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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Too Much Awesome x5

I feel like I've got so much done during the past week. I posted the long over due PFL #23, posted 2 new interviews, and yet I've still got things I need to post. Oh well, you can only do so much at a time. The next item I'll be posting is a Song Fight review. They posted a new fight yesterday, so I suggest you go listen to all the songs & vote yourself.

I do plan on doing a Song Fu blog, but I'm not sure what's going on with that right now. I know that Mike Lombardo defeated Dave & Hoover in round 4, but lazy ass Ken hasn't posted an update on the site about WHAT'S NEXT. Not even a congrats to the winner. BTW, congrats to Mr. Lombardo.

Now on to today's videos... There have been a lot of TMA members uploading videos recently, so I figured it was time to throw some on the homepage.

Take Care Of Me
Caleb Hines posted this great Jonathan Coulton cover yesterday. It's all kinds of wonderful, with a touch of epic.

Song For Lucy by Jeff MacDougall (original)
He wrote this song while waiting for his adopted daughter, Lucy, to come home.

Waiting For The Sun by Nick Goldston (original)

Crimefighter by Kevin Savino-Riker (original)

Waking Up In Vegas by Dylan Galvin (Katy Perry cover)

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