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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spintown’s Song Fighter Of 2000

Last time I picked my Song Fighter of 2009. Well this time I'm going back in time to the year 2000. 2000 was the first year of Song Fight, and it was a bit different from what it is today. For starters, the original "Fightmaster" Collin Cunningham (AKA Narbotic) kept the fights limited to only his friends. Fights didn't become open to the public until 2001, so there wasn't as many participants. The vote counts from the fights aren't available from this period either. There were only 6 fights in all of 2000, so this is definately the easiest year to recap. For more about Song Fight's history click HERE.

Here's the 3 things I considered when picking the Song Fighter of 2000:
- How many songs each person entered in 2000.
- How many times each person won.
- How many songs from each individual made it onto my Song Fight play list. This factor obviously being the most important.

Previous Song Fight Recaps:
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Here’s a list of who entered the most songs during 2000.
(stats may be a little off…I have yet to hire a fact checker)

Total Songs Entered:
3 - Nil
3 - Kissing Contest
2 - Graham Porter
1 - Beau
1 - Collin Cunningham
1 - Coolidge
1 - Dan Fitch
1 - drew
1 - Existential Deliberation
1 - Eye of Newt Collective
1 - Giant Robot Counterattack
1 - Grundle Wagon
1 - Jeff Monty
1 - Joe Mookoe
1 - Jon Bennett
1 - Leslie Sink
1 - Metalmags
1 - Narbotic
1 - Nick Bellando
1 - Prickly Pears

In total 20 people/bands entered a total of 25 songs during 2000.

Here’s a list of who won the most fights during 2000.

3 - Nil
2 - Kissing Contest
1 - Graham Porter

There were 6 winners from 6 different fights in 2000.

Here’s a list of who wrote the most songs that I’m willing to listen to a 2nd time.

Total Songs On My Playlist:
2 - Graham Porter
2 - Kissing Contest
1 - Leslie Sink

Graham Porter actually won the very first fight, and the original "Fightmaster" competed in 2000 as well. Even though Nil won the most fights, my Song Fighter Of 2000 is Kissing Contest. Since there were only 6 fights for the entire year, I'm not picking my top 5 songs from Kissing Contest. Instead I'm going to pick my top 5 songs from the entire pool of entries. After that I’ll include a Song Fight 2000 guide.

Top 5 Songs Of 2000: (right click “Save As“ to download MP3)
1. Kissing Contest
2. Graham Porter
3. Leslie Sink
4. Graham Porter
5. Kissing Contest

You can click on the title of the fight to find any of the songs listed for that fight. The songs I liked from each round are listed under each fight. The fight with the most songs entered (5) was “Golfpunk Drives A Cadillac” & "Flood Victim". The one with the fewest (3) was "A B C D Puppies".

A B C D Puppies:
Asassinate Queen Genius:
Standing In The Death Car:
- Kissing Contest
Flood Victim:
The Last Words of Cotton Wool:
- Kissing Contest
- Graham Porter
- Leslie Sink
Golfpunk Drives A Cadillac:
- Graham Porter

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