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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Song Fu 6 Round 3 Review

It's time to share my votes for Song Fu 6 round 3. I listened to every song multiple times, and even slept on it before making my final picks. The challenge for this round was:

Write a song that involves a recipe for something.

This recipe can be for anything - not just food. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 30 seconds.
My Votes:
Right Click "Save As" on the song titles to download a MP3.

Inverse T. Clown (Devastator) - I was really hoping not to vote for this song. I mean if you have the option of doing a Transformers song or a Voltron song...and you pick Transformers...I don't get it. That aside, it's easily in my top 5. The entire song feels like it could be from a Transformers cartoon & the Michael Bay line at the end expresses my feelings towards Mr. Bay as well.

Caleb Hines (Secret Recipe Ninja) - I’m picturing a ninja with a bunch of cool 007 gadgets rummaging through my grandmas cabinets. I’ll vote for this, but only after I warn grandma to hide her recipe for sugar cookies.

Denise Hudson (Duality Cupcake ’Why’) - Your voice gets a little too soft in parts which makes it difficult to hear some lyrics. Overall this is my 2nd favorite song I've heard from you. Great work.

Glen Raphael (Big In Japan) - I love the idea, the music & the performance. Glen was close to getting my vote in rounds 1 & 2...he got it this time.

Governing Dynamics (Broken Boy) - I'll probably remember Song Fu 6 as the Fu that made me a Travis Norris fan. I think I said his round 1 song was his best yet...well not anymore.

Honorable Mentions:
To listen to the following songs you'll have to go to "A Site Called Fred". Please listen to all the songs, then vote for yourself.

Spencer Sokol (Wicked One) - This is my favorite Spencer Sokol song to date. I felt the song was missing something though. The hand claps were nice, but maybe drums? Enjoyed the song overall...considered it for a vote.

Godz Poodlz (Godz Poodlz Jamz) - This sort of completes a trilogy of self promoting songs from the Poodlz. I have to say...like most trilogys the 3rd is my least favorite. It's still good, I mean nobody does these type of songs better, but even the funny scats at the end didn't make this as memorable as "A Gift From Godz Poodlz"...for me at least.

Edric Haleen (Robot Monkey 7.2) - The fact that there wasn't piano sort of shocked me to say the least. I can't really sing this...but it is about a robot monkey...so I want to vote for it...

Buffo Yux Dudes (A Recipe For Love) - I loved the whole “Bride Of Frankenstein” idea. This was by far my favorite entry from the Boffo Yux Dudes so far. The short rap & scatting….awesome.

The Rest:

“Buckethatt” Bobby Matheson (White Russian) - Not a bad song, but for some reason I couldn’t get into it. Maybe it's the topic I'm just not that into. It's a funny idea though, just didn't do much for me.

Gorbzilla (My American Dream) - I had a hard time focusing on this song. I kept losing interest I, but I don't know why. Maybe if the vocals were a little louder, or maybe I was just tired & it's a slower song. I'll give it a few more listens in the future to see if I can figure it out, but the music is actually very relaxing.

Ian "2 Shades" Johnson (Friday Night) - I enjoyed Ian's performance, he really tried to sell the song. Not enough to get a vote, but I think Ian put up 3 quality songs in 3 rounds. I didn't like his 2nd round song at first, but it grew on me with more plays. This song did the same thing honestly...even though I don't really relate to the song.

Jutze Schult (Schnitzel Soup And Vodka) - The world would be a better place if everyone would polka a little more often. Personally I'm not against the prohibition of alcohol, so the topic is a tough sell for me.

Kylie Petto (Recipe For Disaster) - Well I'm glad you didn't cover up your voice with crap this time. I like your voice, it's nice to hear in your music. I still wish that you hadn't used that echo effect or whatever it's called though. Sounded like you were singing in the bottom of a wishing well. Vast improvement, but I expect better in the future. Good job though.

Leigh & Hoover (Primordial Soup 'Traditional Recipe') - Beautiful music, awesome vocals and the most relaxing song of the round. Topic didn't really interest me however, and I tend to like peppy upbeat songs the most.

Mike Lombardo (We Don’t Have Any Eggs 'from Man In Kitchen - The Musical') - I'm all for someone else going the theatrical route besides Edric. The song goes from being about not having eggs while cooking, then being about the actual song idea & Ken's challenge & back to the eggs again. Story just didn't interest me...but hey...I voted for you in round 1 & 2. :p

Zer0guy (Recipe For A Bad Man) - Enjoyed the music, and SOME of the vocals. The first 4 lines sounded terrible, then someone else comes in & sounds great. Whenever those terrible vocals come into the song it's hard to listen to, but honestly everything else is wonderful.

Shadow Entries:

Bram Tant (If You Take) - Love the guitar, but the story & vocals didn't really do much for me. A lot of promise, I just think Bram is capable of better.

Joe "Covenant" Lamb (Devil’s Fu Cake) - I was going to say that this was a smart & catchy song with a bunch of cool Song Fu shouts outs. I was going to say that Joe has kicked major ass even though he's not officially in the competition. I was going to say some other nice things as well, but since Joe left a comment on my blog saying I was WRONG about something.....I'm going to say that this is the worst trash I've heard in Song Fu. :p (For you non-TMA members...I'm obviously just messing with Joe.)

Side Notes:

- Biggest disappointment: No Jeff MacDougall this round. Common Lisp & Taryn Miller also skipped this round. I know Paul's family was attacked by tiny chickens who were laying eggs in their heads. So I hope they're all doing well. I don't know what's up with Taryn, but I hope she's doing well. Unfortunately not getting a song in this round pretty much means her Song Fu experience was a complete bust.

- Well good luck to everyone, and here's hoping Ken doesn't screw up the last round...again...

Julia Sherred made a video for Inverse T. Clown's Song Fu round 3 song.

Big In Japan
Glen Raphael uploaded this video for his round 3 song.

Duality Cupcake ("Why")
Denise uploaded this video around the time the voting closed for this round.


  1. Great review, Travis. Thanks for being the Fu's biggest fan!

  2. Love that Glen Raphael video - cool

  3. Travis, I love you for using the tiny chicken description. So much.

    - Caroline

  4. Well we tried using an "effect" on a vocal track. It's not usually done by the singer/songwriter crowd, so I can see why it would catch you off guard. Nevertheless, I can assure you the vocals weren't terrible.

  5. @Zer0guy Well the effect was terrible (in my opinion), but overall I really liked the song. That effect, is the only reason I didn't vote for you.