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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Outside In (Album Review)

Album : Outside In
Artist : Shagpile
Release Date : 12th July 2014
Genre : Singer/Songwriter
Homepage : www.shagpile.org
Wow, it’s been awhile since I reviewed music here.  But with SpinTunes 9 coming up, I guess I should try to get back into the habit.

Recently I was lucky enough to download/listen to Jason “Shagpile” Vare’s new album.  How new is it?  It gets released July 12, 2014.  So...pretty new.  I’ve been following Shagpile on YouTube for years now.  I know for a fact it’s been at least since August 2010...maybe longer.  He’s one of those guys that doesn’t get the views he deserves.  Whatever the reason, it isn’t for a lack of talent.  From the originals to the covers that he posts each song he uploads is worth watching.

The new album (titled “Outside In”) is his 4th solo effort.  When I started listening to it last night I got through the first 3 songs & started to worry the album was going to be full of very sweet sounding ‘missing you/thinking of you’ love songs.  All 3 were very impressive (especially “Lately”), but an entire album of the same thing would get old quick.

Those concerns were soon put to rest, as the next 6 songs took you through a range of stories & emotions.  The album is proof that whatever emotion Jason wants you to feel...he can get you there with just his voice & guitar.  Not that there isn’t anything else to these recordings.  For instance the strings in “Story Time” were amazing, and none of the songs felt empty or left you feeling it needed something.

The last 2 tracks of the album are a bit more quirky than the rest.  But whether it’s zombies or a lullabye that a lot of people will relate to, the quality never falters, and makes this an album you can listen to from start to finish.

I don’t really rate albums or anything...but I will certainly say this is an album you should check out for yourself.  For more details about the album visit his website: www.shagpile.org