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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Official Sign Ups Start NOW!

YOU STILL HAVE TIME! 28 people have officially signed up by sending in their e-mail. Thursday, June 10th 11:59PM EST is the deadline.

We had more then 12 people express a commitment to competing so this contest now has the green light. I will need everyone who wants to participate to copy & paste the following text into your e-mail & fill in the needed info. Then e-mail it to me at the address I provided below. Make sure you put "Spintown Contest" as the subject of the e-mail so I don't think it's spam. Also use an e-mail that I can reach you at if need be.

I _____________ give Travis Langworthy permission to upload any music I submit into his contest onto his blog (Spintown) & bandcamp. I realize it will become part of an album consisting of numerous other artists, and that it will be available for anyone to download for free. I also promise to give my very best effort in each round to complete the challenges. Providing NEW songs that have not been released before in any form. I also agree that anything that goes wrong during this competition is Heather's fault.

Name: (Name you or your group wants to be referred to during the competition.)

Bio: (Give a brief description of your group/music/history in 500 CHARACTERS or less. I know it's brief, but it's more then Twitter allows. :p Besides, links to your sites will be provided if people want to learn more about you.)

Twitter: (If you got one & want to share. *optional* If there's multiple accounts for multiple band members that's fine.)

YouTube: (If you got one & want to share. *optional*)

Band Website: (If it's different then either of the above. *optional*)

Pictures: (I need a band picture or logo. The image should be 100x100, and if it's not I'll do my best to make it so. *don't forget to actually attach the picture*)
Here's a list of the people that will be making the challenges, reviewing your work & of course voting on the songs:

1. Heather Zink (The Spur In My Saddle)

2. Julia Sherred (webmaster of Geeky Pleasures)

3. Joe "Covenant" Lamb (winner of Masters Of Song Fu 5)

4. Sammy KABLAM! (Yes...that Sammy Kablam.)

5. Niveous (creator of Nur Ein)

- There is the small possibility that a fairly well known YouTuber/musician who is known for helping small independent artists will be a judge as well. I sent a request, that's still unanswered.

- I was orginally going to be a judge, but figured why not let the more talented folks have a go at it. I'll still review & be at the meeting/s.

- Judges, make sure I have your e-mail as well.

- Start brainstorming ideas for challenges. If for some reason you can't make our meeting (I'll contact you about the time & place), you can send a list of your ideas to me ahead of time. We will discuss them even if you can't make it.

Sign ups will last until Thursday, June 10th 11:59 PM EST.

The first challenge will be posted Saturday, June 12th 1AM EST.

That's the most I can tell you now about the schedule. I'll get to work on the rest of it shortly.

Listening Party:
I was hoping to have a listening party for each round. Hopefully much like Song Fu we can all get together in one virtual place while the songs are played for the very first time for people. Usually this took place shortly after the submission deadline, and the songs were posted onto the site after the listening party.

Jules has kindly offered to host the listening party, and seeing how that's less work for me, I jumped all over that opportunity. :p Jules has a U-Stream account, and the listening party will be held on her channel (HERE). So if you have time drop by Geeky Pleasures and say, "Thank you Jules." Times & dates of the listening parties will be posted on this blog at a later date.

For those of you that don't want to check this blog every day, but also use Twitter, I'll be posting updates on Twitter as well. You can follow me @Spintown. You can unfollow me right after the contest if you want, my ego can take it.

Side Note:
Niveous ran a couple ideas by me over on Song Fight yesterday that I really liked. I would love to try them out if this works out & we do a 2nd competition down the road. After last nights computer problems, I think I'll just leave things as is, and just get things rolling. I'll post the ideas below. Give your feedback if you have an opinion, because they might be used in the future.

- "No eliminations. You have all the bands compete in all four rounds and the judges vote. Whoever has the most points at the end of all 4 rounds wins. It would feel like a race. Can the person with the top score in Round 1 continue to be consistantly the best or will they be overtaken."

So basicially instead of taking Nur Ein's scoring system it would be more of a mix between Song Fu & Nur Ein.


  1. What Happened?

    In short a power outage & loss of internet service. My modem may not last long, it's acting up.

    The tornament will go on as planned, but I may need to have Heather or someone else run the 1st judges meeting if this modem doesn't hold out. We'll see, I'll try to plan for the worst.

  2. I like the idea of no elimination further down the road.

  3. I was thinking about the running score tally thing too but have eliminations for the first 2 rounds. Depending on how many people are in it, keep the top ten for the second 2 rounds. It should keep everybody at the top of their game so they won't want to get eliminated. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Not a bad idea Chris. I will definately tinker with this if we do a 2nd edition down the road. I'm sure people will find some things that work well, and others don't after this. Hopefully it'll just improve with time.

  5. I like the idea of eliminations just because I feel like it insures every competitor will put forth their best work.