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Thursday, November 18, 2010

YouTube Treasure Hunt #18

The YouTube Treasure Hunt is something I had been doing on the "Songs Of The Day" page of the blog. But I've decided to start posting these monthly blogs on the main page of the site. If you're unfamiliar with this project, this is what I do a few times each month to decide who I'll feature.

1. Search for "Original Song" in the YouTube search bar.
2. Search options set as: Videos, Relevance, Today & Music.
3. I will look through the first 7 pages of results only.
4. Anyone who sits down in front of a camera & sings an original song could be featured in the "YouTube Treasure Hunt". I do try to find lesser known YouTubers with around 100 subscribers or less, but that part is flexible as you'll see.
5. I can feature older videos from people I stumble across & related videos.
6. Unlimited searches allowed.

The following are my favorite original songs that I stumbled onto while sifting through all the crap on YouTube during the past weeks. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new talent & check out their personal channels.

Just Like Her by Lindsay Jacobs (3 subs)

lindsayjacobsmusic & @lindsayjacobs

"Good Bye" & "Man Song" by Kersten Capra (10 subs)

(featured video is actually on a third parties channel)

Stronger Than The Sickness by Danna Richards (9,129 subs)

DannaRichards & @mynine2five
(This is not the first time I've featured Danna, I've stumbled onto her randomly a few times. Each time I've done so I've enjoyed her video more than the previous time. I finally broke down & subbed. She's like a female Jonathan Mann, writing a song every day.)

Hey Love by Michael Carreon (11,652 subs)

mcarreon89 & @michaelcarreon

Stay Tonight by Mike Finkelstein (4 subs)


Cupid by Autumn Andersen (453 subs)

tumnusLOVE & @autumnandersen

Doormat by Robert Borden (2,548 subs)

RobertBordenMusic & @RobertGBorden

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