some of his work at the "Outside The Box" Workshop. CLICK HERE FOR PacMan

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HD Time Lapse Videos

Spintown News:
The first video is a ukulele cover, and the other 3 features are awesome HD time lapse videos done by Keith Loutit.

Wonder Girls - Nobody
Here's a ukulele version done by YouTubers whataboutadam & meekakitty. I just subscribed to meekakittly, she's a really funny chick.


Helpless from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.


Bathtub III from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Metal Heart

Metal Heart from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's 1 more short time lapse by Keith Loutit. CLICK HERE FOR Bathtub2

2. YouTuber Dancer554 decided to dance again, this time a more PG version. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies Part 2

3. Here's 2 classic songs in 1. CLICK HERE FOR Israel Kamakawiwo

4. The Green Lantern has run out of criminals to fight, so he's changing careers. CLICK HERE FOR Mr. Tambourine Man

5. Alyssa Bernal does an India Arie cover. CLICK HERE FOR Beautiful Surprise

6. Man I wish this web cam dance was in HD. CLICK HERE FOR Booty Smack

7. rehdogg is against weed & for booty shakin'...my kind of person. CLICK HERE FOR Persistance Is Key

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tutting On Photobooth

Spintown News:
Brent mentioned me in his last video again. CLICK HERE! Really not much going on with me at the moment though.

Cool Tutting Video
Phillip (PacMan) Chbeeb playing around with tutting on photobooth to "i know" by Eric Bennet.

Here's an interview with Smule @ Macworld.

Dear Gossip Girl
This is a funny video by Southern Mothers, featuring Matt Pearson.

Another 'Single Ladies' Dance
This time by Darius Crenshaw, Grasan Kingsberry & Brian Brooks.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This chick is ripped. Not the prettiest face, but lucky for us the video doesn't focus on her face. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Stomach

2. It's time for 'Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt', class is in session. CLICK HERE FOR Arpeggios!

3. Here's a cool viral marketing video. CLICK HERE FOR Tic Tac Micha

4. Gov. Blagojevich is of course in a ton of trouble right now, but somebody is having some fun with the whole situation. CLICK HERE FOR Song Contest

5. Blady Kris the Zulu King gave an interview and spoke about the polish vocal percussion scene. He explained his view that the Beat Box is an human instrument. CLICK HERE FOR Blady Kris

6. I've been watching a lot of old Elvis movies on TCM the past couple days. So I thought I'd find some sort of Elvis video for today. Here's Elvis Presley covering the Beatles. CLICK HERE FOR Yesterday

7. MissCarolinexoxo & Lexoxo give us 2 for 1 today. CLICK HERE FOR Real Girl/It Ain't Over Till It's Over

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sinkers Hooks And Things

Sinkers Hooks And Things
coomadoug posted a remix of his best song.

High School 2/4
David Choi sings about something most people can relate to.

Somebody New
Tommy Knox posted this probably more then a week ago, but I'm still a little behind from vacation. Almost caught up though...

ijustine can't sing, but does an entertaining parody about her iphone. Sorry should have posted this with the rest of the Christmas stuff, but it got lost in the mix somehow.

Best Of The Rest:

Sorry, no extras again today. I do have some ready for Monday though.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Freeloader Nation

Spintown News:
Saw specialist yesterdau. He ordered a MRI for today at 11. Getting old sucks...I never used to get hurt playing ball, now I can barely get out of my car after driving home from playing for a few hours.

Freeloader Nation
Tay Zonday posted another original song.

French Fries
Happy Slip is having dad issues, so she decided to sing about it.

Pirates Vs Ninjas
CharlieOver9000 made this in response to a challenge laid down by sxephil.

Hifana: Fatbros by Shane Lester
Just thought this was a cool music video.

Hifana : Fatbros from Shane Lester on Vimeo.

Best Of The Rest:

No extras today, maybe Sunday.

Friday, January 9, 2009


The girls from whateverhollywood are hot, and this is their latest video about Tab.

Third Verse by Twitter
Ben asked for a little help writting this song, and here's how it turned out.

Theme Song for Cephas76
Here's the theme song Rhett & Link made for the SuperNote Champion.

Eye Of The Tiger
Two Blokes, Two Ukes do one of my favorite songs ever.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's an original song by Jennifer Chung & Johnny Yang. CLICK HERE FOR It's Up To You

2. Nick Pitera singing the most over done song of 2008, with his little brother Rudy Pitera on guitar. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

3. Did you ever allow for the possibility that the 'Where The Hell Is Matt' video might be a fake? CLICK HERE FOR An Elaborate Hoax

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everyday Normal Crew

Spintown News:
Brent sent me a rough draft of 1 verse & the chorus of my song yesterday. Just lyrics so far, but I think it should be pretty funny when he's done.

Nothing else going on at the moment other then my wrist being fractured in a few places. Got hammered as I went in for a layup few days back, and landed badly on my wrist. I'll probably get a regular cast when I see my specialist Friday, until then I'm just using a wrist brace from Wallgreens. The first doctor I saw put me in a temp cast from my fingertips to my elbow. I kept it on for about 1 day, then decided to play basketball despite my jacked up wrist. Wrapped it up, took a left over vicodin from my last knee surgery, and played 3 games using mostly my left hand. Since I'm right handed I played like crap, but I think I'll go crazy if I can't play sports. It's how I deal with stress, my favorite hobby & I don't really have much of a social life other then sports.

Everyday Normal Crew
Jon Lajoie makes the 3rd everyday normal video.

Edit Day (in Final Cut Pro)
This is a video of Glenn McElhose editing Diggnation. Go Hippy.

Edit Day in Final Cut Pro from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo.

Matt shows us some of his best guitar riffs, while playing next to legends.

Make A Little Move On The Dancefloor
This is an old video, but if you look in the BOTR below you'll know why I'm featuring it again.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's a real life recreation of the last featured video. CLICK HERE FOR

2. This is one of my favorite Ana Free songs. CLICK HERE FOR Unfinished

3. Kina does a cover with her sisters. CLICK HERE FOR Trolleywood

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Don't Miss Kollaboration 9 This Year

Spintown News:
We're done with the Christmas leftovers, but we've still got some good videos ahead.

I also have an idea for the music for my next video. I'd like to use the opening & closing song from the 1985 documentary 'That's Dancing!'. Having trouble locating the music though, if anyone can help me out getting an MP3 or knowing where I can buy a CD please let me know.

Kollaboration 9 Promo Trailer
David Choi, Kina Grannis, Jane Lui, Jazmin are all going to be at Kollaboration this year. Hopefully David Elsewhere will also be there. Anyways February 21 is the start date, mark it down.

The Supernote Song
This was the most creative entry into the SuperNote Contest.

Another YouTuber trying to get some fame by singing about YouTube.

Amir thinks he can rap.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's a Derek Cate original song. CLICK HERE FOR Good Life

2. YouTuber koxinyi is another one of my recent subscriptions. CLICK HERE FOR Decode

3. This is the 100th cover of this song I've posted in the past 6 months. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

4. Somebody please explain to these old people how stupid they look. CLICK HERE FOR Put On A Happy Face

5. Nathan Wills gives us a preview of one of his latest dance tracks. CLICK HERE FOR Dance And Awaken

6. Charles Trippy wants to create the next Rick Roll...I don't think it'll catch on. CLICK HERE FOR Trip Roll

7. AJ Rafael posted another cover. CLICK HERE FOR Tired & Uninspired

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tommy Knox My Socks Off Again

Spintown News:
This is the last of the Christmas videos I'm featuring this year. Frankly I was surprized at how many quality videos came out this year.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Wade Johnston works with YouTubers tsud123 & ChronosXD.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
And the last Christmas video of the season is another Wade Johnston video. This time he works with YouTuber daniellesmagic.

More Than Me
Tommy Knox blows me away yet again with this original song.

Ponceman Parody
ponceman does a 'Jizz In My Pants' parody.

Best Of The Rest:

1. TheGentleSurprise entered the Bushman 2008 Uke Contest. CLICK HERE FOR Just Dropped In

2. TheHill88 does another lip dub. CLICK HERE FOR Everyday I Love You Less And Less

3. Here's a Derek Cate original. CLICK HERE FOR Real Good Love

4. jun626 gives us another great guitar solo. CLICK HERE FOR Hotel California

5. CharlieOver9000 just acting goofy. CLICK HERE FOR The Diva Dance

6. ScribbleTunes covers Michael Jackson. CLICK HERE FOR Human Nature

7. Here's Frank Bell featuring Alfie Black. CLICK HERE FOR Song And Dance

Monday, January 5, 2009

Know Your Meme: The Lipdub

Spintown News:
We're almost done with the Christmas videos for this year...

Silent Night
Wade Johnston & David Choi are no Bing Crosby, but worth a listen.

Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time!
Wade Johnston teams up with sweetafton23 in this video. I really need to contact Wade since he's an Ohio guy like myself.

Know Your Meme: The Lipdub
I love the 'Know Your Meme' series on Rocketboom. So of course I'm featuring them when they do something related to music or dance.

Lip Dub
Here's one of the more famous lip dubs mentioned in the above video. Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger.

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This song has been covered more times then nude pictures of Paris Hilton have been uncovered. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Yours

2. Here's an original song from Alyssa Bernal. CLICK HERE FOR I Found You

3. I still haven't seen anyone stupid enough to do this in real life. CLICK HERE FOR Ghostride The Volvo

4. Here's someone else doing their take on the Mario theme song. CLICK HERE FOR Sax

5. Here's a Ghostbusters Remix. Why the heck haven't they made a 3rd movie yet. CLICK HERE FOR EctoMix

6. rehdogg uploaded one of his older tracks. CLICK HERE FOR Days Go Bye

7. This is old, but I stumbled onto it again. I hadn't seen it since it first came out. Warp 11 rocks. CLICK HERE FOR She Make It So

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vadrum Meets Super Mario Bros 3

Spintown News:
We'll start today with 2 more Christmas videos, but then move on to non-Christmas videos.

Feliz Navidad
This is the first version of this song that didn't make my hears bleed. Good work Dave.

Baby It's Cold Outside
Wade Johnston & jaaaaaaa AKA Julia Nunes cover one of my favorite Christmas songs. I skipped the start of the video, it was all the YouTubers Wade has worked with lately wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Vadrum Meets Super Mario Bros 3
I've been waiting for this for a long time. This guy rocks.

Flight of the Conchords Lipdub
Here's Jake & Amir's entry into the contest.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Two Blokes, Two Ukes cover Kings Of Leon. CLICK HERE FOR Sex On Fire

2. I recently subscribed to YouTuber chuckyputh. CLICK HERE FOR Candy Shop

3. Personally I'm a boob man, but it's not like I dislike other parts of a woman. CLICK HERE FOR Belly

4. I finally got around to checking out YouTuber thelonelyisland, and I subscribed. CLICK HERE FOR We Like Sportz

5. David Choi has really been using his iPhone a lot lately in his videos. CLICK HERE FOR Hot N Cold

6. Here's an original song by daniellesmagic, someone I recently subscribed to. My subscription list is getting out of control. CLICK HERE FOR On The Planet Earth

7. I normally don't get to post stuff from the communitychannel...yeah...she probably shouldn't do that again. CLICK HERE FOR New FBI Warning