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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Booty Day 2009

Spintown News:
They have holidays for everything it seems like nowadays. We even dedicate entire months for things. Somehow, even with all the different holidays in the world, nobody has ever created a holiday for webcam dancing. That changes right now. As Mayor of Spintown, I'm officially making Jan. 20th Booty Day. A day in which people everywhere can take a few minutes out of their schedule to watch hot chicks shake their stuff for millions of online perverts. Thank me later...start watching.

Hot Chick #1
This just proves that your dance doesn't need to be all that complicated. Simple is often better.

Hot Chick #2
Props are not always a good thing in webcam videos, but a stripper pole is never a problem.

Hot Chick #3
Be afraid...very afraid...

Hot Chick #4
She's got plenty of energy, but needs to work on the dancing.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Maybe a little too much junk in the trunk, but still worth a look. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #5

2. Video quality & lighting could be better, but it's still a nice booty. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #6

3. It's a good thing she remembered her underwear, because that skirt doesn't cover anything. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #7

4. I just found the other half of the skirt from above. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #8

5. Do you like Asian chicks? CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #9

6. If you liked the girl above, you'll love this chick. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #10

7. We'll end with a booty twerking milf. CLICK HERE FOR Hot Chick #11

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