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Thursday, January 17, 2008

New American Gladiators: A Second Look

Well since I wanted to like the New American Gladiators so badly I decided to give it a second chance. This time while I watched I really tried to focus on everything positive that I noticed. Unfortunately I still noticed more bad then good.

Here’s a list of positives though:

1. Some of the Gladiators don’t totally suck. For instance Titan & Wolf. Unfortunately none of the females are as pumped up as old schoolers like Zap, Ice or Sky though.

2. One thing I thought was a big improvement was getting rid of the giant mats for events like Hang Tough & Joust. Having them compete over water is not only much safer, but as a guy I’m not going to complain about seeing hot chicks in tight outfits getting wet. It also gives the contestants & gladiators more of an incentive to win because it’s a little more humiliating to be thrown into a pool.

3. Even though I hate the new assault course, it’s too small & the stations suck, I do like the fact that the gladiator goes flying into a pool if the contestant hit’s the target.

4. The intro to the show is more impressive then the old introduction, if you over look the fact that they changed the music.

Unfortunately that’s all the positives I could come up with, but I did find a few more negatives:

1. The ref Al Kaplon is too outspoken & loud. Larry Thompson was never tried to put himself in the spotlight or gave anyone attitude. The ref shouldn’t even be noticed, except when absolutely necessary.

2. The cylinders in Powerball are too big. The balls in the old version were about the size of the cylinders opening, however in the new version the openings are much bigger then the balls which makes it easier for the contestants to score.

3. No injury time outs. In the past if someone was injured during Powerball the gladiator or contender would be seen to before the game continued any farther. Like when Turbo had a knee injury, and the other two gladiators elected to finish the game 2 vs. 2 after Turbo was taken to the locker room for treatment.

This second look or second chance I gave the show will be the last time I watch. It’s just too bad when compared to the original, but I might give it another chance if it has a second season. Hopefully they’ll make some major changes by then, but I don’t think they will since they’ve had good ratings from what I’ve heard.

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