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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Song Fu 6 Round 4 Review

Hopefully this isn't the "final" round of Song Fu 6, but it's the last round involving only the challengers. It's come down to Mike Lombardo vs Leigh & Hoover, but lucky for everyone there were a lot of shadow entries this time. Here's the challenge Ken presented:

"Your task is to write a single tune that is actually comprised of two individual songs - the first half details a problem to be conquered or a battle to be fought, and the second half is a victorious, triumphant resolution. Both of these halves must feel independent of the other, but may contain an element that bridges the two. Your song must run no shorter than 3 minutes."
Final 2:

Dave Leigh & William Hoover (Yesterday Hero - Someday) - I was worried that the length of these songs would be a problem, and that they wouldn't hold my interest. This is a beautiful & moving song about a superhero...didn't feel like it was nearly 6 minutes. (Voted For)

Mike Lombardo (This Song Is Meta (And So Is This Title)) - Despite the Song Fight slam :p it was a very enjoyable song. I don't know if I would have liked it as much if I didn't actually know the people being mentioned (much like some other Song Fu songs). The song about "writing a song" has been done a little too often lately, and that was the deciding factor for me.

Shadow Entries:
To listen to the following songs you'll have to go to "A Site Called Fred".

Joe "Covenant" Lamb (New Mombasa - Finish the Fight) - I really need to play Halo at some point. This is the second song I've recently heard about Halo, and I still haven't played it. Of course money is the biggest reason why I haven't so I don't expect to play it anytime soon. Great song Joe, but Edric's final note still rules all. :p

Inverse T. Clown (Manic Depressive) - Good idea, and I like the execution for the most part. The first half is certainly depressing (good thing), but I'd like to have something that connects the 2 halves. With the lack of instrumentation it just feels like the song stops, and it feels like it needs a better transition.

Governing Dynamics (Deconstructive Witticisms - Try) - Liked the guitar work (as usual), but in the end I couldn't get into the song lyrically. I actually couldn't make out the first line of the song either.

Glen Raphael (When The Prozac Kicks In) - This is the first Song Fu entry from Glen that I didn't care for. I liked the second half, but if I would have heard it on the radio, I probably wouldn't have got to the second half before turning the dial. I like the idea for the song, but the first half just couldn't hold my interest.

Denise Hudson (Keys And Lies) - It was hard for me to focus with the overlapping vocals in this song. This is the second time Denise has sung with Joe in this Song Fu. As much as I like them both individually...I'm still not sold on them as a team. I enjoy Joe & Denise vocally...I enjoy Denise's piano A LOT...I like Joe's wit & lyrics... So far this has been like putting my favorite foods in a blender together, and eating the results. Steak, chocolate milk & jello salad are great individually, but the mixture isn't nearly as good as any of the individual ingredients.

Ginyu (Quest For The Fu) - Glad to see some new blood in Song Fu, and it's always good to get shadow entries. Nothing about this entry really stood out for me though, and it didn't meet the challenge for the round...in multiple ways.

Side Notes:

- As great as this Song Fu has been (in terms of the quality of the songs), it'll be another failure if there isn't another round with an actual Master involved.

- I'd like to thank Travis Norris & Mike Lombardo for doing reviews for this Song Fu, and remind people that guest reviews are welcome here at Spintown.

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