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Saturday, November 27, 2010

She's Working Her Way Through College (1952)

In She's Working Her Way Through College, Virginia Mayo plays a burlesque dancer who is trying to earn enough money to go to college. On what happens to be her last night as a dancer, she runs into Ronald Reagan, who plays her old high school teacher who is currently a college professor. Virginia ends up attending the same college her former teacher is currently employed by, and even rents a room from him & his wife.

This movie is centered around the jealousy of Ronald, his wife, and another female student who sees her man stray in favor of Virginia. As with a lot of musicals the whole group is involved with putting on a school musical. Add a little blackmail, a few song & dance routines, a happy ending, and you have a musical remake of "The Male Animal".

It was no masterpiece, but overall it was an enjoyable 90 minute flick. I couldn't really find much of the film on YouTube. I really wanted to share the number "Am I In Love?" performed by Gene Nelson. He was pretty amazing in the film overall, and that number showed some incredible athleticism. If you catch it on TV, the movie is worth watching.

Original Trailer
Since I couldn't find many clips, hopefully this will give you a better picture of what the film is like.

I'll Be Loving You
Gene Nelson & Virginia Mayo make a good team. (Bonnie Lou Williams dubbed Mayo's voice)

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