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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nur Ein 5: Round 6 Review

Round 6 songs from Nur Ein 5 have been uploaded. Let's review the challenge then get to my picks for the round:

Title: "Headphones"
Non-optional Challenge: A Judicious Use of Silence
My Favorites: (right click "Save As" on the artist to download their song)

Berkeley Social Scene - I enjoyed the silent pauses & thought overall you met the challenge while providing a catchy tune. Probably my favorite song from you in this Nur Ein.

Chris Cogott - Enjoyed the story, and thought the music was catchy. Like BSS, I thought you brought some of your best work this round.

The Rest: (visit Nur Ein to download these songs)

Milo Dunderville - I enjoyed the verses (especially the first), but didn't really care for the chorus. Considering the direction the song took, I thought the intro was creative.

Minty Handy - The piano was beautiful. The story & lyrics didn't grab me at all, and combined with the soft relaxing piano it made the song feel really long....yet it wasn't.

Boop Boop - Yeah, the title wasn't "Headphones With A Bad Connection". I can't remember ever getting static on a radio station & thinking...."Sounds good enough." I mess with the damn dial until I fix it, and that's all I want to do while listening to this song. It's a funny idea, but the idea gets in the way of the music actually being listenable.

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