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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spintown Features: ParryGripp

Spintown News:
- I haven't featured just 1 person in awhile now. Today I'm featuring YouTuber ParryGripp. He started getting popular about a year ago, making short little jingles for YouTube videos. Enjoy & subscribe.

- brentalfloss mentioned me again in his latest update. CLICK HERE FOR Brent

Dramatic Chipmunk Hey

Boogie Boogie Hedgehog

Cat Flushing A Toilet

This Is My Ringtone

Best Of The Rest:

1. Todays booty is extra fine. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

2. Here's the latest from Matt Rach. CLICK HERE FOR I Can't Fly

3. Single Ladies is to internet dance videos, what I'm Yours has been to internet music videos. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies

4. YouTuber xdjamila collaborated to do a Bee Gees cover. CLICK HERE FOR How Deep Is Your Love

5. Kina Grannis recently did a Beatles cover. CLICK HERE FOR For No One

6. AJ is starting a new video series, and this time he's doing some of my favorite type of songs. CLICK HERE FOR As Time Goes By

7. Here's some cool choreography from a channel I recently subscribed to. CLICK HERE FOR Circus (by Se-yang)

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