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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Evolution of Dance 2

Spintown News:
Today was my first day back at Miami University. It's been more then 2 years since I graduated, and it only took 1 day for me to remember why I hated college. I did have 2 notable firsts today. First off I was the oldest person in my second class of about 35 people...that sucked. There's usually at least 1 old person in the class, and now I'm it. Then while talking to an incredibly hot chick during intros she mentioned she had an identical twin. I've met twins before, even some cute ones. However this was the type of hot that would blow a Playboy centerfold away. I believe in miracles again.

Evolution of Dance 2
Dang we've been waiting for this a long time. Not as good as the original, but most sequels aren't. Still has a couple really funny moments. Hopefully this will be at least a trilogy.

Boys Have A Google (Girls Have A Yahoo)
I recently sent him a message about requests. Hopefully Tommy still takes requests, but I don't know.

Female Bodybuilder + Rubix Cube
This chick dances around on stage while doing a Rubix Cub....I have no idea why. Do you guys like muscular chicks? I do too an extent, but they usually get 'man hands' which is disgusting.

Mario Play
This is the 2nd type of mini play I've seen done in this fashion. Pretty cool...

Best Of The Rest:

1. There were 3 ED2 promos released a few months ago, here's the first. CLICK HERE FOR Barack Obama & Hilary Clinton

2. ED2 promo #2. CLICK HERE FOR Sarah Palin & Tina Fey

3. ED2 promo #3. CLICK HERE FOR Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

4. Pomplamoose does an acoustic version of one of their songs. CLICK HERE FOR Hail Mary

5. jun626 just uploaded another video. CLICK HERE FOR Hey Bulldog

6. Nick Pitera with the help of his little brother Dominic do a One Republic cover. CLICK HERE FOR Apologize

7. Phillip Chbeeb recorded some of his work at the "Outside The Box" Workshop. CLICK HERE FOR PacMan

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