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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pain For Laughs 23

Spintown News:
I know it's late, but it's finally here. I actually planned on posting another PFL video tonight, but I rushed this one to completion instead because I was so unhappy with the other one. I'll post the other in the near future, but since it's been such a long time between PFL videos I wanted to post the better of the 2. Even though I'm not happy with my editing of the audio from the various clips, it has the best video quality of all the PFL videos so far. I really went out of my way to hunt down clips without a bunch of watermarks & tags this time as well.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I couldn't get someone to cover the "PFL Theme Song". So I used the original version....which I own. Maybe someone from TMA or Song Fight will do a cover for the next video.

Ross Durand provided the featured song "Let's Get Bloody". He's a regular over at Song Fight, and you can listen to more of his Song Fight entries by visiting his profile. Big thanks to Ross.


I'd appreciate it if you would rate & comment on the video on YouTube (even if you give it just 1 star). I would also love it if you Dugg this video on Digg: HERE. These videos are what drive most of my traffic, so it really does help when people do those things.

PS: Besides another new PFL video coming soon...I have 2 interviews finished & waiting to upload. I'm just waiting on Sammy Kablam to finish the music. So if you want to see interviews with the 2 people who were recently signed to DFTBA Records...go pester Sammy into finishing the music. :p

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