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Monday, January 28, 2008

I Get To Be Andy Capp Today

Wonder if they'll have anything part time, paying $20-25 per hour that's low stress...

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

DeFranco #1

Anyone else subscribe to DeFranco? I don't see eye to eye with some of his lines of thinking, but he's entertaining.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kina Grannis - Super Bowl Music Video

Hopefully she gets this played during the Super Bowl, she's a great singer.

Don't break me, I bruise easily
The source of both your love and misery

I am steady, beating endlessly
While you are dozing, dreaming pretty things
Lovely things

I don't work for free
Please take care of me

This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart

Don't hurt me, I bleed constantly
My efforts leave me but flow back swiftly

My rhythm, soothing, like raindrops steady
On foggy windows when you gaze outwardly

I don't work for free
Please take care of me
Please take care of me

This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart

Everytime you sleep
Everytime you eat
Everytime you laugh
Everytime you cry
Every time you love

This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shortest You Tube Video Ever

I guess Charles Trippy decided to make something a little easier to watch then the Longest You Tube Video Ever.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Longest You Tube Video Ever

Charles Trippy made the longest You Tube video to ever be posted. I watched the whole thing as I played Mario Kart DS online. Very dull, but I can say I watched it, kinda wish I could say I had that part of my life back to do over though.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New American Gladiators: A Second Look

Well since I wanted to like the New American Gladiators so badly I decided to give it a second chance. This time while I watched I really tried to focus on everything positive that I noticed. Unfortunately I still noticed more bad then good.

Here’s a list of positives though:

1. Some of the Gladiators don’t totally suck. For instance Titan & Wolf. Unfortunately none of the females are as pumped up as old schoolers like Zap, Ice or Sky though.

2. One thing I thought was a big improvement was getting rid of the giant mats for events like Hang Tough & Joust. Having them compete over water is not only much safer, but as a guy I’m not going to complain about seeing hot chicks in tight outfits getting wet. It also gives the contestants & gladiators more of an incentive to win because it’s a little more humiliating to be thrown into a pool.

3. Even though I hate the new assault course, it’s too small & the stations suck, I do like the fact that the gladiator goes flying into a pool if the contestant hit’s the target.

4. The intro to the show is more impressive then the old introduction, if you over look the fact that they changed the music.

Unfortunately that’s all the positives I could come up with, but I did find a few more negatives:

1. The ref Al Kaplon is too outspoken & loud. Larry Thompson was never tried to put himself in the spotlight or gave anyone attitude. The ref shouldn’t even be noticed, except when absolutely necessary.

2. The cylinders in Powerball are too big. The balls in the old version were about the size of the cylinders opening, however in the new version the openings are much bigger then the balls which makes it easier for the contestants to score.

3. No injury time outs. In the past if someone was injured during Powerball the gladiator or contender would be seen to before the game continued any farther. Like when Turbo had a knee injury, and the other two gladiators elected to finish the game 2 vs. 2 after Turbo was taken to the locker room for treatment.

This second look or second chance I gave the show will be the last time I watch. It’s just too bad when compared to the original, but I might give it another chance if it has a second season. Hopefully they’ll make some major changes by then, but I don’t think they will since they’ve had good ratings from what I’ve heard.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Glenn Beck

I can sort of see why this has a lot play recently, but I still don't think it's that big of a deal. I find some of the comments on You Tube directed toward Glenn pretty vile considering he had just had surgery.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Conan Can Sing? Who Knew

Must be struggling to come up with ideas without his writers. It was entertaining though, he even sang another song a couple nights ago. The whole disco light show he did was funny as well.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Post It Micro Plane

I think I'm going to attempt to make one. Could be a decent craft for the summer, when I'm back working daycare.

Micro Paper Plane - The most amazing videos are a click away

Friday, January 11, 2008

Kina Grannis: Genevieve

This chick could be my new favorite female singer.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Frank Bell: Penguin

He just came out with another great song. Maybe I'll do my American Gladiators follow up Monday after the next show.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What Pissed Me Off Today #8 New American Gladiators

Now I was a huge fan of the old American Gladiators, and I've been really excited ever since I heard they were bringing the show back. I even posted a promo for it on this blog, at one point. To get ready for the premiere I've been recording episodes of the original, which play on ESPN Classic, and watching them. I set the DVR to record the entire series a week before the premiere, but when the night finally came last night I was incredibly disappointed.

If you have not yet seen the New American Gladiators please watch this promo before reading any farther.

That promo could be the last fond memory you ever have of the series.

It's time for the "Things That Went Terribly Wrong" list:

1. The first thing you'll notice is that they got rid of the old theme music. What the heck were they thinking, that music was awesome. Granted I can understand wanting to update the music to make it a little more modern, so I expected a remix of some sort, but what we got was totally forgettable rather then unforgettable like the original. The original theme music, judge for yourself if you watch next Monday.

2. The second thing you'll notice is that American Gladiators is now held in a dark
ominous environment. It just doesn't feel like American Gladiators anymore. The old show used to focus on the competition, and rising to overcome incredible obsticales. This show feels fake, and almost like a dark/comical graphic novel of sort.

3. Granted they had a couple gladiators back in the day that sort of sucked. Anyone remember Malibu or Blaze? From what I've been able to see of the new gladiators some have potential, while others should try finding work in the WWE. Titan looks like a Gladiator, and seems to be a all round athlete. Wolf is certainly has personality, and goes all out. Toa & Justice just act like bad 1980’s WWF wrestlers. Too over the top, and ridicules. The women strike me as not being as buff as originals like Zap & Ice. Some may be nice to look at, but I haven’t taken to any as gladiators yet. Helga may be strong, but she fell out of the ugly tree & hit ever branch on the way down. What makes it worse is that she doesn’t seem quick on her feet at all which should be a requirement of being a gladiator.

4. Poor sportsmanship. One of the things I usually liked about American Gladiators is that the competitors showed A LOT of respect to the gladiators as athletes before, during & after the show. The gladiators usually showed the competitors respect as well, even though they hyped themselves up a lot as part of the show. In the first couple episodes of the new American Gladiators it’s just the opposite. The competitors were calling out the gladiators before they even did anything. Poor sportsmanship is enough in itself to stop me from watching the show. People should act like mature adults, and treat people with respect if they’re going to be on a show called American Gladiators. Not just because I liked the old show, and that’s the way it used to be done, but because it shows you & other Americans in a bad light. They really need to do a better job in screening the competitors and finding people you want to cheer for, and not people who run their mouths. I’ll cheer for about anyone who’s carries themselves with dignity, and gives it their all. However some loud mouth disrespecting people, and being a poor sport I could care less about.

5. They pussified some of the old events when they brought them back. For instance Powerball now has a padded boarder around the course. The show is called American Gladiators, not American Sissies. If they didn’t need padded walls 15 years ago why do they need them now? The best part of Powerball was watching the competitors get thrown or slammed out of bounds. Hang Tough also seems a bit smaller then the old course. The gladiator & competitor seem to be on top of each other in just a couple seconds.

6. Is it just me or is the Eliminator now just dull & poorly designed. You start off by climbing a simple wall with a rope, then you dive into a pool to swim under water for about a dozen feet I guess. They seem to make a big deal about the fire above, but I bet we never see anyone get burned so what’s the big deal about having it? I sort of like the idea of getting the competitors soaked with water, especially the girls in those tight outfits. Next you have this 30 foot cargo net to climb. Not only is it boring, but it makes the competitors so tired they usually can’t complete the Barrel Roll (stole from Ninja Warrior AKA Sasuke) or Hand Bike. You’ve still got the zip line, and you get to revisit the Pyramid because they make the competitors climb it again without any gladiators. At least put a couple gladiators on the darn thing if you’re going to have something so dull in the Eliminator which is supposed to be the most exciting part of the show. They don’t even have gladiators to enforce penalties for falling off the Log or Hand Bike. Now if you’re tired, it’s much faster just to grab the log or bike and fall instantly, run across the bottom, and climb up some scaffolding to complete the obstacle. Asinine.

The big finish is the Treadmill, a classic obstacle. Of course they had to rename it for no reason, but I forget what the new name is. If you remember the treadmill used to at the start of the Eliminator, and it was cranked up fast because the competitors were still fresh. They did move it to the end at some point, and slowed it down because they competitors were obviously spent by that time. Even though they slowed it down, often they wouldn’t make it up from being so tired. So they had some rule in which if you made 2 legit attempts to get up the treadmill, they would let you walk up the side if you couldn’t make it. I always hated that rule back in the day, so I was glad they came up with a solution. Now the treadmill is slowed down even more then ever, and there’s a rope hanging about halfway down the treadmill. So now competitors can dive for the rope, and drag themselves up if they’re to tired to run up. GREAT IDEA, however everyone is so tired by the time they get to the Treadmill it’s like watching a couple of drunk sloth’s trying to walk up a hill. The Eliminator now takes 2-3 times as long to complete because of poor design, and it’s much more boring.

If they were going to keep the same obstacles the Treadmill should have been the first thing on the course followed by the Hand Bike. Shorten the cargo net, put some gladiators on the pyramid (although I‘d take that part out completely), have penalties for not completing obstacles, get rid of the pointless fire, and find a good way to wrap up the Eliminator like the barriers in the original or even a rope swing.

7. The editing & camera work sucks. They cut from 1 camera to another every 1.5 seconds, and it’s frustrating as hell. They force you to look at what they want you to look at and that’s it. Pull back and give us a long shot once in awhile in which we can see the entire field of play. Comparing old footage to new, there’s at least twice as many cuts. Another problem with the camera is during the Eliminator. The old Eliminator was designed in which you could see the entire thing if you pulled back on the camera, or even see the course in thirds. It allowed you to watch the leader, while at the same time see if the guy in 2nd is gaining ground or not. If a competitor gets a big lead now you can’t really watch both at the same time the way the course is designed.

8. On air staff:
a. Laila Ali could maybe be a good “color guy” like Larry Csonka or Dan ‘Nitro’ Clark was for Mike Adamle. However they already have Hulk Hogan who is bigger the life, and if given the choice of the 2 color commentators I like the Hulkster.
b. Where the heck is Mike Adamle? OK maybe he’s busy or retired I don’t know, but you need someone who can narrate the action and keep things moving without putting you to sleep. Whoever the announcer is now has no personality.

I'm getting tired now so I'll stop trashing the show for tonight. I'll try to find some good things to post about the show for my next post. It'll probably be easier to find more bad things, but I'll give it a shot. Until then why don't you watch some highlights of the OLD American Gladiators.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Wonder Bra?

Frankly I'm fine with small tatas, but this thing does seem to work if you would be interested in that sort of thing. If you're not interested in a new wonder bra, just enjoy watching a woman play around with another womans little titties.

PS: I know I said I'd post a second video the other day, but PC problems caused me to miss the last couple posts. Sorry, deal with it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Account

I just got a new Metacafe account, and I'm considering hosting my Pain For Laugh movies there. However I don't think my series would qualify for the Producers program. So I'm still looking for a partner to start my own website. If anyone is interested, just contact me.

I'll post something new later, but here's the first video I uploaded with Metacafe. I know I've linked to it before, that's why I'll post something else later.

Pain For Laughs 15 (Christmas Special) - The best home videos are here

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Internet Classic #2: Dax Flame

It's hard to pick just 1 of his videos to post, but one of my favorites is about the pencil in the restroom. I'm also including one of the videos that tries to prove Dax is a fake. I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty obvious without proof. Whether he's fake or not in your mind, he's still funny as heck to me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another 2 Girls 1 Cup Song

Another 2 Girls 1 Cup music video made by Dave Daysetti AKA davedays on You Tube. I also included a couple of his other musical videos.